We’ve got brand new staff to introduce!

Students for Life of America, now in its 10th year, continues to grow! We are so pleased to welcome three new staff members to our stellar team:

CamilleCamille Rodriguez – West Coast Regional Coordinator, California and Nevada

Camille Rodriguez was raised in Alamosa, CO and graduated from Colorado State University in 2009 with a B.A. in History. It was there that her passion for life was ignited while volunteering with Justice for All on different campuses throughout northern Colorado. She co-founded CSU Students for Life and served as President in 2008 and 2009. After moving to California, she began working with Culture of Life Family Services as their Campus Outreach Coordinator. She worked with pro-life clubs in San Diego County, lead apologetics trainings for schools and youth groups and taught Theology of the Body to middle school youth. At Culture of Life, she also served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, working hand in hand with the Abortion Pill Reversal Program, providing resources to women including free ultrasounds, adoption services and daily support. Camille is thrilled to continue working with the Pro-Life Movement on a much larger scale through Students for Life.

Camille is a lifelong ballerina.

Email Camille here.


Jillian FergusonJillian Ferguson – Southwest Regional Coordinator, Texas and Oklahoma

Jillian Ferguson was born and raised in Alpena, MI. She attended Central Michigan University for four years while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Political Science with a concentration in international relations and a minor in math. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2016.

Jillian became actively involved in the pro-life movement during her sophomore year of college and soon became the vice president of the Students for Life group at CMU. During her two years as vice president, she was instrumental in hosting several national pro-life displays and informative tabling events, bringing renowned pro-life speakers to campus, being featured on both local and national news forums, and overall doing her part to help change today’s current culture to one that values life from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

She was inspired to become more active in the pro-life movement because she believes abortion harms women and she wants to do whatever she can to stand up for women’s rights as well as the rights of the whole, distinct, and beautiful preborn.

Jillian will be joining the Students for Life of America team as the Southwest Regional Coordinator, a position created to equip, engage, and train pro-life student groups in Texas and Oklahoma on how to effectively discuss the controversial topic of abortion. She is beyond excited to begin saving babies and helping women through student activism all over the country!

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Dana Morgan, Esq. – Minority Outreach and Law Students for Life DirectorDana

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on the south shore of Long Island as a teen, Dana is a licensed attorney, trained journalist, and seasoned public speaker. Dana has also worked in television, film, and theater over the past 26 years.

Dana graduated cum laude from the honors program at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, where she majored in Broadcast Journalism. In 2001, she became the first African-American woman to represent Massachusetts at Miss USA®–the nationally televised pageant formerly co-owned by Donald Trump and NBC. In 1999, she won the title of Miss Jamaica US. Dana won her very first pageant title in 1995 when she was crowned Miss Junior Teen Cities of America.

Dana has written manuscripts for a book for young women, a feature-film screenplay, and children’s books. She is certified as a teacher of English language to adults, graduating among the top 10% of graduates world-wide.  A passionate advocate for women and children’s issues, Dana has volunteered and worked for organizations that help battered women and those facing crisis pregnancies in New York City and Boston.

Dana completed an accelerated first-year toward a Juris Doctor degree at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City. Due to relocation, she finished her law degree on a partial scholarship at Barry University School of Law. Dana is most intrigued by criminal and Constitutional law. She was also an environmental law research assistant, and has researched and written extensively on various Constitutional legal issues. Dana completed her law degree in 23 consecutive months, and was awarded the highest grade in her Trial Advocacy course. A member of the Christian Legal Society, when she’s not writing or researching, Dana enjoys watching documentaries, gazing at the ocean, and spending time with her family.

Dana is joining the Students for Life team to launch and direct the new Minority Outreach initiative, and oversee the Law Students for Life program.

Email Dana here.





5 Ways Pro-Life College Students Should Use Yik Yak

By Hannah Cowan, SFLA Intern

Ever hear of Yik Yak? If you’re a college student, you’ve likely spent time on the app, posted messages yourself, or perused it to learn about what’s trending on campus. For those of you who don’t know, Yik Yak is a smartphone app that lets people post messages anonymously, kind of like Twitter…except anonymous, that is very popular on college campuses. These messages can be read and replied to within a five-mile radius. The app is blocked from being used on high school and junior high campuses..

