15 reasons why pro-choicers think pro-lifers are crushing them

stanek blogOn the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade in January 2013, Time magazine published a surprising and iconic cover story about how the pro-choice side has been losing ever since it thought it won in 1973. The reasons Time listed were spot on:

  • Pro-life laws
  • Public sentiment
  • Pro-abortion generational in-fighting
  • Playing defense (defending the status quo)
  • Science
  • Stigma
  • Aging abortionists

Indeed, abortion advocates have been in an admitted state of panic for quite some time over building pro-life momentum.

But within the past several days two abortion advocates have separately admitted their side is losing…

Other recent abortion articles have hit on the same theme…Post


Here are 15 reasons why abortion proponents think pro-lifers are crushing them, as lifted from the aforementioned abortion articles. A couple were included in Time’s list, but most are in addition:

  1. 1. Obama’s election and reelection prompted pro-life groups to focus on state avenues to pass legislation rather than federal.
  2. 2. Due to the Republican wave of 2010, in part in response to Obama’s election in 2008, there has indeed been a huge spike in pro-life laws passed on the state level – 226 since 2011, more than the entire previous three decades combined.
  3. 3. The convoluted passage of Obamacare in 2010 was “rocket fuel” to the pro-life movement, writes Kliff, quoting Americans United for Life’s Charmaine Yoest, which led to the introduction of some of those bills.
  4. 4. A profusion of abortion clinic closures, 81 in 2013 alone, according to Operation Rescue. The number of abortion clinics has decreased by 73% to 759 from a high of 2,176 in 1991.
  5. 5. Moves to defund Planned Parenthood.
  6. 6. The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.
  7. 7. The Supreme Court’s buffer zone decision.
  8. 8. The abortion lobby’s inability to reframe the debate into one about discrimination. “Unfortunately, even the name ‘pro-choice’ reinforces that the movement is about acts and not identity,” writes Michaelson.
  9. 9. The abortion lobby’s inability to reframe the issue into one all can relate to.
  10. 10. The abortion lobby’s shortage of poster children. Sandra Fluke, for instance, was a dud.
  11. 11. Their opponents (us!) are “sophisticated… smart and methodical,” according to Michaelson.
  12. 12. Even liberals as a political body aren’t united in support of abortion, because as Michaelson admits, “Abortion is a kind of murder.” Ew.
  13. 13. No Fortune 500 corporations are lining up to support abortion, as they are with the prochoicehomosexual lobby, which would bring “movement dollars and public awareness,” writes Michaelson.
  14. 14. “Feminism has an image problem,” writes Michaelson.
  15. 15. Religion: “Secular arguments about the separation of church and state may play well to the base,” writes Michaelson. “But they don’t move the middle.”

In a nutshell, quoting VanEgeren:

Whether it’s through hundreds of laws passed at the state level or the recent Hobby Lobby decision that allows companies to deny birth control coverage to employees on religious grounds, the pro-life movement is on a winning streak over access to abortions and birth control.

“It’s kind of like waiting for the other shoe to drop,” said Elizabeth Nash, state issues manager with the Guttmacher Institute, a think-tank focused on sexual and reproductive health policy. “I’m not entirely sure what will happen next.”

Well, here’s another shoe, impossible for abortion proponents to fill. Quoting Sarah sarah weddingtonWeddington (pictured right), the lawyer who successfully persuaded the Supreme Court in Roe v Wade, speaking at an event on July 12, via KnoxNews.com:

“Today, the young people are so much further (along) than I was at their age,” she said. “They speak more languages. They go on more trips. They have to show me how to use my iPhone … but one of the things we haven’t quite managed to do is to give them the same burning motivation to change things that we believe are wrong in the way that we did.”

In other words, the pro-choice crowd has no rear guard. They killed them.

team life

[Top photo via The Cap Times; non-feminist photo via BuzzFeed (warning: vulgarity); bottom photo via Vox]

(reposted with permission from http://www.jillstanek.com/2014/07/15-reasons-prochoice-thinks-prolife-winning/)

New Wilberforce Fellows!

