Pro-Life Generation Blasts Wyoming Governor For Vetoing Anti-Infanticide Legislation

Brenna Lewis - 08 Apr 2020

Republican Governor Mark Gordon is under fire for vetoing legislation to end infanticide in the state. The veto was surprising because Gordon has an otherwise good pro-life record.

In his veto message, Gordon repeated the talking points of the abortion industry, stating, “Laws already in place protect children from being denied life-saving care simply because they were born as a result of an abortion. This bill will not do anything to improve on those laws which already exist. Instead, this bill will harm people it never intended to harm – parents who want a child, but have received the devastating news that their pregnancy is not viable. The State should not seek to make that moment for parents any more tragic than it already is. For this reason, I am vetoing this bill.”

Gordon is flat-out wrong.  The legislation makes an amendment to current law to say that any baby who survives an abortion, whereas the law currently says care only has to be provided when there is a chance of survival, an inexact standard. It also adds this section: “Any physician performing an abortion shall take medically appropriate and reasonable steps to preserve the life and health of an infant born alive. The parents of an infant born alive shall not be held criminally or civilly liable for the actions of a physician under this section.”

In response, Bridget Delany, president of Students for Life at the University of Wyoming said, “We are very disappointed about Governor Gordon’s decision to veto Senate File 97: Born Alive Infant Means of Care. We fought for this bill in the House and Senate and thought our supposedly “pro-life” governor would not be opposed to this legislation. This bill is not about abortion and is specifically about the right to life that a living, breathing infant has been given. This bill is an anti-infanticide piece of legislation and we are very disappointed it did not pass. Many Wyoming legislators fought for this bill that are consistent advocates for life and we are grateful for them. Governor Gordon please listen to the elected legislators and pass bills protecting human life!”

In his veto, Governor Mark Gordon, aligned himself with the pro-abortion ACLU, which also opposed the legislation.

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