55 Million Dreamers are Dead, White House Keeps Quiet

by: Alejandro Capote, Students for Life Kentucky & Tennessee Regional Coordinator

A native of Cuba, I immigrated to the United States at the age of six. My parents made tough sacrifices when I was a boy because they wanted a better life for me. I am so thankful to my parents for the small and big sacrifices they made for it is because of their sacrifices I have been able to accomplish things I’d have never been able to do in Cuba. That’s my American story- a story faced with challenges, social and cultural barriers, yet resilience, and accomplishments. But many kids aren’t given the opportunities like I had because they are never born.

As I watched President Obama address the nation on prime-time last week, I was hopeful for my country, yet I found myself saddened and shocked. How could the president of these United States and the 2009 Noble Peace Prize recipient turn a blind eye to the injustice and human rights violations that have hunted our society and nation for the past four decades – abortion? How could the leader of the most powerful and compassionate nation suspend torture techniques for terrorists yet turn a blind eye on other forms of torture against innocent, fragile, human babies? You are either for social justice for all members of the human family, or you’re against it. There’s no gray area on human dignity.

The President prides himself on being an advocate of the disadvantaged and the downtrodden. But social justice starts in the womb and if one doesn’t believe in protecting the most innocent of lives among us, there can be no basis for policies of human dignity. Picking and choosing who gets social justice is no justice at all.

President Obama chose to ignore the 55 million innocent dead babies and dreamers that have died from abortions. These are most certainly the first and foremost of dreamers among us – and this president has done everything in his power to be sure they have no chance at life. He nearly shut down the government in 2011 in order that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion, continued to receive millions and millions of taxpayer dollars. He opposed protections for babies born alive after botched abortions. He has even made sure that Obamacare pays for abortions when he promised it never would.

We need to fix our broken immigration system, but we can’t ignore the millions of lives lost from abortions over the last four decades. Every effort that we take today must be made to repeal cruel and unjust laws and practices that deprive Americans and immigrants, alike, of their humanity and dignity. America must rise to the occasion and uphold the dignity of every member of the human family, both, born and pre-born.

I agree with the President, “It’s about who we are as a country, and who we want to be for future generations.” But our country and our future cannot start with an act of cruelty. Abortion deprives others of their humanity, it destroys lives, and it separates and hurts families. Abortion discriminates against those who are younger and smaller. This is not who we must be. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, there are approximately 2,756  abortions done every day. About 402 people die every year from illegally crossing the border, which amounts to at least one person a day.

Both of these humanitarian crises deserve equal attention and urgency from the White House and members of Congress. We cannot overlook the pressing issues of the day. Dreams are lost, families are hurt and separated daily.

We have lost more than 55 million of our sons, daughters, friends, and relatives, since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Where’s the compassion for these human beings?  Where’s the outcry?

SFLA Conference: “It’s awesome!”

by Melody Durrett,Founder, Linn-Benton Community College

What’s it like to go to a National Students for Life Conference? Will I really get anything out of it? Maybe you’re asking yourself questions like these as you think about registering for one of SFLA’s National Conferences in January.

Short answer: it’s awesome!

I have been lucky enough to attend two SFLA conferences and both have been major turning points for me in my journey as a pro-life activist – the first for me personally and the second one as a serious catalyst for our Students for Life club members at my college.

Prior to attending my first SFLA conference, I had worked with my friend to start a pro-life club at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Things were going well but our club was lacking direction and leaders with adequate leadership skills. I was passionate for Life but I was a little bit secretly ashamed to be known as pro-life, and I was absolutely scared to death to call myself anti-abortion.

At the East Coast National Conference, I attended the student Leadership Summit. One thing I remember clearly was walking away from that with a new-found truth that I was adamantly anti-abortion, and because of the nature of what abortion is, there is no reason to be ashamed of that. I also remember, after hearing so many national leaders speak, feeling an absolutely overwhelming sense of being blessed to be a part of ending abortion-the single greatest human rights issue of my day. I was also incredibly inspired and equipped to walk away from that conference all the way in D.C., go across the nation, back to my home in Oregon and inspire others in my club, where we as a group created huge goals of inspiring our entire campus to be pro-life!

