Free screening of VOICELESS at US Supreme Court

For the first time ever, U.S. Supreme Court officials have given permission for a movie to be shown on the public sidewalk in front of the historic building. This is the exact space that we have held protests and rallies, cheered and mourned when Supreme Court decisions were delivered, and prayed for the end of the abortion.

We ask that you join us on this very sidewalk this coming Sunday, October 2nd at 6:30 P.M where there will be a historic, free showing of the pro-life film “Voiceless” – before it even hits theaters next week.

The award-winning film “Voiceless” introduces viewers to a discharged soldier who discovers an abortion facility operating across the street from his Philadelphia church. He struggles to motivate his church to get involved in protecting unborn babies, and eventually must decide whether to risk it all to fight for what is right.
“Voiceless” challenges every viewer in a powerful and moving way to be a voice for ending abortion and embracing and caring for women with unexpected and challenging pregnancies.

There will also be a candlelight prayer vigil as part of the film presentation. The day after the film’s screening is when the U.S. Supreme Court opens their new session and we want to pray for wisdom and guidance. The direction of the Supreme Court is also of critical importance in the upcoming presidential election.

The nearest Metro Stops are: Union Station and Capitol South and there is ample on street parking. The address of the Supreme Court is 1 1st St NE, Washington, DC.

Please share with all your Facebook friends and on social media and let’s be “a voice for the Voiceless!”

Voters Want to Know About Abortion

Were you one of the 80 million people who tuned into the first presidential debate this past Monday night? This was the most-watched presidential debate in history. Eighty million is an enormous number of people watching a single event.

Do you know what people were Googling, according to Google Trends, during the debate but never once was mentioned in the 90-minute slugfest?


Hillary search








Trump search









This is fascinating for a couple reasons. Firstly, abortion isn’t usually mentioned as one of the top priorities of likely voters in public polling. The economy and terrorism are the first priorities of this election cycle. This isn’t to say abortion is not on the list of concerns. It is. It’s just not one of the top concerns.

Secondly, abortion isn’t covered on television and in the news as often as other issues so for the public to explicitly want to know more about the candidates for president and their positions on abortion could indicate that there is an underlying current of high interest on this hot button issue.

Planned Parenthood has been a mainstay in the news for the past year – and it hasn’t exactly been the best kind of news since most of the coverage circles around the Center for Medical Progress videos that show high level Planned Parenthood executives and abortionists discussing the harvesting and sale of body parts of babies they aborted.

The Select Panel on Infant Lives, a special committee in the US House of Representatives, has issued damning evidence backing up not only the profiting off of baby body parts but violations of patient privacy and records and other illegal activity.

Oh, and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is a taxpayer-funded entity, receiving over $500 million a year from the forced donors who pay their taxes.

Planned Parenthood also is heavily involved in the political process, having stumped for the Democratic nominee and pledged millions to help her get elected (and SFLA has a new campus tour talking all about this!). They also influenced the most pro-abortion platform of any political party to be approved. The Democratic Party’s platform supports abortion on-demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, further funding of Planned Parenthood and repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which bars tax money from directly paying for abortion in Medicaid. So they not only want abortion to be legal whenever and wherever but they want taxpayers to pay for it.

Hmmmm, maybe that’s why voters were Googling the heck of out “abortion” and the presidential candidates?

In any case, we at Students for Life of America could not agree more that abortion needs to be discussed in the debates. There are two more debates left and here are a few questions we believe need to be asked:

  • When and under what circumstances should abortion be legal?
  • What would you do to support women in crisis pregnancies, especially on college campuses where Planned Parenthood preys on vulnerable women and tells them they can’t possibly have a child and continue their education?
  • Why should Planned Parenthood get one more dime of taxpayer funding after their executives have been caught on tape selling the body parts of aborted babies, after they have been subject to repayment of millions of dollars after defrauding taxpayers, after they’ve been caught covering up child abuse?
  • A vast majority of Americans, pro-choice and pro-life, are against taxpayer-funded abortion so why should they be forced to fund it directly if the Hyde Amendment is removed?
  • Do you think taxpayers even should pay for abortions and if so, in what cases?
  • Kermit Gosnell sits in prison right now because he was convicted of killing babies born alive after abortion and ending the life of a woman who came to him for a late-term abortion, yet his facility was never inspected even though the abortion industry knew of his shady business practices. What would you do to stop other abortionists like Kermit Gosnell who are operating dangerous abortion facilities?

Mizzou Attempts to Scare Students Away from New Campus Tour

Students for Life of America’s brand new campus tour this semester is all about revealing the cycle of corruption between taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood and their enormous influence over one political party. The display consists of banners outlining the tax dollars Planned Parenthood gets and how they are able to significantly buy like-minded politicians so that they will vote for more money for Planned Parenthood and no regulations on abortion facilities. The display also outlines the platforms on abortion for both political parties and challenges students to make positive and life-affirming changes within their own party.