Students for Life of America Announces 2014-2015 William Wilberforce Fellows

A major part of the SFLA mission is to train and equip the pro-life generation to abolish abortion in their lifetime. The William Wilberforce Fellowship is one of the key tools that SFLA uses to accomplish their mission – they bring in leaders and officers from pro-life groups on campus and those who desire to work in the pro-life movement full-time who are then trained and mentored by national pro-life leaders. The Wilberforce Fellowship is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience and SFLA is thrilled to announce the newest fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year!

Wilberforce fellows

Laura Peredo (2016) – Benedictine College, President
Major: Business Management, Theology
Mentor: Peggy Hartshorn, Heartbeat International

Nick Bell (2015) – Mississippi State, President
Major: Communications
Mentor: Mike Spencer

Carlie M. (2016)
Major: Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology
Mentor: Chuck Donovan

Sarah Karchunas (2015) – University of Notre Dame, Commissioner
Major: Political Science, Theology, Catholic Social Tradition
Mentor: Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America

Emily Farthing (2016) – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Education Director
Major: Political Science with minors in Women’s Studies and Christianity
Mentor: Josh Brahm, Equal Rights Institute

Maggie Otlewski (2015) – Arizona State University, President
Major: Psychology, Catholic Studies
Mentor: Jeanne Monahan, March for Life

Bailey Wright (2016) – University of Michigan-Flint, President
Major: Communications
Mentor: Jay Watts, Life Training Institute

Stephanie Kaefer (2016) – Saint Louis University, President
Major: Special Education, minor in Urban Poverty Studies
Mentor: Serrin Foster, Feminists for Life

Melody Durrett (2016) – Linn-Benton Community College, Vice President
Mentor: Jeanneane Maxon, Americans United for Life

Mirna Awrow (2016) – Oakland University, President
Major: Bioengineering, Pre-Med
Mentor: Dr. Marguerite Duane, Georgetown School of Medicine

Lauren Goodale (2016) – University of Wisconsin-Platteville, President
Major: Elementary Education
Mentor: Casey Tesauro, Students for Life of America

Rachel Booth (2016) – University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, President
Major: Science and nursing
Mentor: Jill Stanek, Pro-life blogger

The Wilberforce Fellows will be quite busy during the 2014-2015 academic school year. They will be:

• Learning what it takes to be a leader by reviewing various books and publications and participating in bi-weekly webcasts for discussion and guest speaker lectures

• Applying the skills they learn to their campus pro-life groups through leadership programs in their communities

• Assisting Students for Life of America in its mission of equipping the pro-life generation

• Working with their National Wilberforce Mentor (a leader of an existing national pro-life organization) who will help network them with the national pro-life movement and assist in completion on their Fellowship Projects

“Abortion Pancakes” Case Not So Rare

178432929A Kansas man was charged with 1st degree murder for causing the abortion of his girlfriend’s baby – without her knowledge. He didn’t want the baby so he bought the abortion drug, mifepristone, and slipped it into her pancakes at breakfast. She miscarried the child in January of this year.

He will face a trial for his actions.

While this story may seem sensational, it’s not rare. With the advent of various abortion drugs being so widely available and easy to buy for anyone, these kinds of stories will become more common.

Last summer, after the abortion drug Plan B was approved for over-the-counter sale for anyone, Students for Life of America went undercover to find out what would happen when an actor, posing as a 33 year old statutory rapist, attempted to buy Plan B to forcibly give texpose plan bo his 15-year-old girl victim and what would happen when the 33 year old admitted to pharmacists and checkout workers that he and his underage “girlfriend” needed the drug to cover up their illegal sexual relationship.

All of the drugstores let the man buy the drug, even though he asked specifically about slipping it into his girlfriend’s drinks, never mind that he was a statutory rapist.