The second time I went to the West Coast National Conference in San Francisco, I was able to go with seven of our club members. This time we heard the president of a pro-life club in New Mexico speak about how the Pregnant on Campus Initiative had transformed the culture on her campus. I was inspired after hearing her speak and after having a discussion with the other club members I learned that they had all felt a similar burden that our campus NEEDED to join the ranks of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. So we decided to start standing out on campus every week, same day, same time, simply offering resources and reaching out to pregnant women on our campus. One of them, who is in school to become a nurse, is now considering an internship with a medical center that stations themselves across from Planned Parenthoods and offers women real help!

The two SFLA conferences I attended are two of the biggest blessings on my life! It is the most encouraging and awe-inspiring thing to meet hundreds, and stand with even thousands of other students my age who all have the mission of ending abortion and to know that we all face the same hardships on our college campuses.

The SFLA National Conference has become a “must attend” event of the year for our pro-life club!

I hope you can join me at the SFLA National Conference this year!

Simply go to www.SFLALive.org and register today! The conferences sell out fast so be sure to sign up and secure your spot. We can’t wait to see you.

New Info Cards Are In

Students for Life of America is excited to announce that we have FREE new info cards in for a variety of pro-life topics – and they are awesome.

Many student pro-life groups use these postcard-sized info cards as resources on campus when they are tabling or doing other events and tell us that these are very helpful

Here is a sampling of our new info cards:

What about Life of the Mother?

What about Fetal Abnormalities?


Would Overpopulation Justify Abortion?

Is This Alive? (human/fetal development)


SFLA – Equipping the Pro-Life Generation

SFLA – Raising up Abortion Abolitionists
The cards are FREE themselves but we ask that groups pay for shipping. However, if you contact your Regional Coordinator, they may have a code for free shipping as well.

To order these great new info cards, go here: http://studentsforlife.storenvy.com/collections/608002-info-cards

To find your Regional Coordinator, send an email to info@studentsforlife.org.

High School Discriminates Against Pro-Life Club

A high school principal in Spotsylvania, Virginia, about an hour and a half outside of Washington, DC, received a demand letter today from the Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm, on behalf of senior Maddie Sutherland and Students for Life of America, charging that his denial of a pro-life club at the school is unconstitutional and must be reversed.maggie

Courtland High School principal Mr. Larry Marks illegally denied and delayed the pro-life club that Maddie has been trying to start since the beginning of the school year.

“It is unfortunate that many pro-life high school students have faced resistance from hostile school administrators,” said Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins. “Thanks to passionate pro-life students like Maddie who want to help educate their peers on the tragedy of abortion, and attorneys like those at Thomas More Society, we are able to get these needed pro-life clubs off the ground. Pro-life groups have every right to exist along with all other clubs at schools.”

Maddie had secured an advisor for her club, filled out the application, and presented it to the principal in September. On October 6, the principal wrote Maddie’s advisor a letter denying her pro-life club on the grounds that the club does not “bear a clear relationship to the regular school curriculum” and also noting a minor technical deficiency – that she had failed to include by-laws along with the proposed club’s constitution.

Maddie resubmitted her application on October 24 with by-laws. As for the proposed club’s alleged lack of any link to the school curriculum, the application form itself concedes that the supposed requirement is not applicable to all groups – instead it asks students to explain the link “if applicable.” Furthermore, the “requirement” was clearly was not enforced for the numerous other non-curricular clubs that the school allows, including an equestrian club, lacrosse club, environmental club, book club, multicultural club, and Future Business Leaders of America. Selectively enforcing this “requirement” against Maddie and her group is obvious discrimination.

Having not heard back from the principal for two weeks after resubmitting her application, Maddie went to his office on November 7 to inquire about its status. However, Mr. Marks further delayed giving approval for the club, telling her only that he would call her back to his office sometime this week to “fix things.”

“Even though I had found a faculty advisor for our pro-life club and submitted all the necessary paperwork that the school required, Mr. Marks wouldn’t approve our pro-life club,” said Maddie Sutherland. “Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights in our time and I believe the pro-life message deserves a voice at my school.”

“Public schools have a duty to treat all student groups equally,” said Jocelyn Floyd, Associate Counsel of the Thomas More Society.  “By denying Maddie’s pro-life group on the grounds that it is not tied to the school’s curriculum, while allowing other non-curricular groups such as an equestrian club and lacrosse club, Courtland High School is violating their students’ First Amendment rights. Maddie and her fellow students have the constitutional right to express their pro-life views. As the Supreme Court has consistently emphasized, students do not lose their constitutionally-protected freedom of speech when they enter the schoolhouse gate.”