Pro-life students can use Yik Yak to their advantage on campus as a student activist. Through trial and error on my own campus, I have perfected the art of using this anonymous twitter to advance my cause. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Get your Students for Life Club’s name out.

Chances are there are pro-life students on your campus who have no idea your club even exists, which is why being visible on campus is SO important. To add to that, post pictures and updates about the club on Yik Yak. If you just had a big event, post a picture from it, and be sure to add your club’s name. Post the link to your group’s Facebook or Twitter page. People are going to be curious, and you might just pick up someone who is interested in joining. If you do post those links, make sure your social media accounts are up-to-date, and you are posting meeting times and have contact information. Don’t lead interested pro-life students to nowhere.

  1.  Advertise

People often go on Yik Yak looking for stuff to do when they’re bored, so post about your meetings or events and you might just hook one these students. If you’re going to have free food or any other perk, be sure to add that in the post. When advertising events on Yik Yak though, don’t make it too obvious. As a college student myself, I know how annoying advertisements like that can be. Instead of posting “Students for Life meeting tonight at 7:00pm in Union room 303” post something like “I think I’m going to go check out the Students for Life meeting tonight… I hear there is going to be free pizza.” Anyone who is genuinely interested will comment for details.

  1. Gather Ideas and Opinions

Since Yik Yak is anonymous, people aren’t going to be afraid to give you their honest opinion. Say you just hosted a pro-life movie night, post something like, “Saw October Baby at the Pro-Life Movie Night. It was super moving. What did you guys think?” Like when advertising, post as though you are not on the executive board or an active member. People don’t need to know! Yik Yak is a great way to gather the vibes your campus has about the events you’re hosting and just your club in general. Use it to alter things in a positive way if need be.

  1. Educate

Most college students are unfortunately apathetic, and chances are they don’t follow the news. If a new pro-life bill passed or a study came out, post about it. It’s important that the youth know about what is going on in the pro-life movement, and maybe if they do, they’ll be inspired to be more active.

  1. Be a Positive Voice in the Pro-Life Movement

Being anonymous and all, Yik Yak is a harbor for cyber bullies. Your posts are most likely to get downvoted (when a post is voted down by five different people, it is deleted by the app,) and before/if it is not downvoted, it’s going to get a lot of negative heat from pro-choicers. If you feel you can have a good conversation with someone go for it, but if they’re going to call names and be awful, I find it best to just ignore it, don’t even respond! Simply be kind, no matter what.



IPA logoMillennials are turning away from Planned Parenthood and are increasingly identifying with positions closer to the pro-life point of view than pro-choice, according to private polling being released today from Students for Life of America. Yet, the data also reveals what the abortion industry learned long ago: that the pro-choice and pro-life labels are ill-defined and useless.

“We wanted to see where millennials stood at this point in time – nearly a year after the Center for Medical Progress videos were released and Planned Parenthood was forced to defend their barbaric practice of profiting off of the sale of baby body parts and being just months away from the next presidential election,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

The polling, conducted by the Barna Group, revealed:

  • 53% Millennials think abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstanceslegal abortion poll qOnly 17% of millennials agree with Hillary Clinton’s extreme stance on abortion
  • A 19-point drop in the support of federal funding for Planned Parenthood from September 2015 to January 2016
  • A 9% increase in opposition to abortion among millennials from 2012 to 2016
  • A significant branding problem for the pro-life movement whereas millennials who tend to hold general pro-life positions don’t identify themselves as pro-life

“Planned Parenthood would have the nation believe that young women are fighting with them on their extreme abortion agenda but that’s not the case,” said Hawkins. “Planned Parenthood only has 275 campus groups and Students for Life has 1,043. Additionally, we have found that only 17% of millennials hold the extreme view on abortion – that it should be legal at any time for any reason – as Hillary Clinton, who Planned Parenthood militantly supports.”

The polling indicates a branding problem for the pro-life label as well, where millennials either don’t know what it means or they don’t want to be associated with it for one reason or another. While the data showed 53% of millennials agree that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances, only 36% of the millennials we polled consider themselves pro-life all or some of the time. That’s a huge gap between those who think abortion should be illegal all or most of the time and those who identify as pro-life.

