Hundreds Of Pro-Lifers Rally At Supreme Court In Support Of Women’s Safety

Brenna Lewis - 05 Mar 2020

Hundreds of pro-lifers rallied yesterday at the Supreme Court during the June Medical Services LLC v. Russo case, which concerns whether states have the right to require abortion facilities to follow basic health and safety standards. At the same time, pro-choicers rallied on the side of deadbeat doctors, unsafe abortion facilities, and the next Kermit Gosnells and Ulrich Klopfers.

Pro-lifers even stayed overnight to pray and hold their spot in front of the Supreme Court.

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Stephanie Stone, the Capital Area Regional Coordinator for Students for Life put it best:

“Yes, we woke up super early and drove hours and hours into DC.
Yes, we jumped out of the car after 6 hours, ran to a press conference, and stood for life.
Yes, we SLEPT on the Supreme Court steps overnight to hold our spot.
Yes, we got almost no sleep.
Yes, the opposition whined to the police when we were playing Christian music softly and singing to stay awake.
Yes, we woke up and rallied right next to the opposition for 5 hours!
Yes, I saw dozens of 50 year olds booing, hissing, and screaming at joyful high school and college students.
Yes, we watched aghast as Catholics for Choice made the claim that 70% of Catholics believe abortion is a moral choice.
Yes, we asked 100s of pro-choicers to dialogue peacefully with us…and got rolled eyes, blank stares, and CLEAR evidence that no one knew why they were there.
Yes, THEY tried to unplug our speakers…yes, THEY tore our signs.
Yes, THEY stood beside c-list actors, anti-Semites, and abortionists directly advocating against the safety of women all under the guise of “reproductive rights”…while our rally right next door had bipartisan support, love, prayer, grace…and offered REAL love and support for women.
And…I am more proud than I have ever been. Our students are full of grace, light, and joy. We have the truth on our side…and we will not back down.”

During her remarks at the Supreme Court, Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America said, “My name is Kristan Hawkins representing more than 1,200 groups on college, university, high school and even middle school campuses and I stand here today where I’ve stood many times because the life and death issue of abortion was hijacked by Seven Justices in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. That kind of judicial activism motivates the Pro-Life Generation, especially the students, Millennials and Generation Z voters I work with daily, as we understand that for the most part, we don’t have a VOICE and a VOTE on the human rights issue of our day – abortion….Does the Constitution give the abortion industry the right to HARM women by failing to arrange for them to survive an abortion? The answer should be an easy NO.Allowing the abortion industry to police itself is like trusting the tobacco industry to stop lung cancer … They both sell a deadly product that causes harm and have to be held accountable.”

You can read her full statement here.

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