Thomas More Society’s letter states that Mr. Marks’ denial of the pro-life club, even though other non-curricular clubs exist at the school, violates the Federal Equal Access Act and the First Amendment, and requests that Mr. Marks approve Maddie’s application for a pro-life club at Courtland High School by November 20.

Letter from Thomas More Society to Courtland High School is available here.

Update (Nov 17)

Last Friday, November 14, just four days after SFLA and the Thomas More Society sent a demand letter to the principal at Courtland High School on behalf of Maddie Sutherland, a senior who was denied the opportunity to the start a pro-life club, the school board released a statement saying that that have approved the club and that Maddie can start it immediately! It’s a huge win for Maddie, SFLA and the Thomas More Society. Maddie had every right to start a pro-life club and with our help and that of our attorneys, we were able to uphold her free speech rights and give her fellow peers the opportunity to hear the pro-life message.

Fox5 News in Washington, DC even led their 6pm news with the story. Congrats to Maddie!

Election is Over, Our Work Isn’t

Planned Parenthood, Lena Dunham, NARAL and all the other so-called women’s rights
advocates are left stunned today that their message of abortion-on-demand and without
apology and free birth control didn’t work. Of course it didn’t work. It was insulting and so out-of-touch with what moms, businesswomen, and college students care about.
What about the economy, jobs, healthcare? Our country is failing women in those areas and all Planned Parenthood wants to do is promote an actress who relates voting to a sexual experience. Grow up. It was a big mistake to trot out stories about how abortion should be less stigmatized and that a procedure that ends the life of another, defenseless human being, is a social and moral good.

The tide is turning and Americans, especially women, are listening to that gut reaction they have when faced with a heavy-handed message of abortion-on-demand. No amount of pretty pink running shoes or t-shirts designed by Hollywood actresses are going to cover up the fact that abortion harms women and takes the life of an innocent preborn child.

But now it’s time to get to work. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans abortions after a preborn child has been proven to feel pain, has been lingering in the Senate. Time to pass that bill. And why is Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, still getting over a half a billion dollars in taxpayer dollars every year? The House of Representatives has passed bills defunding the abortion Goliath. Time for the Senate to pass that bill.

Obamacare funds abortion, as a recent GAO report found – which came as no surprise to any pro-life group who has said from Day One that the healthcare law funded abortion. Time to use the pro-life majority in Congress to make sure that no taxpayer dollars are funding abortion.

We are still living under the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history but bad things happen because good people do nothing and while President Obama will likely veto every pro-life bill, we must keep fighting and be persistent. If we send pro-life bills to the president and he vetoes them one after another, who is to say that we won’t be able to get the votes to override those vetoes? If no one stands up for the most defenseless among us, then who will?




Seeking: SFLA Regional Coordinator for Northeast

Are you considering full-time work in the pro-life movement? Are you a passionate pro-lifer, outgoing, and excited about training other pro-lifers to abolish abortion? Students for Life of America is looking for a Regional Coordinator for the Northeast part of the country. Do you think you may be right for the job? Read the job description below and send us your resume if you think you would be a good fit!

Students for Life of America Regional Coordinator for Northeast (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT)


SFLA Regional Coordinators develop and improve the effectiveness of SFLA by working with pro-life campus groups, and encouraging student participation in the pro-life movement. A Regional Coordinator’s work includes, but is not limited to, the development of new campus groups, improvement of existing groups, capturing of pro-life student contacts, and efforts to encourage member involvement in pro-life educational activities. We are looking for a person with campus pro-life experience, a passion for abolishing abortion and excellent leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  The Northeast Regional Coordinator will need to be based out of the Boston, MA area to strategically reach this region.


