GOOD NEWS: New Planned Parenthood Facility In Kansas Appears To Be Going Nowhere

Brenna Lewis - 19 Mar 2020

In the midst of a global health crisis, there’s some good news; a proposed new Planned Parenthood facility in Kansas City, Kansas appears to still be stalled from opening, largely thanks to the efforts of pro-life groups, including Students for Life Action.

The proposed new facility was to open in August 2019, but a recent public information request with the state of Kansas reveals no new applications from Planned Parenthood for a new facility, only a renewal request for another facility.

Kansas Students for Life leaders have been active working to make opposition to the new facility heard, including speaking at the county commission meetings, petitioning, and calling and e-mailing county commission members (the Wyandotte County Commission is the governing body for Kansas City, Kansas).

As we have written before, “In addition to the petitions and testifying, the students also held a protest outside of the commission building and have sent numerous letters and made phone calls to the commissioners to voice their opposition.

The first victory of Kansas pro-lifers was in convincing a funeral home to break their lease with Planned Parenthood, which wanted to open in an office building owned and on the same lot as the funeral home.”

Over 600 petition signatures from Kansas residents opposing the new facility were also presented at that meeting.

Katie Lodjic, the National Field Director for Students for Life Action said, “Planned Parenthood thought they would be able to sneak into Kansas City without a fight, set up shop, and start aborting more babies. Instead, the pro-life generation and the pro-life community in Kansas City mobilized and made their voices heard. We will continue to work to push back against the new Planned Parenthood; right now, we’re encouraging people to make phone calls to the Wyandotte County Commission ensuring our voice continues to be heard.”

The fight continues for the pro-life movement in Kansas City, as we know Planned Parenthood is not going to give up easily; after all, they’ll do basically anything to ensure they can abort as many babies as possible.

A recent report by the American Life League found that thirteen Planned Parenthood facilities closed down in 2019.

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