Hundreds of Pro-Life Students Are Being Trained Online In The Face Of Coronavirus

Brenna Lewis - 26 Mar 2020

Students for Life’s leadership and education training is continuing online, as we adapt to universities and states closing down and implementing social distancing.

In fact, in just a week, hundreds of pro-life students are being trained online, with plans to train thousands of students in the next several weeks.

For example, every year, Students for Life Regional Coordinators host regional Leadership Workshops, where student leaders in each state and region spend a whole Saturday learning about activism, apologetics, organizing, and running a successful group. Students and Regional Coordinators have quickly adapted to the circumstances, moving their training online.

Last week, Sarah Minnich hosted 25 students from Illinois and Iowa for a day-long Leadership Workshop. Speakers included Peter Breen, the Thomas More Society attorney for David Daleiden, Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, and Mary Kate Knorr, the executive director of Illinois Right-To-Life.

John Jourdan, hosted 15 people for his Oregon Leadership Workshop, with speakers including Liberty Pike of Oregon Right-To-Life , Julie McConnell from Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and a former Oregon state senator who spoke on public policy.

Brooke Larkin, the Southeastern Regional Coordinator shared these stories from the leadership workshop, where 20 students joined for a Saturday of training.

And this weekend, Sarah Zarr, the Regional Coordinator for Texas and Southern states, will be hosting over 20 students for a day of training and political activism, including calling on the state of Alabama to reject a new Planned Parenthood facility!

Leadership Workshops are not the only way students are staying active. This week, we kicked off a series of regional online training sessions on each of the five pillars of Students for Life; Public Policy, Effective Education, Supportive Services, Industry Impact, and Rapid Response. Stephanie Stone, the Capital Area Regional Coordinator had over 30 students on her training, and other Regional Coordinators have had similar success.

Students for Life leaders do not want to just sit around and wait for school to reopen to continue their activism; they want to keep learning and growing as leaders. You can sign up here to reserve your spot!

Lori Cascio, the Director of Programs for Students for Life of America praised the efforts of Regional Coordinators and students in adapting to the challenges, saying, “This is a time of unprecedented challenges for student activism, but we are doing an amazing job of adapting and continue to train and mobilize to abolish abortion. When we can finally return to school, Students for Life will be more prepared than ever before to abolish abortion and create a culture of life on campus and in society.”

You can join in on our online education tonight and every Thursday night for the next five weeks by tuning into our Facebook Live tonight with Kristan Hawkins and Abby Johnson. Learn more here.

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