Abortion Advocates at University of Pittsburgh Actually Twerked on Us

On the fourth day of the Students for Life of America and FRC Action five-day, five-campus Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood bus tour, the University of Pittsburgh showed pro-life students the tolerance that the pro-choice side is typically known for.


In reality, they were disrespectful, obnoxious and vulgar.

Abortion advocates took a page out of Miley Cyrus’ playbook and lewdly twerked, yes twerked, on the banners displayed at the display and on one of our SFLA staff members. It was ridiculous.

There were little kids there and the abortion advocates were yelling obscenities and had drawn them on their signs. They accused pro-life students of being racist, ignorant and anti-gay. They even took a Sharpie to one of our banners and attempted to draw an “X” through it. They were a bit amateur though since you could barely see the X. #fail

The students also attempted to block our giant pink bus from moving anywhere. Hey, more people to see it on campus if it wasn’t going anywhere! The police were called because abortion advocates had created a very hostile environment. Michele Hendrickson, the SFLA Capitol Area Regional Coordinator, was there and she explains what happened:

The Planned Parenthood Project display ran as expected on campus for the majority of the day. The display consists of several teardrop banners that display stats from ignorance at pittPlanned Parenthood’s own annual report, showing how many abortions they do a year and how much money taxpayers give them. There are also 897 pink crosses set up in the ground to symbolize the number of abortions Planned Parenthood does per day. We set up about 10am and had great conversations with students who approached the display, some more intense than others, which is totally normal for this display. There were even students who shook our hands and thanked us for openly sharing ideas with such a calm and respectful manner. Other students walked away agreeing to disagree, but were able to maintain a level of respect.

Unfortunately a surprising amount of students who were proud Planned Parenthood supporters decided it was best to scream obscenities as they walked by rather than engage in intellectual discussion.  One girl even asked, “Is this even legal?​”  I assured her that free speech was still very much legal in our country, even if you don’t agree with it.  She rolled her eyes and walked away.

The volume of conversations peaked right at the end of the display around 1:45 PM. At least 10 pro-life volunteers were immersed in the crowd, engaged in productive dialogue, when we noticed our display had been vandalized.  A giant black “X” was drawn on one of the posters. Moments later, as our 2 o’clock break-down commenced, one girl angrily walked over to our display with a question mark written on a piece of poster paper (maybe to question our display? I don’t know. Communication wasn’t her strong point). She started yelling and was visibly shaking as she spoke. The statements she made were inaccurate and offensive to the student group, calling them names. She continued to shout that everything we printed on the banners was a lie.

boys at pittI attempted to explain that the sources are Planned Parenthood’s annual report as well as information found by the undercover videos provided by the Center For Medical Progress.  She wouldn’t accept that, and she would not engage in a calm conversation with me, so I ended the discussion with her. Although she had rallied some other supporters, she was the one taking the lead with yelling as much as she could.

Her next move was to convince her friends to take pictures of her while she posed sexually around the banners putting her legs around them, groping them, and at one point “twerking”, or rubbing her butt, all over the banner.  After a few more minutes of her yelling by herself, she told others to grab the blank paper she had brought to make their own signs.  Students created signs that called the pro-life students “ignorant” and other signs had vulgar language.

Our team continued to break down and tried our best to not respond to the name-calling and offensive language.  Once the collective yelling began, we were concerned enough to call the campus police, because the space was ours to be in protest1until 3PM.  The protestors created a very hostile environment that did not allow for productive academic discussion.

We officially cleared the space around 3PM, and a small crowd was still there talking amongst themselves. Other students reported to us that while we were running the display, our tour bus was being blocked by students in the street who stood in front of the bus for several minutes.

Friends and family of mine have both graduated from and taught at the University of Pittsburgh.  Pitt has always been held in high regard in my household.  But today, I am left embarrassed to see how this group of disruptive intolerant young adults is portraying the campus and spending their college-career suffocating free speech.

Remember Rep. Renee Ellmers? She wants pro-lifers to like her now.

The US House of Representatives will be creating a Select Committee to investigate Planned Parenthood, based upon the disturbing issues raised in the Center for Medical Progress videos released over the summer. Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC) has been reported to be lobbying for a position on the committee. Regarding this development, Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, who brought over 70 young women to Rep. Ellmers’ office to protest her stance on the 20-week bill during the March for Life, released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Renee Ellmers had her chance to put into action her supposedly

Kristan Hawkins and young women visit Rep. Ellmers office after the March for Life.

