VIOLENCE! Pro-Choicers Punch Pro-Life Student, But He’s Not Backing Down

Brenna Lewis - 19 Mar 2020

“On-going reports of violence against pro-lifers peacefully praying should concern everyone who believes that our First Amendment rights matter,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. 

BELLINGHAM, WA (03-19-2020) – Students for Life of America is continuing to monitor the escalating violence outside a Bellingham Planned Parenthood, where pro-abortion extremists continue to attack students with Whatcom College Students for Life who are participating in the 40 Days for Life spring campaign. On the the night of Saturday, March 14th, and the morning of Sunday, March 15th, Students for Life members were again attacked by violent pro-abortion extremists, one of whom was punched by a woman who ran from the scene.

Click here for a video testimonial from one of the students.

According to Autumn Lindsey, a Students for Life spokesperson and Whatcom College Students for Life leader, students were kicked, egged, and one was punched in the face on the morning of March 15th. Lindsey notes that two young men in particular have camped outside the Planned Parenthood facility, to hold a prayer vigil, and that they have been the victims of the recent violence. The incidents have been reported to the local police.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, condemned the ongoing violence, saying, “Bellingham police officers and the Bellingham Planned Parenthood must get a handle on this situation. The pro-choice community has been silent as their members have continued to physically and verbally assault peacefully praying pro-life students. This must end.”

To learn more about problems Students for Life faced at the Bellingham Planned Parenthood earlier this month, click here.

This is not the first incident of violence at a Students for Life/40 Days for Life event, either. Click here to learn more about a bomb threat at a Students for Life/40 Days for Life event this fall. You can also read more about a September death threat against Kristan Hawkins here and how bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in before Hawkins’ speaking event and other threats here.

View a national map of vandalism against pro-life groups that Students for Life of America has been tracking by clicking here.

Kristan Hawkins has written about the threats to free-speech pro-life students face for the Wall Street Journal. Read more here.

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