“The abortion industry recognized this problem with the pro-choice brand years ago and has sought to discard that label for fluffier ways to describe their affiliation as pro-abortion (‘women’s health’ ‘reproductive rights’),” said Hawkins. “Over the past 10 years, the image of the pro-life movement has trended younger and more mainstream, but the ‘pro-life’ brand still carries an image with which many people don’t want to associate themselves, despite their views on abortion.”

The polling and subsequent white papers on the data is an initiative of Students for Life’s newly-launched Institute for Pro-Life Advancement which is committed to researching the best ways to communicate our philosophically and scientifically-sound opposition to abortion and win this generation for the pro-life movement, especially those who see abortion as morally wrong but do not think it should be illegal.

Links available below to specific data and white papers:


Whole Woman’s Health: Not just a pro-life loss. Women lost.

By Missy Stone & Lisa Stover

On Monday, many of us watched the sunrise on the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States. Some had even stayed throughout the night in prayerful solidarity, awaiting the court’s decision on the biggest abortion case in 20 years. That morning was not our first appearance. We had neglected sleep, grabbed our coffee, and headed to these same3 steps two other mornings last week, eagerly awaiting to hear what the highest judicial court had to say about the standards of women’s health.

After hours of standing, chanting, praying (and getting very sunburned), we got our answer. To say we were disappointed is the understatement of the century. It was an incredible blow to all the hard work we have put into making America safe for women in children these past years.

I was in Austin, Texas when these bills were passed. We bussed through the night to be there for the monumental vote. Again, going on no sleep (are you seeing a trend, here?), we joined thousands of other pro-life voices in the capital to show our support amongst avid abortion supporters who were throwing tampons, covered in red paint in simulate blood, chanting, “Hail Satan,” and trying to sneak in bottles of feces to throw at state congressional members.

I sat in the gallery as the vote was taking place and watched the board light up in favor of commonsense laws that would protect Texas women. It was an incredibly emotional and moving experience, only to be followed by riots breaking out, led by Cecile Richards herself, and our team being barricaded in the office of one of the representatives, his pistol on his hip guarding the door. But it was all worth it because we had helped pass unprecedented pro-life legislation that was going to save thousands of lives, women and children.

Until June 27, 2016.

But it wasn’t just a pro-life loss. Women lost. Women deserve better than walking into an abortion facility that does not meet basic health codes like every other surgical facility. This commonsense legislation wasn’t about preventing abortion access; it was about keeping women safe. It required hallways be wide enough for a gurney in the case of an emergency, adequate lighting for an invasive surgery, admitting privileges to local hospitals, etc.

Now, every time a woman seeks an abortion, she will wonder if the facility is clean. She will wonder if the abortionist has the necessary credentials to local hospitals in case of an emergency. She will wonder if she is going into an abortion facility like Kermit Gosnell’s, which had been compared to a disgusting gas station bathroom with blood on both the floor and medical instruments.

The abortion industry cares more about their bottom line than spending the necessary money to make sure their facilities meet basic healthcare standards. Anything to protect the “sacred cow” of abortion. Justice Thomas said in his dissent, “ . . . today’s decision perpetuates the Court’s habit of applying different rules to different constitutional rights— especially the putative right to abortion.”

The Supreme Court failed us. The five Supreme Court justices who ruled against the law put their obsession with abortion ahead of the health and safety of women.

So, guess what? If we can’t trust our governing officials to rule fairly and protect its most vulnerable citizens, then we have to do it ourselves.

We can’t rely on the courts. They have proven that they cannot suspend their personal bias to make adequate judgement calls. It’s up to us to change hearts and minds and save women from falling victim to the abortion industry and their shoddy practices. We have to be active on our campuses, sharing the truth in love about abortion, offering help and hope to parents in need. We can’t wait for someone else to abolish abortion. We must step up and take responsibility where our leaders have failed… which is exactly what we are doing at Students for Life.

Last week, Students for Life announced that we now have over one-thousand active Students for Life groups across the nation. We may have lost in the courts, but we are winning in our culture. Yesterday we mourned, but today we fight on. We may have lost the battle, but we are winning the war.

This morning as I was looking through the media coverage on yesterday’s decision, I found my favorite headline of all, “The pro-life movement is winning. It’ll take more than one Supreme Court ruling to change that.” VOX, Planned Parenthood’s attempted version of what we do with Students for Life published this article and I couldn’t have said it better myself.