  • Create a vision for growth in his/her region
  • Start at least 10 new, active pro-life groups per semester.
  • Improve the quality of the pro-life groups in his/her assigned region by:
    • Consulting with group leaders to help them troubleshoot problems within their groups
    • Organizing campus pro-life events with new and existing clubs.
    • Training students to be become more effective pro-life leaders and activists.
  • Coordinate pro-life students to organize student conferences, trainings, and activism. At least one (1) student conference and/or training should be organized in the Regional Coordinator’s assigned region in Year 1 and two (2) in Year 2.
  • Collect pro-life contacts by clipboarding, using Facebook, attending meetings or other means and turn them into the Field Director for SFLA communications
  • Post a bi-weekly blog about events and groups within his/her region.
    • Will also produce a video blog once per month.
  • Communicate with students and supporters via email, social media, phone and text.
  • Work with the SFLA Development Coordinator to fundraise $10,000 of his/her salary in year 1 and $15,000 in year two by:
    • Networking with members of the community who support the mission of SFLA
    • Organizing and executing fundraising events using his/her own network and with the help of an organizing committee
    • Actively seeking out potential donors and asking them to support the work of SFLA
  • Regularly meet with local and regional pro-life organizations and others who support the mission to establish networks for work by SFLA and students.
  • Participate in weekly calls to report progress.
  • Assist the President and Executive Vice President with special assignments.


  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. A positive attitude, good problem solving skills, and a passion for serving in the pro-life field are a must.  Some experience working or volunteering within the pro-life movement.
  • Submit Resume and Cover Letter to: Tina Whittington via email at:  tina@studentsforlife.org

What Brittany Maynard may not have known about suffering

Guest post by Kristina Hernandez, Director of Communications for SFLA

Death is inevitable. For some, it comes way too soon and for people like Brittany Maynard, it was a deliberate choice. And those of us left behind often are left to pick up the remnants of our lives and somehow move on.

For myself, it was the death of my own mother that rocked my world to the core. I was 26
years old and she was my best friend. She told me she had breast cancer when we were in a beautiful hotel room in Florence, Italy while she was visiting me while I was studying abroad five years before. I was shocked but my mom said this was only going to make mom and iher live her life even better, with more passion and adventure. She was determined that even if the disease took her life, she wasn’t going down without a fight – and she didn’t.

For the next five years she fought. And we – my dad and my two younger brothers – fought with her. Her oncologist went to conferences all over the country to find new advances in chemotherapy. Her hair stylist found my mom a human hair wig that she made into a beautiful updo so my mom could look gorgeous at my brother’s wedding. She convinced my dad (who adamantly hated traveling) to travel to Rome for three weeks when my youngest brother was studying abroad and where we had the time of our lives together. Two weeks before her death, my whole family went together to South Bend, Indiana to watch the Fighting Irish take on Stanford. We all tailgated at my brothers’ alma mater and my dad pushed her in a wheelchair into the stadium for the last time. It was also the last time we were all together and she was lucid.

My mom was a true fighter to the very end and she passed on her strength to her family. But it wasn’t pretty. I know I never saw the worst of it. It was my dad who bore the brunt of her illness. He was the one she cried to when she knew she’d never see her grandchildren. He was the one who had to cover the mirrors because she couldn’t bear to look at her bald head. He was one who knew he would be losing the love of his life. Yet he still fought alongside her to the very end because life is always worth fighting for.

The last week of her life was the hardest thing I had ever had to go through. Her liver was failing and her body was shutting down. I was the one designated to give her the medication needed to alleviate her pain. It was nearly unbearable to watch her – and my own family members– suffer. Every day I was wondering if was going to be the end. Finally she passed away on Sunday morning with my dad holding her hand.

Suffering. As a Catholic Christian, I have been taught that suffering can be redemptive if we unite ourselves to Christ. He suffered. His mother and his friends suffered watching him die for us. In the midst of suffering, and in the grief afterwards, it is hard to do anything else but just get through each day. For me, prayer was essential to making it through the entirety of my mom’s disease and suffering. My mom’s disease and ultimate death was an opportunity to deepen my faith – it was either that or leave it entirely – and try to become holier. As Christians we are called to suffer. That scares me honestly. I tend to shy away from things that hurt.  Isn’t that human nature though?

What Brittany Maynard did – ending her own life – was because she didn’t want to suffer, a natural human reaction. She didn’t want her family to suffer. Her own story is heartbreaking. Because of a deadly disease she was robbed of her life, robbed of the opportunity to be a mom, and robbed of so many of her dreams.

She said she was going to die anyways so why not choose how and when? But we are all going to die someday, many of us not on our own terms. Our life is a gift. All human lives are gifts to be treasured, not killed, even because of our own deliberate choices.

While I feel empathy and compassion for Brittany and her family, I can’t agree with what she did nor what her doctor did.

