The T.A.L.K. Campaign is Going Digital!

Lori Cascio - 23 Mar 2020

The Pro-Life Generation is moving from campus to computer during the quarantine, and so is our T.A.L.K. Challenge to have 250,000 pro-life conversations this school year 

There are plenty of ways to continue the abortion conversation from home, even while practicing “social distancing.” Calls, texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and any other digital platform are all ways to keep the mind-changing discussions about abortion going. It’s time to get creative.


We can and will reverse Roe and abolish abortion by changing our culture. Fortunately, much of our culture is online anyway! We live in a unique time where human rights battles can be fought even from home. Social movements of the past didn’t have this privilege, and we plan on taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to change minds, stand up, and keep fighting. 

Let’s start by defining a digital conversationWe made a video to show you!  

Put simply, we ask that students have four (4) back and forth interactions whether online, texting, speaking, etc. This can look like:  

1) You post a social media graphic that says, “Human rights start in the womb.”  

2) Someone comments, “I disagree with you. Human rights start at birth.”  

3) You address their concern and explore the humanity of the preborn.  

4) They respond back 

It probably won’t end there, but that’s all it takes to have a dialogue. Once you’re done with your conversation, make sure to log it on Students for Life HQ in order to qualify for prizes like Amazon cash, pro-life speaker grants, and activism trips.  

Plus, have enough dialogues and you can see your name on the national leaderboard.  


Here’s another fun example of an online conversation: 

Now it’s time for you to get started! Here are three easy ways: 

Number One

Visit SFLA Headquarters, our free student resource website, to download high resolution social media graphics with sample captions. You can find 40+ categorized shareable images in the Resource LibraryThis is perfect for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Number Two

Tweetmake a Facebook post, or call up a friend with these quick conversation starters! 

  • Ask me why I’m pro-life! 
  • Fact: Abortion is always wrong. Ask me why. 
  • Should abortion be illegal when there is a heartbeat 
  • What do you think about Roe v. Wade? 
  • Every human life is valuable from the moment of conception. #prolife 
  • Science, morals, ethics, religion, philosophy, human rights – it all points to pro-life! 
  • What’s stopping you from being pro-life? I’d be happy to talk! 
  • Women need support, NOT abortion. 

Number Three

Log into your profile of choice, and just click share! It’s easy. You can also hop on our Facebook page and scroll to find the perfect post or picture for your feed. Here’s our favorite recent posts:  

  • Abortion is war against the preborn social media graphic. 
  • Conversation with Charlotte Pence about talking to pro-choice friends.  
  • Ways to stay involved during the Coronavirus.  
  • Joe Biden promotes abortion post.  
  • This quick “real feminists reject abortion” post. 
  • Stephanie Gray video on apologetics.  
  • This Camille Pauley apologetics video on how to respond to difficult situations. 
  • This challenging and educational video about the human heartbeat. 
  • A doctor explains that abortion is NEVER medically necessary in this video.  

There are plenty of ways to keep the conversation about abortion going – even while we’re all stuck at home 

There are Prizes

AND, as mentioned, the prizes still stand! Students can earn Amazon gift cards, pro-life mission trips, and speaker grants for participating. All you have to do is log conversations online at! 

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on SFLA Headquarters and T.A.L.K.! 

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