The abortion rights movement is still shaking in their boots, because they realize that not only are we winning the war, but yesterday’s decision set ablaze more passion and dedication to our movement to press on, to do more, and to continue to turn the tide in our nation.

It is easy to be discouraged, outraged, upset, frustrated, and disappointed by yesterday’s decision, but we must press on. Will you join us as we press on to win the war?

We mourned while the abortion rights movement was rejoicing. But, I have a feeling their rejoicing will be short-lived. Watch out, the Pro-Life Generation is not backing down. Abolishing abortion doesn’t require the Supreme Court. By changing hearts and minds, building relationships, providing pregnant and parenting resources, we will make abortion obsolete.

I’m Mad.

By Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America

The Supreme Court handed down a horrible decision today on abortion and I’m angry. Why? Because women lost. Because children lost.

By throwing out common sense regulations that were meant to protect women from theSCOTUS-Lose predatory abortion business, five Supreme Court Justices put access to abortion over the safety of women. They put the bottom line over the safety of women.

The Supreme Court put aside the will of the people and a majority of our nation that agrees with these safety regulations and played politics with women’s lives.

This is an injustice.

I’m angry because we know that every time a mother walks into an abortion facility, she is betrayed. She is deceived into thinking abortion is her only option. She is deceived into thinking that her child growing inside of her is not worthy of life and protection.

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt means that parts of the Texas law that we lobbied so hard to pass back in 2013 was ruled unconstitutional. It means that abortion facilities in Texas won’t be beholden to the same safety standards as other surgical outpatient centers. Standards like making sure there are enough soap dispensers and that the hallways are wide enough for EMT gurneys to pass through.

This is a travesty.

The women of our nation have been told once again by the Supreme Court that we are nothing more than our uteruses. That our so-called “right to abortion” is more important that our safety.

This should never happen in our nation.

We know that every time a woman has an abortion, one precious life ends, and at Students for Life we are fighting to stop that. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the mother. Her life shouldn’t end because of her abortion. She doesn’t deserve the death penalty too.

For those who say that this law was simply a sham, I have two words for them: Kermit Gosnell.

Kermit Gosnell was able to legally operate an abortion facility in Philadelphia for more than four decades. And despite the fact that local doctors had stopped referring patients to him because women were coming back with STDS from dirty equipment, no one investigated him. Despite the fact that numerous inquiries had been made into the PA Department of Health, no one went into his facility. It took the death of a woman and a DEA drug raid to discover the truth about his House of Horrors.

Why? Because years earlier, Planned Parenthood and their allies in the pro-abortion movement lobbied against these types of common-sense regulations in the state of Pennsylvania.

Karnamaya Mongar died at the hands of Kermit Gosnell because Planned Parenthood and their allies put their financial self-interests ahead of commonsense safety standards.

Today, we know more women will continue to die, continue to contract diseases from unclean equipment, and continue to be forced into substandard abortion facilities.

However, I don’t want us to be angry for too long. Today we mourn; tomorrow we resume our fight.

Our mission at Students for Life is to our change our culture, starting with where the abortion industry most targets: our young people. We will continue this work and we know we are winning. We know the majority of Americans and millennials actually were in favor of the Texas law and are with us in our opposition to legal abortion. We are making an impact. We are changing our culture.

Whole Woman’s Health Decision: “Bottom line over health and safety of women”

The US Supreme Court issued their decision on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt today (read about it here and decision is here). Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, issued the following statement:  Kristan at SCOTUS statement

“Women lost today. Every time a woman seeks an abortion, she will wonder if the facility is clean. She will wonder if the abortionist has the necessary credentials to local hospitals in case of emergency. She will wonder if she is going into a facility like Kermit Gosnell’s, which had been compared to a disgusting gas station bathroom with blood on both the floor and medical instruments. It is the within the rights of the states, indeed, it is the duties of the states, to protect its citizens from predatory businesses, which is exactly what the abortion industry is. They prey on the vulnerabilities of women who are in desperate situations, placing their bottom line over the health and safety of the patients. And the U.S. Supreme Court, in efforts to put the so-called ‘right to abortion’ above everything else, just let them get away with it.”



We’ve got some huge news from Students for Life of America! We announced today that we now serve more than 1,043 college, high school, law and medical school, and young professionals pro-life groups across the United States, 568 of which were started by our SFLA National Field Team.