Where does the “Death with Dignity” movement go from here? Who decides who gets to die or live? Brittany decided when she wanted to die but others with terminal illnesses may not. What if it is cost prohibitive for a health insurance company to prolong the life for someone with Brittany’s disease, or a child with a severe handicap, or an elderly patient with multiple medical issues, or even an unborn baby’s terminal diagnosis? Who runs our healthcare system now? The government.

At some point it is going to be in the government’s best natural interest to stop paying for life-prolonging drugs and care for someone who is terminally ill. Actually it is already happening. Health insurance companies have sent letters to terminally ill patients that state that they will pay for the drugs necessary to euthanize them but won’t pay for the drugs to prolong their lives.

The pro-choice movement has been using this “death with dignity” story for a long time to justify late-term abortions. They believe it is more dignified to terminate the life of a baby who has a terminal illness than to allow the child to be born. Remember Baby Shane, whose parents completed a bucket list for him while his mother was still pregnant because he was diagnosed with a terminal illness in utero? That was a beautiful story but only happened because the parents showed that baby Shane had inherent dignity, something that pro-choicers deny to unborn babies on a daily basis.

I’m so sad for Brittany and for her family. But I’m also sad for all those families and individuals suffering with the diagnosis of terminal illnesses. While it is a death sentence, it doesn’t have to be the end of the lives of everyone involved. It was in those last five years of my mom’s life that she perhaps taught myself and my family what is means to make the most of life and the gifts that we all have been given.

Life is the most precious gift we have and we should protect and honor it all the days of our lives, no matter how short.


Are we shaming women?

By Lisa Atkins, SFLA Northwest Regional Coordinator

Students for Life of America’s Planned Parenthood Project has been touring campuses all across the country since the beginning of the semester. The visual display is made up of 915 pink crosses to represent the number of unborn children that die each day inside of Planned Parenthood. In addition, the display has billboards that cite Planned Parenthood’s own annual report numbers and testimony from former employees to call into question their “caring” image.  149417842

I have participated in a handful of these on campuses in my own region, as well as counseled students at other universities who have done similar displays, like the Cemetery of the Innocents, which also consists of putting small crosses in the ground to represent the children lost through abortion. There is an overwhelming concern among the pro-life students during these displays that they are shaming women who have had abortions or causing a bad emotional response for these women. One of my pro-life students emailed me about this:

“Another concern is that we did hurt people yesterday.  Many people were offended by our display and said mean and hateful things about it. There were people who were hurt by what we were doing. Though none of us meant to hurt anybody, we still did anyway. How do we handle the hurt and damage we unintentionally spread yesterday? I just feel guilty for offending people who felt offended.”

I completely understand this concern, and it is something that all of us as pro-lifers struggle with. How do we recognize the reality of who Planned Parenthood is and expose the truth, while at the same time walk away feeling like we’ve hurt women? It is a completely valid feeling and question. So how do we deal with it?

Many men and women are hurt by our use of crosses and express to us how it made them feel shame and discomfort.

But that’s the thing, we didn’t hurt them – abortion did.

It wasn’t the dialogue that we started on campus that hurt the post-abortive students or made the pro-choice students feel shame. It wasn’t our peaceful protest that hurt them. It wasn’t the fact that we used the Planned Parenthood color pink for our display that evoked a negative response. And furthermore, it wasn’t even the fact that we used 915 pink crosses to represent the number of abortions that Planned Parenthood commits per day in America that evoked a hurtful emotional response.

It is abortion that hurt them, not us.

Had none of those women had abortions or strongly supported it, using crosses wouldn’t have been an issue. But it was. The pro-life students who do these displays typically witness firsthand the brainwashing and deceit that Planned Parenthood has made our generation believe. They see firsthand how abortion is hurting their peers.

We don’t yell at our peers. We don’t shame them.

We didn’t hurt them, the abortion did.

As hard as it is to deal with and recognize as pro-lifers, I know that we must continue to expose the reality of abortion to our generation so that less women will be post-abortive.

Pro-lifers may not feel like it, but it is their conversations that make a difference in students’ minds and help them to re-think their entire worldview. That’s how we know we’re winning. We don’t have to yell and shout in our protests, because our protest of Planned Parenthood make students re-think Planned Parenthood as a business, and it gets to their hearts.

Being pro-life is difficult but it is through these brave pro-life students and their campus groups that are making a difference.

We are winning this battle because not only do we have the truth on our side, but we have God on our side and only He can truly change hearts and minds. We are just missionaries on the front lines willing to let Him use us to plant the seed.

