10 Reasons to Add Chemical Abortion Pills to Your HATE List

Jordan Estabrook - 07 Mar 2024

Oh, Chemical Abortion Pills, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways. 

Maybe that’s not quite how the sonnet goes, but Students for Life of America made a list anyway. For women, Chemical Abortion Pills are what nightmares are made of and gives sexual abusers and sex traffickers a free pass. The only people who gain anything are the investors who pad their pockets. Meanwhile, women pay for it with their child’s life and harm to their own.

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, here are ten reasons why everyone should add Chemical Abortion Pills to their hate list.

Chemical Abortion Pills Effects Women’s Physical Health  

This could probably be ten points on its own, but the most common myth for Chemical Abortion Pills is that the physical side effects aren’t severe. However, the opposite is true. Physical complications, including profuse bleedingblot clots, body shakes, nausea, diarrhea, uncontrollable sweating, fever, and chills are common symptoms.  Other dangers include:  

  • Severe pain  
  • Infection  
  • Short-lasting hot flashes 
  • Undetected ectopic pregnancy, which is life-threatening 

These facts are agreed upon by FDA and Students for Life of America. However, SFLA wants to protect women from Chemical Abortion Pills. The FDA and the Biden Administration, on the other hand, want unsafe, unguarded access to them.  

Since 2000, the FDA has reported 4,207 adverse events, 1,045 hospitalizations, 603 transfusions, 413 infections, and 97 ectopic pregnancies. Does the FDA really care about women’s health? We think not.

Chemical Abortion Pills Increase Chance of Hospitalization and Emergency Room Visits 

The Charlotte Lozier Institute recently published a study on how Chemical Abortion Pills lead to a rise in emergency room and hospital visits. James Studnicki, Charlotte Lozier Institute vice president and director of data analytics and head author of “A Longitudinal Cohort Study of Emergency Room Utilization Following Mifepristone Chemical and Surgical Abortions,” explains his findings in a YouTube statement defending his study: 

“They were making the case that abortion is safe. Our work on emergency room visits represents a different point of view to what they thought was secure. We asked a simple question: when women have an induced abortion, what is the likelihood of visiting an emergency room within the next 30 days? And what we find is that for any abortion, there is an increasing likelihood that they will end up in the emergency room within 30 days. Chemical abortions are significantly more likely than surgical abortions to end up in the ER.”   

Of course, the pro-abortion extremists who “cares so much about women” are trying to hide it by discrediting studies and turning a blind eye to the horrifying effects.  

Chemical Abortion Pills Could Lead to Death  

Last year, the Federal Drug Administration admitted that an increased number of women died from Chemical Abortion Pills, with thirty deaths that we know of. Twelve additional deaths were reported in foreign countries using mifepristone. With the push to provide unfettered access to Chemical Abortion Pills over the mail or through drugstores like Walgreens and CVS, this number will only rise. 

Chemical Abortion Pills Are Becoming Less Regulated and More Dangerous Through Mail 

With the rise in telehealth care, it’s easier than ever for companies to avoid the law and facilitate murder from hundreds of miles away. A study titled, Chemical Abortions: With or Without Medical Supervision, outlines risks which may include undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, increased complications due to underestimated or understated gestational ageRh isoimmunization, and undiagnosed infection.   

Chemical Abortion Pills Effects Women’s Mental Health 

Killing a preborn child is bound to cause emotional distress, if not from the physical trauma, then from the trauma of losing a child. Turns out it’s more than “just a clump of cells.” 

One woman shared her shattering experience, writing, “It came out in a sack, with all the limbs and eyes… heart still beating. If I knew that would be the outcome, I would’ve never done it.” 

Emotional deterioration includes depression, PTSD, insomnia or night terrors, loss of self-confidence, relationship issues, isolation, substance abuse (alcohol or drugs), and suicide. 

Studies show women who have abortions are 81% more likely to experience the mentioned mental health issues. If you take a look on TikTok, you’ll find even more devastating stories. 

Chemical Abortion Pills Aid Sexual Abusers and Sex Trafficking  

Many cases show male partners or abusers deceitfully feeding these pills to women to trick them into killing their preborn child. One such story was this year when a man laced his wife’s drink with Chemical Abortion Pills. Access to Chemical Abortion Pills also allows sexual abusers and traffickers to take no responsibility for their crimes. What Planned Parenthood calls a “safe and effective way” to end your preborn child’s life, SFLA knows it keeps women and girl’s lives in danger.  

Chemical Abortion Pills Cause Major Environment Health Concerns  

Students for Life of America did what the environmentalists have failed to do: we identified a possible connection abortions hazardous drinking water and endangering other species. Loosening access to Chemical Abortion Pills equals more dead babies and tainted fetal tissue and medical waste.

“Forever chemicals,” also called PFAS, can affect people through reproductive issues, developmental issues or delays in children, increased risk of cancer, natural hormone interference and increased cholesterol and obesity.  The Chemical Abortion Pill deadly effects aren’t isolated to the preborn baby and the mother – it touches everybody who wants a cool drink of water.  

Chemical Abortion Pills Cause Fertility Issues 

Chemical abortion causes more complications than it does to fix anything. Some women who’ve had abortion also experience fertility issues, pre-term births and ectopic pregnancies directly related to their abortion. SFLA debunks the “abortion doesn’t affect infertility” argument HERE.   

Chemical Abortion Pills Put Money in the Hands of Investors Who Don’t Care About Women 

Women’s pain and preborn deaths pad the pockets of greedy manufacturers and investors. The manufacturer of mifepristone, Danco Laboratories, asked the Supreme Court to ensure continued access. Many mifepristone investors remain anonymous, with money funneled through shell companies if that’s not shady enough. However, two investors were brought to light, showing their earning from the marking “between $9 million and $11 million—their earnings would come to between $20.5 million and $25.1 million.” 

We hate to break it to you, but they don’t care about women – they care about money.  

Most Heartbreaking of All: The Life of a Baby Taken 

Out of all these horrible effects, the most heartbreaking one is the death of a preborn child. One who will never experience the joys and trials of life, the love of their mother, or the exploration of nature.

It is a tragedy, and the Chemical Abortion Pill is worth our hate and disgust. Gen Z and Gen Y are starting to catch on to the Chemical Abortion Pill scheme – it’s not too late to join them.  

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