This means that Students for Life campus pro-life groups now outnumber pro-abortion groups nearly 4 to 1, with Planned Parenthood’s last report boasting 275 campus groups.

“This enormous gap between pro-life and pro-choice students indicates that the pro-life message is resonating where it needs to the most, right where the abortion industry targets: college and high school campuses,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “We are meeting students where they are, having passionate and constructive conversations on campus, and changing hearts and minds.

“The passion of our students is evidenced by the sheer number of pro-life students willing to sacrifice their time and energy on behalf of women facing unintended pregnancies and their babies verses the pro-choice student groups whose only recourse against us has been to yell and scream and vandalize pro-life displays,” continued Hawkins.

Since SFLA launched full-time just ten years ago, we’ve grown from a team of only one full-time staffer to over 29, including at least one person in every region of the country that works with area high school and college groups, and the number of student pro-life clubs has grown every single year, topping out in the 2015-2016 school year at over 1,040.1K strong

Every school year, SFLA tallies the number of current Students for Life groups, which are measured in terms of activity level. Activities include doing diaper drives and baby showers for pregnant moms on campus, bringing thought-provoking campus displays to the school, hosting qualified speakers, attending the annual March for Life and SFLA National Conference, and poll tabling, among other activities. All of the groups do at least one activity a semester but most do several and are positive forces on their campuses.

“Several years ago, NARAL president Nancy Keenan noted the high number of young people at the March for Life and was concerned about what she called the ‘intensity gap’ between young pro-life people and young pro-choice people,” said Hawkins. “Well, Ms. Keenan, your fears have been realized. The intensity gap is alive and well and pro-life students are motivated now, more than ever before, to show women that there are other options besides abortion, that they can succeed in school and in life with a child, which is more than the abortion industry wants to concede. The pro-life generation is here to stay.”

Kristan Hawkins about Trump meeting: “It was kind of like that dating website, ‘It’s Just Lunch’”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, attended a closed-door meeting today with Donald Trump and other pro-life and pro-family leaders to have a conversation about important social issues.

She went on CNN immediately following the meeting and likened the meeting to a certain dating website:

Students for Life of America also hosted a national webcast and conference call this evening to debrief student leaders and supporters.

Did you miss the webcast? No problem. Listen to the replay HERE.

Kristan noted that Trump seemed educated on religious liberty, which was good news. Trump also reaffirmed his pledge to appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices. This was a way to have a more relaxed conversation about issues that he has discussed in the past but with more of a different audience.

She said that the meeting was like the dating website, “It’s Just Lunch” – there were no commitments or endorsements; it was the start of a conversation. Kristan would have liked to have seen more of his heart and why he feels the way he does but again, it was just lunch, just a first step that hopefully opens up another conversation.

Kristan said she felt that Trump seemed unfamiliar with the pro-life movement (for instance, he kept saying “the pro-life” instead of “the pro-life movement” – we don’t talk like that) and obviously that has showed in his previous answers on sensitive issues surrounding the abortion issue.

Brendan O’Morchoe, Pro-Life Future director, who was also in the meeting and joined the call, reiterated that it was a positive development that Trump took the time to meet with the leaders yet it was the start of a much-needed conversation that needs to be had.

Anja Scheib, a student pro-life leader at Mississippi State University, also said that the atmosphere was relaxed but as a young person, she wanted to hear more about why he believes what he does and more about his conversion. She wanted to truly hear his story.

A question was asked on the call if Kristan thought that Trump truly understands our side. She said the message was loud and clear that we care about Supreme Court Justices but she was disappointed that Planned Parenthood wasn’t discussed. There also wasn’t a discussion on personnel. “Personnel is policy” said President Reagan and we could not agree more. This is important because it’s someone in a bureaucratic position that usually decides on a grant or on a bill or allows access.

Brendan wanted to know what Trump believes is negotiable and not negotiable. What is he going to trade away and where will he stand his ground? He talks a lot about making deals but we want to know what is negotiable and what is not.

Another question from the call asked about Trump’s persona in the meeting vs. in public. Anja answered that he seemed much more relaxed in the meeting but there were moments where he went into “TV mode”.