It’s an information-filled tour where everything is sourced and cited. The pictures used are symbols and icons so nothing offensive, unless dollar bill signs and piggy banks upset people.

Apparently they do because a Student Service Coordinator at the University of Missouri sent this out to a listserv ahead of Mizzou Students for Life bringing the display to their campus tomorrow:

On September 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – the anti-abortion group will be hosting their display on Lowry Mall. This display may have some graphic images that could be troubling to you. Wanted you to be aware of this so you can take alternate routes to class/avoid this area if this is something that would bother you.

The school never even bothered to ask the Mizzou Students for Life group about the display but the president did email the person who sent it out and explained there are no graphic images and that it is a display about information that many people many find interesting. The goal of the display is to start dialogue, not to be offensive.

But nope. College students can learn more about sensitive issues from helpful and civil discussions instead of having the school try to shelter them with safe spaces and trigger warnings. No word yet on if the employee of the school who sent out the email will send a correction.

Situation at Ohio University

Our new Cycle of Corruption campus display, which reveals how Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization and the nation’s largest abortion provider, also buys off politicians so that they are free to do as many abortions as possible and rake in revenue, is at Ohio University today and students have already encountered a problem.

The University, which is a public university, is demanding our students not hand out postcards which correspond to the display. They define passing out postcards as solicitation. They are telling our students that they need to stand behind their table (and smile) and are threatening to call the university’s police.

Our attorneys are looking into this but here is the conversation between our Regional Coordinator and the campus representative:


The Students for Life group at Ohio University got creative in order to get their information out:

ohio ohio1

Gosnell Movie Needs to be Shown Everywhere

By Missy Stone, National Field Director at Students for Life of America.

I don’t cry in movies. I never have. People who know me find that interesting because I am a very emotional person, so it’s surprising that my emotions aren’t triggered during moving or heart wrenching films. However, today was an exception.

I watched Gosnell.

As the movie was concluding, I stood in my kitchen and cried. Not only cried, sobbed. It was the ugly cry you’re glad no one is around to see. It’s not that I don’t know the story Gosnell movieor that I was surprised, but watching the scenes unfold made it so real. There’s a difference between hearing the stories on the news and watching a true depiction of a young girl sitting in the courtroom describing the horrors of what happened behind those doors. (The testimonies were taken directly from courtroom documents.)

Kermit Gosnell is a sociopath who killed women by botching abortions and leaving them to bleed to death or overdosing them on drugs. He delivered babies alive and then snipped their spines as they cried and put them on shelves. He had teenagers preforming medical procedures and administering anesthetics in his absence. His facility was described as a “House of Horrors” with bags of baby body parts stuffed in the refrigerator, down the garbage disposal, in glass jars in cabinets. He was documented for 211 Health Code Violations.

After multiple complaints to the health department, even one hand-delivered by another OBGYN in the area because his patients were contracting STD’s after seeing Gosnell, no one inspected his abortion facility, Women’s Health Society. And people died because of it. According to them, inspecting an abortion facility somehow infringes on women’s rights.

Pro-choice and pro-life people alike want to believe this is the exception. It’s not. Douglas Karpen and Leroy Carhart are guilty of the same atrocities. A Planned Parenthood in Delaware was recently shut down because they were not properly sterilizing equipment because it took too long and they wanted to perform as many abortions as possible. There’s no telling how many more stories are out there like this that our government officials are ignoring in the name of “protecting women’s rights.”

Gosnell is not the exception. He’s the norm. And we have to open our eyes, put our biases’ aside and accept the truth.

Will we let people be silent about abortion because they don’t want to offend people? People will die. Will we let people personally believe abortion is wrong but not want to take away a women’s right to choose? People will continue to die. Will we let people protect their precious abortion at the expense of health standards, sterile facilities, and women’s lives? People will keep dying.

We have to get the word out that this is the abortion industry. They are about business, not women’s rights.

Every woman has the right to go into a medical facility and come out without an STD. Every woman has the right to undergo surgery without wondering if the people performing it are licensed professionals.

People need to watch this film and films like it. We need to watch it and remind ourselves why we are fighting, why we push day in and day out to abolish abortion. But we also have to show this film to those who don’t understand what the abortion industry is really like. We have to tell them the truth.

Help us share this message. We can’t let Gosnell be forgotten.

Gosnell is expected to be released this year. Stay tuned to for more information on how you can see it and bring it to your own campus.