Kristan Hawkins and young women visit Rep. Ellmers office after the March for Life.

pro-life beliefs but instead she torpedoed a bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation, blaming Millennials – my generation and the generation that Students for Life of America works most closely with – for their lack of support of the measure. Rep. Ellmers’ bogus excuse for not supporting something that has broad support among Americans was a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of young Millennials who were in Washington, DC that day for the March for Life – and whose age group actually supports the ban the most. Because of Rep. Ellmers’ lack of courage, conviction and fortitude, pro-lifers failed to even get a vote on that bill for months and months.

“Now that the North Carolina congresswoman has thoroughly discredited herself with pro-lifers, she is angling for a position on a committee that will investigate Planned Parenthood. What a complete farce. In an open letter after the backlash after the March for Life, she actually called the tactics of pro-life groups ‘childish and abhorrent’ – now she wants our support? If House leadership listen to her pitiful request, it will be a slap in the face to pro-lifers everywhere who have worked day and night to elect officials who hold life to be the most important right and who have fought for pro-life bills and against spineless representatives who would rather let tiny babies be pulled apart and dismembered than take an unmovable stance for those cannot speak for themselves.

“The young women who I brought to Rep. Ellmers office the day of the March for Life were fiercely pro-life and had a message for the congresswoman: ‘don’t use us for your agenda. We are the pro-life generation and we recognize true leaders when they stand up and fight for what is right.’ We demand that the House Leadership refuse Rep. Ellmers request and move to appoint fearless advocates of the preborn.”

Need a refresher on Rep. Ellmers? After Ellmers stopped the 20 week ban bill, Kristan brought pro-life students to her office – see our blog post here. Pro-life students visited her after she released her open letter again pro-life groups.

#DontFundPP Bus Tour Kicks Off at Clemson!

Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, and FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council, kicked off the Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood bus tour today at Clemson University, rolling onto campus in their massive pink bus, targeting Planned Parenthood’s own clientele: college students.

Clemson hosted the first stop, where local elected officials and representatives from SFLA and FRC Action encouraged students to watch the Center for Medical Progress videos and to demand the total defunding of Planned Parenthood. The tour will visit the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill tomorrow, the University of Virginia on Wednesday, the University of Pittsburgh on Thursday and Ohio State University on Friday. The tour will consist of the Planned Parenthood Project display, which displays 897 pink crosses in the ground, symbolizing every abortion done by Planned Parenthood daily. The PPP has toured over 150 college campuses since launching in 2013.IMG_9031

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Good News: HS Students Donate 20K Diapers to Pregnant Moms in Need

High school students at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado raised an incredible 20,000 diapers for families in need, donating them to Catholic Charities and Alternatives Pregnancy Center, both located in Denver. The school is separated by gender so both the boys and girls division of the Students for Life clubs worked together to empower women facing difficult pregnancies in uncertain circumstances and provide them with the necessities of diapers.Regis HS diaper drive

“The mission of our school focuses a lot on serving others and teaching us to be men and women with and for others so this drive really gave a tangible way for students to get involved and help some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Cassidy Roderick, a senior at Regis Jesuit HS. “A lot of students really got into it and were encouraging one another to bring in diapers and get involved in the drive. Everyone was so excited to see how many diapers we got, and the success was really a huge encouragement to our school community.”

The students spread the word at their school via flyers and word of mouth.  Some teachers gave extra credit to students who donated diapers and others held class contests to see who could bring the most diapers. The two Students for Life clubs dropped off the diapers at Catholic Charities and at Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Denver. Both charities happened to be desperRegis HS diaper drive3ately in need of diapers at the time.

“In the Boy’s Division, it was a challenge to get high school guys to get excited about diapers but it’s important because we can help mothers in need, “ said Jaylem Allen-Durousseau, senior at Regis Jesuit HS and president of the Regis Jesuit Boy’s Division Students for Life club. “It was an amazing experience to have people constantly ask about how the drive was going, and to watch the numbers grow. It’s poised to be a great start to a great year.”Regis HS 2

“These students, through their actions, said ‘we believe in life so much that we will strategically encourage our peers to join in solidarity with pregnancy centers to bring hope to others with diapers,’” said Lauren Castillo, a Regis alumni and current Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America. “To some, diapers might seem like they’re not a big deal or just another part of life. But to others, diapers can be that extra expense that some families just can’t afford. So they turn to local pregnancy resource centers for support and love. These centers are really a staple in communities, and students who volunteer with the centers become a part of that foundation for families.”