The last question – what was the response from young people and Millennials in the crowd? Kristan said that there were some enthusiastic supporters while others were much more in the middle. Trump seemed to try to tap into the anger in the country, which he has done so well. But Kristan said she doesn’t equate anger with Millennials as much so tapping into her anger doesn’t really work. There are reasons why Kristan said she will probably vote for Trump over Hillary but anger wasn’t one of the reasons. She said Millennials want to connect with a candidate and see their heart and understand their motives.

Brendan and Kristan also teased our fall plans at Students for Life of America – which we can’t say yet J. Kristan said that politics flows from culture and that centers around a pro-life majority and our desire to keep the pro-life majority in government.

So stay tuned!

Following the Trump meeting, Kristan released the following statement to the press:

“Students for Life of America is in the business of changing hearts and minds to shift the culture into one that is life-affirming and that is what we were looking for today during our meeting with Donald Trump, to get a glimpse of what is in his heart. It was encouraging that the conversation centered mostly around religious liberty and fighting to protect the Christian faith in this nation, which are cornerstones of our freedom. Mr. Trump thankfully reiterated his promise, that if elected President, he would nominate pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court. However, it was disappointing that the campaign weeded out several pre-submitted questions about abortion, the pain capable bill in Congress, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

“As someone who represents pro-life Millennials and females, as I am one myself, authenticity resonates with us and we want to see someone who not only speaks the truth, but does what they say they are going do. Donald Trump tried to tap into the anger that Christians feel in this country for being persecuted but from what I’ve witnessed on our college campuses, Millennials, especially pro-life Millennials, aren’t angry. They want a fair chance to speak for the voiceless and help women who really need the help navigating a crisis pregnancy. And they want a government that protects the rights of all life.”


Leading a pro-life group at a Christian college comes with its own unique challenges. From unreceptive administrators to distinct campus cultures, leaders of pro-life clubs at these schools are regularly obstructed in their pro-life work. We’ve seen this trend across the country and understand that the hardest place to start a pro-life club is on a Christianchristianleadershipsummit campus. And that’s often where we see the most hostility from administrators.

Most schools would rather ignore the controversy than prepare their students for confronting it. They would rather pretend that everyone on their campus is pro-life and that students are not getting pregnant. However, we know that students at Christian schools are not just getting pregnant, but are having abortions, partly because their schools do not support them in choosing Life for their children.

This summer, from August 12-14, Students for Life of America is hosting our third Christian Leadership Summit for leaders of pro-life student groups at Christian colleges and will take place in Jacksonville, FL. We will be meeting to devise strategies, share experiences and network leaders to help you improve your outreach at your college. The summit is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with other leaders from across the country to solve the problems you are facing.

The summit is invite-only, so contact Lisa Stover at lstover@studentsforlife.org for application details. If your application is accepted, your travel costs will be covered! Applications are due by June 28.

Now is your time to take a stand on your campus! Christian schools have a mission to protect the innocent and vulnerable and to prepare their students to confront and defeat the evils of this world. Christian schools should be the pro-life movement’s strongest base of support. As a student leader, you can make that happen at your school. Join us at the Christian Leadership Summit August 12-14 in Jacksonville to be part of the revolution.

Pro-life female leaders release joint statement on Clinton and Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton will be speaking at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event today in Washington, DC. In light of the alliance between Clinton and the largest abortion provider in the nation, several female pro-life leaders (names listed below) released the following joint statement:

“As female leaders of the pro-life movement who represent millions of women of all ages, we cannot celebrate this first nomination of a woman for the office of the U.S. president by a major political party because of Hillary Clinton’s radical pro-abortion record and alliance with the abortion lobby. The unholy alliance between Clinton and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, is disgraceful.

“Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million in taxpayer money annually, then funnels tens of millions of dollars to candidates like Clinton to further its agenda and increase its bottom line.  They both profit from the abortion industry in a self-serving cycle.  Instead of empowering women, Clinton and Planned Parenthood lie to women, betray women, and sell out women and children, all in the name of profit.  Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood do not represent us.”

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America
Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List
Jeanne Mancini, March for Life
Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America
Meg McDonnell, Women Speak for Themselves
Helen Alvare, Women Speak for Themselves
Arina Grossu, FRC Action
Catherine Glenn Foster, Sound Legal
Charmaine Yoest
Lila Rose
Nancy Tanner