Pregnant student gets Christian college to change pregnancy policy

Students for Life of America started the Pregnant on Campus Initiative because we knew that students were getting pregnant on college campuses and oftentimes had no idea that there were resources available for them so that they wouldn’t have to choose between their child and their education. Pregnant on Campus not only sought to tell students about those resource, like scholarships, special housing, and childcare options – but also create their own – things like lobbying the school for diaper decks in restrooms and easily accessible nursing rooms, holding baby showers for pregnant moms, offering babysitting services.

Title IX is a non-discrimination law that gives pregnant students the right to not be discriminated against by the school but many pregnant students don’t even know it exists. Pregnant on Campus seeks to let students know about this policy. But one student in South Carolina at a small, Christian school not only made the brave decision to have her baby when she got pregnant but also to take her school to court when they kicked her off campus for getting pregnant, citing Title IX.

Let’s repeat that: this happened at a Christian college. A Christian college kicked a pregnant student off their campus for getting pregnant instead of helping her and offering her resources to make sure she had the chance to stay in school and keep her child.

Kamaria Downs, the student at Claflin University, chose life for her child but many in her situation choose abortion. A Lifeway Research survey found that nearly 70% of women who have abortions self-identify as a Christian.  The Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, a project of SFLA, recently released polling that revealed a small number of Christian churches discuss abortion and the pro-life position on a regular basis. This is a tragedy. Abortion is a problem inside the church, as well as outside it.

Last year, SFLA released a public letter from almost two dozen students at Christian schools asking their administrations to change their policies on pregnant students to reflect the Christian viewpoint of mercy, grace and love. Kicking a student out of school because she’s pregnant isn’t a Christian response. Christian schools need to support pregnant and parenting students, not kick them out of school.

Kamaria was not only brave in her choice to carry her child to term but also courageous for challenging her school to change their policy on pregnant students. Claflin did change their policy and even thanked Kamaria for bringing the fault to their attention.

Kamaria is now the proud mom of a one-year-old little girl and is a second grade teacher. She is a wonderful example of perseverance and a good role model for her daughter. Hopefully her case will be recognized by the hundreds of other Christian schools in the country and force them to consider their own policies on pregnant and parenting students.

Photo of Kamaria Downs courtesy of Public Justice.

So Your Campus is Hosting a Pro-Abortion Speaker…

By Michele Hendrickson, Capital Area Regional Director

It’s the start of a new school year, and you’re finally back into the swing of things: you found the best path from class to class, best prices for coffee, and even got your textbooks on sale – but as you speed walk down the hall, you turn the corner and find the unthinkable: A flyer advertising that your school is hosting a radically pro-abortion speaker.

What is a student representing the pro-life majority to do?

Never fear, Students for Life is here!

Our team at Students for Life has worked diligently over the years in our grassroots efforts to counter radical pro-abortion agendas on campus. Just look at our success at Georgetown University when they hosted the President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards (link).

With the abortion industry having vowed to do everything they can to make sure pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices are elected, that taxpayers are forced to fund abortion, and that no regulations touch abortion facilities, we know our staff can’t be everywhere all the time, so we need YOU, the pro-life generation, to be prepared when a pro-abortion speaker comes to your campus – someone like, eh, Cecile Richards.

Here are some basic tips for what you can do on your campus if you’re faced with such a challenge.

Rapid Responder 101

* Be Alert. Always look for promotional materials around campus. You can even do some quick research right now. Research on Facebook or the school’s website to see what pro-choice student groups are up to. Most-likely, they’ll be the ones to invite someone to speak on campus. You should also get to know the abortion advocacy groups in your community, like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and look on their websites.

* Take Initiative. Contact your Regional Coordinator right away if you see that your school is hosting one of these radically pro-abortion opponents. Start talking with other pro-life students and friends about what you all want to do in response.

* Get Prepared. We have several free activism tools that we can either ship or deliver in person like T-Shirts, Signs, Info Cards, Displays, and lots more! Depending on the event, your Regional Coordinator might also be able to help you host a counter-event with a pro-life speaker.

* Don’t Stay Silent. As a pro-life student, you’re in one of the most critical places we can be with our message: school! Young people are at the forefront of changing culture. It’s already happening: in a recent poll 71% of Millennials surveyed said that they believe late-term abortion should be ILLEGAL. If we truly believe that abortion is an injustice, then it should be unacceptable for someone like Cecile Richards, who celebrates abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, to get away with misrepresenting the values of millennials. It is so important that we mobilize other young people on this issue to stand up and say enough is enough

Brand New Campus Tour: Cycle of Corruption

Students for Life of America is proud to announce their brand new campus tour,  Cycle of Corruption, which highlights the cycle of corruption in the abortion industry and challenges students to learn more about their own political parties and influence them on behalf of the pro-life position. Panels are below that are a part of the campus display.

Party Platforms
Abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever due to the laws of this country. Each political party references abortion specifically in their platform but the abortion industry is only significantly active in one party, using money to buy influence and power and bend the political will of elected officials to their own will.