UNLV Women’s Center “Care Advocate” Vandalizes Pro-Life Chalk Messages

October opened with yet another example of abortion advocates vandalizing positive pro-life messages and showing their intolerance for free speech. This time, pro-life students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas were chalking messages about abortion in the free speech-designated zone when this happened – as told by Clare Finley, co-president of UNLV Students for Life (more photos are below):

Tonight we chalked in the “free speech zone” on campus. We did nineteen hearts, each representing 3 million children for the total 57 million aborted since 1973. When we were done chalking, a girl stormed out of a building (which houses the Women’s Center) and started taking picUNLV1tures of our work.

At that moment we were discussing our club with an interested gentleman.

She got on her phone and started loudly ranting, including how she wanted to “barf all over [our chalk messages]”, etc. We didn’t expect opposition SO soon after drawing our messages!

After the gentleman left, she walked back towards the building. As we were leaving I politely offered her a business card, but she just put up her hand and told me to “get away from her”. (Why say no to a business card?! That way you can try and get us in trouble although I’m not sure for what).

I went to go work out, and when I came back our work was UNLV vandal2already completely vandalized.

Apparently respect and civility are not a two way street. This sort of behavior is initially shocking; however, this is the same person who is ok with killing unborn children, denies the truth, and our right to free speech.

We are VERY curious as to why we have never heard about these 47,000 women in America who die from “unsafe abortions” every year. We would love to know her source. On that note, there is no such thing as safe abortion. Someone always dies. I guess this sort of embarrassment is what happens when you swallow lies and wake up on the wrong side of the bed one too many times.
P.S. Chica, chalk away. We cannot stop you, will not stop you, and will not ruin your work. Because we believe in being decent people- who don’t vandalize the work of others.


Today, Clare followed up with an email to the Women’s Center:

Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 12:50 PM
Subject: CARE Advocate Vandalism
To: jnwc@unlv.edu, ashlyn.gray@unlv.edu

Hi Ms. Hernandez, and Ms. Gray,

My name is Clare Finley. I am writing to you on behalf of UNLV Students for Life over which I co-preside with Mikaela Clark.  Students for Life is a nationally based, nonprofit, and pro-life organization.  Our chapter is brand new this semester.  A brief overview of some of our work/mission includes working with local nonprofits to help mothers in need, and to raise awareness on our position on the issues of abortion, the death penalty, and valuing human life in general.  We are not religiously affiliated and do not discriminate based on sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, social beliefs, age, or ability.

I understand that the majority of the young ladies at Jean Nidetch tend to not be on same side of the aisle as UNLV Students for Life on the practice of abortion.  We absolutely respect this; in fact, we were hoping to propose working together with Jean Nidetch in areas where can find common ground: diapers drives, fundraising for a women’s home here, collecting food for the homeless population etc. Two incentives of this unity would be the diversifying of the Center in regards to the ratio of pro-life to pro-choice persuaded ladies, and showing that despite our very  different beliefs, we can civilly and cooperatively work together for the good of others.  After our first experience with the a center employee last night, I am now doubting the feasibility of this goal.

On the evening of September 30th, Mikaela and I were chalking in the free speech zone near the Students Services Complex and the Central Desert Complex.  Our chalking was in memory of the 57 million unborn lives lost to abortion since 1973, Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton. It was late at night; however, pro-life, pro-choice, and unsure students still came up and engaged us in very mutually civil, respectful, and constructive discourse.  While Mikaela and I were speaking with a curious gentleman, Holly Ramella, a JN CARE Advocate came out of the Student Services Complex,  immediately walking straight  to our chalking, taking pictures, and then made a phone call.  She was very angry. I overheard her say she wanted to “barf all over it”.  This didn’t upset or surprise me, abortion is a controversial topic and people are absolutely free to say whatever they wish.  That is why the specific free speech zone is a great area; for example, while we do not support or agree with the provider Planned Parenthood, UNLV Students for Life 100% respected their right to express their message in the free speech zone for their #PinkOut day.  We expect our fellow students to show that same level of basic human respect and civility despite differences in belief.  When we had finished talking with the gentleman, Holly walked back towards the building, still on the phone. As we were leaving, I very politely offered her a club business card. She wouldn’t look at me- instead, she put up her hand and asked that I get away from her.  Mikaela asked why she was mad (our message is true, according to the Guttmacher Institute and the CDC). Holly replied that it was not true.  I went to go work out for about an hour. When I was walking back by our work, I saw that there was nobody around and our chalking was completely vandalized.  Our message was destroyed, replaced with a pro-abortion message.  I was upset for a couple of minutes.  We had spent  over an hour on our chalking in an area of free expression. I suspected it was someone involved with SURJ or even JN Center.  Looking these pages up, it took me about five minutes to find Holly’s public Instagram where she had posted a photo of her vandalizing our  free speech chalking message immediately after we left.  (I have attached photos).  Her message included:

“When anti-choices write all over the free speech area about how many babies have been aborted… chalk wars begin.  I spent 20 minutes writing over their numbers with some numbers I think they should know.  Like the fact that 47 thousand women die every year due to unsafe abortions and 21.6 million women have experienced an unsafe abortion.  As a student who has friends that have had abortions, I can’t stand idly by while their shames for their choices.  I will always stand by a woman’s right to choose and I will always participate in a chalk on chalk battle.”

While vandalism is never justifiable, it seems that Holly decided upon several reasons to justify her infringement on our free speech via cowardly vandalization.  As a woman, I am extremely perturbed that a CARE Advocate from Jean Nidetch shamelessly advertised her rude, immature, intolerant, and inappropriate attitude and actions. Rather than civilly speak with us, she made very distasteful comments and subsequently distasteful actions.

There are several points I would like to make on her message: We are all about choice, except for the choice of abortion.  Holly said our numbers were not true.  They are correct.  We are curious as to why we have never heard about the fact 47,000 women are dying from “unsafe” abortions every day.  The context of our chalking was clearly within America.  Perhaps Holly is referring to India, China, or Russia? We would love to know her sources.  I too have friends who have had abortions, and they do not feel shamed by our chalking message (which does not call shame on women).  It troubles me that Holly mentioned “chalk wars” and a “chalk on chalk battle”.  This is a free speech zone, not a war zone.  We are more than welcoming to her chalking (this particular free speech zone is plenty big and we all have equal access and rights to it); however, we will not stand for vandalism.  We will not, can not, and should not stop or vandalize other’s chalking simply on the basis of our disagreement.

The fact of the matter is, none of Holly’s message can justify vandalizing our work.  That she flaunted this message in proudly justifying her vandalism of our work is very unfortunate.

I truly hope that her incredibly rude behavior, lack of tolerance, immaturity, and pride in  vandalizing our free speech message does not accurately reflect the standards of character that Jean Nidetch Women’s Center promotes, especially among their CARE advocates.


Clare Finley



Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, and FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council, will be kicking off the Planned Parenthood Project with a week-long bus tour – Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood Bus Tour – starting in South Carolina on Monday, October 5, which targets students on college campuses – Planned Parenthood’s largest clientele.

The bus tour will visit Clemson University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, University of Pittsburgh and Ohio State University. The tour will consist of the Planned Parenthood Project display, which has toured over 150 college campuses since launching in 2013.

“There is no better time to launch a bus tour that educates college students on Planned Parenthood and their horrific business practices of not only selling abortions but of harvesting the body parts of aborted babies and selling them for profit,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “College-aged women make up a majority of all abortions and we have found that when these students are made aware of the true nature of Planned Parenthood, they are rightly shocked and turn against Planned Parenthood.”

With the steady release of the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress over the summer that showed Planned Parenthood executive callously discussing the harvesting and selling of body parts of aborted babies, the timing of the bus tour to educate college students about the shady business model of Planned Parenthood is ideal.

“This bus tour will expose the truth that Planned Parenthood cares more about its bottom line and is willing to harvest and traffic aborted baby body parts than it does for women’s health,” said Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity at FRC Action. “This abortion organization is implicated in unethical and possibly illegal activities, including partial birth abortion or even infanticide. This bus tour aims to bring the truth about the scandal-plagued Planned Parenthood to college students.  Not one more woman, man or child should fall victim to Planned Parenthood’s profit-making enterprise at the expense of women’s health and children’s lives.”