Need some encouragement? Check out this story of Megan and Jessica. And Josh Brahm has some good points here on how to answer post-abortive women who say they don’t regret their abortion.

Vandalism at Clemson University

The latest in a string of vandalism of pro-life displays this week, Clemson Students for Life’s Cemetery of the Innocents was completely destroyed and vandals left behind pro-choice signs and criticized the group on social media.clemson1

The display consisted of over 100 small crosses in the ground and a banner for the pro-life group. All of the crosses were taken out of the ground and piled up with signs such as “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” next to it.

One particular sign saw an immediate backlash on social media: “Tragedy – 4 students vs. 4 million babies.” That sign referenced the deaths of four Clemson students this semester. The pro-life student group had nothing to do with that sign even though they were accused of writing it:

“This fourth sign is in no way connected to Students for Life,” Clemson’s SFL president Devin Gibson told Campus Reform. “We believe that all life is sacred, from conception until natural death, and to trivialize the deaths of four classmates is horrific. We would never use the deaths of fellow Clemson students to further our cause”.

The vandalism is a blatant act of violation of the pro-life students’ free speech rights. They had prior approval of Clemson University to put up the display. They filed a police report yesterday.

Earlier this week, a pro-life chalking display was vandalized at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and this semester has seen a slew of abortion advocates destroying pro-life messages on campus.

Let’s Be Honest

Sensationalism always sells and gets clicks but it doesn’t mean it’s helpful to a particular cause or to the credibility of the claim itself. When talking about an issue as serious as the taking of a life of another human being in abortion, it’s important to be accurate and present478611913 well-formed arguments that can be backed up with data.

Because of the passion of those on both sides of the abortion debate, sometimes sensational claims are made that don’t have sufficient data behind them. Some pro-life advocates claim that the heart of a preborn baby starts beating at 18 days when in reality, it starts around 22 days after fertilization.  Or slogans like “adoption, not abortion” implies that adoption is an alternative to pregnancy when it’s really not. For abortion numbers, many pro-lifers will say there are 4,000 abortions a day, other say 3,300.  The latest data reports 1.06 million abortions in 2011 which equals 2,904 per day.

The importance of intellectual honesty in the abortion debate cannot be understated.

An article in College Fix claims that there is a trend on college campuses that is showing students are supporting the killing of babies after they are born, mirroring the notorious philosophy of Peter Singer, who has supported infanticide for years and values the lives of animals over the lives of babies and even toddlers.

No data were used to back up this claim other than a video of an older woman who refused to say that killing a child post-birth was murder – the woman wasn’t a college student but only happened to be protesting on the grounds of a college campus.

Students for Life of America has been touring college campuses this fall with our We Care Tour, which focuses on helping victims of sexual assault and talking about abortion in cases of rape, and the Planned Parenthood Project, which reveals what the abortion giant’s true intentions are for college students based on data from their own annual report.

Between the two tours, SFLA has been to 27 campuses already with several more to go before the end of the semester. We’ve talked to hundreds of college students – both pro-life and pro-choice – about abortion, had many of our displays vandalized, and were the subjects of further debate in college newspapers.

Never, not once, not even with the most ardent abortion supporter, have any college students advocated the killing of a child post-birth. At every college and university, our student groups have engaged in civil discourse with students on campus and while the pro-choice side had difficulty justifying their logic in many circumstances, not one of them aligned their ideology with Peter Singer or others like him.

Last year a video was done by Dan Joseph at the Media Research Center where he went to a college near DC and got students to sign a petition supporting the legalization of fourth trimester abortions. The conversations he had with the students showed their lack of knowledge about pregnancy and support more for the overall “women’s rights” language than actually killing a born child. Most didn’t even know how long pregnancy lasted. One woman even signed the petition who had recently given birth. It showed that students were clueless more than anything.

If we were to speculate on a trend regarding thoughts on abortion on college campuses, it would be that students are grossly misinformed about pregnancy, fetal development and the fact that abortion is indeed legal throughout all three trimesters.  But it’s just speculation as we cannot point to solid data.

College campuses are certainly not beacons of pro-life thought and welcoming of pro-life positions. Normally they are hostile to the pro-life message and ardently liberal. But to say that there is a trend of college students supporting infanticide helps no one and certainly doesn’t get us any closer to ending abortion. Neither does any kind of intellectual dishonesty in the abortion debate.