Cycle of Corruption
Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider yet they received over $500 million a year in taxpayer funding. That money is fungible (don’t know what that means? See this quick video).

Planned Parenthood is also a huge player in the political process. From 2008-2016, Planned Parenthood gave $2.8 million in cash and $10.8 million as in-kind donations to politicians. 98.7% of those politicians were Democrats.

They buy politicians with their same extreme views on abortion so that they can continue to receive their millions and be protected from regulations.

Are You Represented?
Only 17% of Millennials believe abortion should be legal for any reason at any time in the pregnancy. The majorities of Americans also believe abortion should be restricted after the first trimester and that taxpayers should not be funding abortion.

Meanwhile, US abortion laws are the most extreme in the entire world. The US is one of only a handful of nations that allow abortions after viability.

Let’s Change This
This is a vicious cycle of corruption and the tour educates students on what is going on and challenges them to change it. We are pro-life, and our goal is to create a future in which everyone can live in and flourish. We seek to create a world of peace, justice, and freedom. The display gives students a few ways to focus on positive change and creating a culture that respects the dignity of all human life.

  • Foster a community that treats human lives as they are: unique and non-disposable, not commodities. Abortion is unthinkable when a society refuses to use women, punishes sexual assault and sex trafficking, discourages porn, treats those with disabilities and mental illness with acceptance and care, and stands against unjust wars of aggression.
  • Be consistent: Killing human beings for any reason other than self-defense is inexcusable. Don’t dismiss opportunities to defend life at any stage, under any circumstances.
  • No matter what political affiliation, we can all agree: Human life deserves protection, consistently. Vote for candidates who will promote the dignity of the human person in all stages, stand up to the Cycle of Corruption, and put an end to the killing of 2,700 preborn persons a day.

The Cycle of Corruption display is scheduled to go to over 60 campuses this semester.

Cycle follow the money stand up what our generation thinks about abortion

Great idea for Cemetery of the Innocents: Balloons

Sometimes Students for Life groups on campus run into issues when they try to do a Cemetery of the Innocents display, which usually consists of close to 3,000 crosses that are pushed into the ground and represent the number of babies aborted each day. Some campuses have rules that pertain to landscaping and groups aren’t allowed to put things in the ground like that. Other groups have run into problems with the symbolism of the cross in general.

We have a solution to most of these challenges! The Students for Life group at the University of Nevada in Reno got super creative and used pink and white balloons – 365 of them – to demonstrate the number of babies aborted every year. Each balloon represented about 3,000 babies.

This is a fantastic visual and balloons naturally draw attention.


balloon 06 - use thisThe SFL group ended up doing clumps of balloons instead of weighing each down individually, which was their original plan but because of the cost of weights, they did bouquets of balloons lining the lawn. They bought sand and plastic gloves and handmade the weights. They were able to get a donation to cover the helium.

balloon 02 - use this

They did the event last fall in a passive manner and let the display speak for itself but did post two signs that said: 1) Each balloon represents about 3,000 babies that are aborted every day (in America) 2) If this display made you upset or excited, please feel free to contact [email of the SFL group].

balloon 05 - use this

They assigned a club member to watch from the nearby coffee shop throughout the day to make sure nothing was vandalized but thankfully they didn’t have any issues.

After reviewing the event, they decided that if they did it again, they would have an active table to offer resources and answer questions. They ended up getting a few email responses, one of which started with a harsh response to the event because of a previous abortion but ended up where the girl asked for healing resources.

balloon 03 - use this

We are so proud of the initiative of the Nevada Students for Life group and hope other groups can do the same thing!

August Group of the Month: Colorado State University

Students for Life at Colorado State University (CSU) kicked off their school year with an excitement that has ignited their passion for life and fueled their momentum.

Students for Life at CSU participated in the National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day in August before the school year even began and hosted another prayer vigil and protest at Planned Parenthood.13653474_10153723230412927_437265398890742103_o

The group held their first meeting of the year, met with local pro-life advocates to brainstorm about how to talk to youth groups and churches about what they do and how they can partner together. They’ve also formed an alliance with their local 40 Days for Life Campaign.

The students reached out to their community for fundraising opportunities, and are currently planning their trip to the March for Life in DC.

They have also planned and scheduled trips for three different speakers to come to campus this semester – Catherine Davis, Josh Brahm, and Dr. Alveda King – to further the culture of life on their campus.

Students for Life at CSU has recruited new members and already planned out a full year of activism events and trainings. They have built bridges with nearby Students for Life groups, and have done a phenomenal job kicking off their school year, and we can’t wait to see all of the hearts and minds changed through their work this school year.

Great job Students for Life at Colorado State University – your group is our August Group of the Month!