The Planned Parenthood Project was developed by Students for Life after the organization’s own polling in 2012 found that 59% of 18-24 year olds didn’t know Planned Parenthood provided abortions and that 79% of Planned Parenthood facilities are within five miles of a college campus.

The visual display is made up of 897 pink crosses to represent the number of unborn children that die each day inside of Planned Parenthood. In addition, the display has billboards that cite Planned Parenthood’s own annual report numbers and testimony from former employees to call into question their “caring” image.

Students are frequently shocked when they learn that Planned Parenthood’s main business is abortion and that tax dollars are used to fund the organization. To see videos of previous student reactions to the Planned Parenthood Project, go here.

“We also call upon the local community to join us and hold Planned Parenthood accountable for all of the horrific practices it does behind closed doors and to urge for continued federal and state investigations and defunding of Planned Parenthood,” concluded Grossu. ““If you are sickened and saddened that Planned Parenthood exploits women and harvests and sells their babies’ organs, please join me at one of our bus tour stops.”


PinkOut Day? Here’s What You Can Do

So you’ve heard that your campus or community is participating in Planned Parenthood’s PinkOut Day?  Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

They’re at it again: Planned Parenthood has stolen a color and claims to speak for all women.  Well, that’s just not true.

Tomorrow, Students for Life groups will be out to show that plenty of young people are not only pro-life, but they see through Planned Parenthood’s schemes.  If you know your campus or community is planning a rally or PinkOut Day event, there are ways to respond effectively.

For example, knowing when to speak and when to stand in powerful, peaceful silence is important.  Now is the time to let Planned Parenthood’s true colors speak for themselves.  Let’s confront tomorrow’s PinkOut events with powerful signs quoting what Planned Parenthood directors and staff have actually said.

If Planned Parenthood supporters won’t be intellectually honest and watch the Center for Medical Progress videos, then let’s bring the videos to them!

Just imagine the PinkOut Day rally going on and then your group standing in the midst, wearing PINK LIFE TAPE, holding signs that read:

“We don’t need to speak… Planned Parenthood has said enough.”pinkout day signs

Make your own signs or use these examples with actual quotes from Planned Parenthood staff:

“I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.” – Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services

“I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.” – Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Savita Ginde.

This is a great opportunity to show your true colors and show that this generation is pro-life and we don’t have to engage in ridiculous gimmicks to get our points across.


Vandals Hit University of MI-Flint Pro-Life Chalkings

Yet another instance of pro-abortion vandalism happened on the #WomenBetrayed National Day of Student Action yesterday. At the University of Michigan in Flint, Students for Life, joined by Students for Life of America Regional Director, R.J. McVeigh, took to campus to participate in National Pro-Life Chalk Day. Joined by several group members and other interested students, they spent several hours writing positive messages such UM Flint chalk1 beforeas, “Love Them Both”, “Human Rights Begin In The Womb”, and “True Feminists are Pro-Life”.

Within hours of finishing the chalking messages, one of the Students for Life members witnessed four other students vandalizing the messages by pouring buckets of water over the messages. Specifically, they erased “True Feminists are Pro-Life” and “HeartbUM Flint chalk2eat Begins at 21 Days”. The President of UM-Flint SFL, Maria Gatica, and the Pregnant on Campus Officer, Bailey Wright, have already planned to return to campus today to chalk new messages to replace the erased ones.


More pro-life students have faced adversity at their college campus in response to #WomenBetrayed National Student Action Day. The campus police got involved in this this incident at Utah State University outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. SFLA is currently consulting with our attorneys and the students at the university as we contemplate next steps.

Melissa, a student at Utah State University, relays the story:

My name is Melissa and I am a current student at Utah State University. [Last night] three of my friends and I went out on campus to spread the Pro-life message as part of the  National Pro life Chalk Day your organization promotes. Our school is a public University and I frequently see messages chalked across campus. Messages announcing activities, random pictures, etc…( Last year there was eUtah State U chalk smallerven a club handing out chalk during the day and people were drawing all over the sidewalks). Based on that we didn’t think that there were any restrictions about chalking the sidewalk. However apparently there is and we got in trouble with our Campus Police.

