Roe Has Been Reversed — But We Still Need to Reverse the Lie It Fed to Women 51 Years Ago Today  

Caroline Wharton - 22 Jan 2024
Guest post by SFLA Director of Marketing Elise Neff

GUEST POST: One of the biggest lies women have ever been told was solidified by the Roe v. Wade decision that came down 51 years ago today — and that destructive lie is that women need abortion. The now-debunked Roe ruling influenced our culture in a disastrous way and led many women to believe that without killing their preborn child, their life would be ruined. My mother was unfortunately one of them. 

After becoming unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 20, she was scared and unsure how to move forward. With little support from those around her, she fell victim to the influence of this pro-abortion ideology and ultimately made the decision to have an abortion. Due to this lie that became legal precedent, more than 63 million babies died, and my own sibling was one of them. 

Neff and her mother

35 years later, my mom is a pro-life advocate with strong, Catholic faith, working to heal from the trauma abortion caused her. She is the reason I labor every day to ensure that mothers know where to go when facing an unexpected pregnancy. She is the reason I attend the National Pro-Life March every year, as I march for my preborn sibling. She is the reason that I know — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that abortion hurts women. 

While Roe has now been reversed, the Pro-Life Generation is still working every single day to reverse the societal impact it’s had on thousands of women and families. This is arguably the biggest challenge we face in the pro-life movement as many citizens get their morality from legality. When the killing of innocent children became legal through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason in 1973, many came to believe this was a moral and acceptable just because it was lawful.   

Yet there is nothing just about abortion. There is nothing just about women thinking they must kill their own offspring, and there is nothing just about businesses profiting off women in a most vulnerable time.

Neff telling her story at a 2024 Planned Parenthood protest

Abortion is the opposite of just — it’s evil. However, as the law of the land for nearly 50 years, Roe blurred lines that we are working to clear up.

One of the ways we are doing that is through Standing With You, an initiative of the Pro-Life Generation, which is one of the largest, national databases in the pro-life movement with more than 4,000 local, life-affirming resources listed to help women in unplanned pregnancies.  

My mom, my sibling lost to abortion, and thousands of other families would’ve benefitted from a project like Standing With You. They would have known there was hope, help, and support waiting for them. They would’ve known they weren’t alone, and that choosing life was possible. That’s why today we share this resource far and wide — to make sure every woman knows she will be supported in her pregnancy and parenting journey.

Neff, her mother, & grandmother

I share this story because my mom and I are committed to ensuring that as many women as possible know of the help that the Pro-Life Generation can offer. If you or someone you know is facing an unexpected or hard pregnancy, they deserve to have every reason and resource to choose Life. It’s time that we erased the lie that Roe v. Wade told, and we tell the truth about abortion. Women deserve better, and babies deserve to live.  

To spread this message and get involved with Standing With You, click HERE.  

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