Embattled WHO Pushes Taxpayer-Fund Abortions

Brenna Lewis - 08 Apr 2020

“Using the coronavirus crisis to push abortion is political opportunism at its worst,” said SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins. “Abortion is not a cure for pregnancy or the coronavirus, but rather than directing their efforts at problem solving, the WHO has taken a side job as an abortion lobbyist.”

WASHINGTON D.C. (04-06-2020) – Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins called the World Health Organization’s push for abortion during this time of the coronavirus crisis “a pathetic misuse of their medical mandate and proof that taxpayer dollars are being wasted.”

She continued: “The calculated attempt to waste taxpayer resources on abortions at this critical moment in attempting to slow and stop the coronavirus crisis shows just how little the World Health Organization is focused on the real problem. Abortion is not a cure for pregnancy or the coronavirus. Rather than directing their efforts at problem solving, the WHO has taken a side job as an abortion lobbyist. On their website they proudly report that one in four pregnancies end in abortion worldwide. The WHO should focus their efforts on protecting the lives of people, born and preborn, rather than pressuring governments to find abortion ‘essential.’”

Earlier, Hawkins talked about the need to restrict funds to the WHO for pushing the false solution of abortion at this time of crisis.

“Women need a lot of things to prosper — education, equal treatment under the law, economic equality — but abortion is not the thing that empowers women,” Hawkins told Fox News.

During this time of medical crisis, the abortion lobby has been tireless in attempting to operate in a business-as-usual way and has used this event to push for reduced regulations of chemical abortions and increased taxpayer funding.

Learn more in Hawkins’ op-ed at Townhall, title, “The answer to the Coronavirus is More Abortion?” 

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