We drew 897 hearts (the number of Planned Parenthood aborted babies) with a big banner across the top saying “say no to abortion” and #defundpp around the bottom. Then we wrote pro life quotes from Dr. Suess, Mother Theresa etc… coming up to it. I have to say it was way cool. It looked great and everyone who passed by thought it was really neat! We again got the impression it was okay for us to be drawing there because a campus security car was parked nearby watching us for almost 20 mins while we were drawing and didn’t say anything, and a campus cop drove over it while we were still there. However as we were leaving a Campus policeman came up and asked us if we had permission to write on the sidewalk. We told him we didn’t know we needed permission,and he informed us that it was classified as Vandalism and asked for our IDs. He told us that chalk isn’t allowed, that it is a big problem and that people would be offended by our message. He told us that we needed to clean it up and took down our ID numbers. We were VERY polite, and told him if we needed to we would go get brooms and clean up our art.

We went to Walmart and bought two brooms and came back to clean it up. When we got back there were FOUR cop cars around our drawings, guarding it as if we they were guarding a crime scene. We told them we hadn’t forgotten about it and got to work. All three of us took turns sweeping for about 40 minutes, trying to erase everything. We told the Campus cops we had got as much as we could and were told to wait for the facilities people to get there. When  the facilities man came we used his water tank on the back of his truck to spray off the rest (note that we didn’t make him do it, we sprayed it off ourselves).

It was interesting to me that when the facilities man was helping us with the hose he asked us what we had drawn that got the cops so riled up. It was apparent that they don’t usually get called to clean up chalk.

I asked the officer who first approached us if it was the message that got us in trouble or the fact that it was chalk. He told me that no chalk is allowed without permission, but then continued to tell me how offended Pro-abortionists would get if it was on campus,and how it would get posted online and become a big deal. His response made me feel that even though it might be a rule on the books it was only enforced because of the message.

We were let go and didn’t have any charges against us (though one officer told us we might be charged for the cost of the facilities guy coming), but I felt like we were treated unfairly. The feeling my friends and I received from the officers was that our message was offensive and that is why we had to clean it up. I was under the impression that we were all entitled to our own opinions and freedom of speech and expression! Like I said before we cleaned it all up and were nothing but respectful towards the officers. We didn’t want to make a big deal about it and were told we were in the wrong.

Thanks for taking the time to read my long,wordy letter and  for your time and effort in the Pro Life cause. It is organizations like yours that make me think we have a chance to make a difference in causes as important as protecting the sanctity of life. Thank you for supporting children without voices and for getting the facts out there to people like me!



The #WomenBetrayed National Day of Student Action has had its first vandalism case. This one is at American University in Washington, DC, where flyers AU Justice League - Ripping Down Fliers (2)exposing Planned Parenthood were posted around campus late last night and then subsequently torn down and mocked on social media by the liberals on campus (tolerance? yeah right).

“Planned Parenthood is terrified of pro-life students on college campuses because that’s where the base of their clientele are at,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “They and their allies will do everything they can to stop the pro-life message from reaching students, even resorting to vandalism and destruction. It’s thanks to courageous pro-life students, like those at American University, who are fearless in the face of injustice and will fight to make sure their message is heard loud and clear that Planned Parenthood betrays women and their babies.”

We’ll let Tristan Justice, a freshman at AU, tell us what happened:

I am a freshman here at American University studying communications, law, economics, and government. I am an active participant in the College Republicans and am bringing in projects for the group to participate in such as the Women Betrayed National Day of Action.

Last night at 10 PM, I rallied together a few college republicans to put up pro-life fliers around campus in preparation for the Women Betrayed National Day of Action. However, the posters did not last long, as another student group known as the “AU Justice League” tore them down just hours later and tweeted “We had some fun with the collegAU Pro-life Fliers (2)e republican posters tonight. Let us know if we missed any guys!” with a picture of the torn down posters crumpled together with what appears to be someone’s middle finger pointed at them. I went to bed shortly after we were done posting the fliers around campus but woke up this morning and saw the tweet mentioned by another college republican.

This is a classic example of liberal intolerance occurring on college campuses. The posters were not even up overnight until the left decided they were offended by them and tore them down. It goes to show that when the left is challenged, they respond with intolerance.

Update, 9/25:

American University statement:
American University works closely with student groups representing varied political and cultural beliefs and encourages all students to follow university protocol when disseminating information and to respect each others views. There is no group named the AU Justice League that is registered at American University and AU does not approve of the behavior that was displayed regarding the recent removal of pro-life flyers that were posted around campus.