Consider these stories:

  •  In 2007, a man in Wisconsin was charged with seven felonies and two misdemeanors, including attempted 1st degree murder of an unborn child, when he slipped his girlfriend an abortion drug and caused her miscarry twice.
  •  In 2012, Joshua Woodward of New York pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted murder. Policy said he tried to cause a miscarriage in his girlfriend, who was 13 weeks pregnant, by applying a topical application of misoprostol while the couple engaged in foreplay.
  •  In 2013, John Andrew Weldon allegedly switched out the label on a bottle of abortion pills to make it look like a common antibiotic, Amoxicillin, that his girlfriend was taking at the time. She purportedly miscarried and Weldon could face life in prison without parole if he is found guilty of murder.
  • In 2014, Shervaughn Remy purposely caused his 14 week pregnant girlfriend to lose her baby when he slipped her two abortion pills. She went to the hospital after having cramps and ended up delivering a stillborn baby.

These are horrible stories of men who refused to accept responsibility for newly created human beings and by all means, should be charged to the highest degree of the laws for their crimes.

Some don’t agree though, like the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. When Florida tried to pass a law earlier this year to punish men who slip abortion drugs to their pregnant partners, she said:

“Instead, Florida Republican lawmakers have wasted taxpayers time and money by passing these extreme bills that further limit women’s reproductive rights. It is senseless and it’s wrong.”

Wow – “senseless and wrong” to punish men who give abortion drugs unknowingly to pregnant women? No, it is senseless and wrong that these drugs are so easily available and big abortion giants like Planned Parenthood and those liberal men and women in power who support them could care less about protecting women and more about the bottom line.





Women’s Health Protection Act is Awful

497302555The U.S. Senate will be holding a hearing this week on the Women’s Health Protection Act – a pretty-sounding name for an awful bill that would roll back years of pro-life laws that sought to save the lives of preborn children and protect their mothers.

Abortion advocates and Planned Parenthood have reason to be worried about the business of abortion in this country: in 2013 alone, 22 states enacted a total of 70 restrictions on abortion, which is the second highest number of abortion restrictions to become law in a single year. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of abortions – their business model will suffer if more women don’t get abortions every year.

The name of the bill is disingenuous to the actual protection of women’s health. By rolling back common sense laws like waiting periods, ultrasounds before abortion, and admitting privileges for abortionists, women’s health is put at risk. Why would a woman choose to go to an abortion doctor without knowing that he had admitting privileges to nearby hospitals in case anything goes wrong? And they do go wrong. Last year a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher died at the hands of LeRoy Carhardt in Maryland when she went for a late-term abortion of her 33-week-old baby. In 2012, a young woman died from a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago – the autopsy showed the injuries were survivable if she had gotten proper medical attention.

Why wouldn’t an abortion facility be subject to the same medical standards as other outpatient facilities? These laws are enacted precisely to protect women from “house of horrors” situations like those of Kermit Gosnell, who did unspeakable horrors to not only the babies he killed after botched abortions but to the women themselves who came to him.

If pro-choice legislators truly wanted to protect women, they would fight to make sure abortion facilities and the abortionists are up to all medical standards that other facilities would normally have to meet to be compliant as surgical centers.

The abortion advocates in the Senate pushing this bill are just that – advocates of abortion. They don’t care about women’s health but are under the thumb of groups like Planned Parenthood who need abortion to be completely unrestricted so they can meet and exceed their bottom lines. It was recently reported that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas that its affiliates are required to meet each year – they even gave out an award in Colorado for a Planned Parenthood facility that surpassed their quota. With more and more abortion restrictions being passed around the country, will Planned Parenthood make their abortion quotas, which essentially put a value on each woman and the little life that is exterminated? Hopefully not.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who introduced the bill last November, said that“A new federal law is necessary to stop anti-choice legislators from using women’s health and safety as a ploy to enact unconscionable and unconstitutional state statutes that obstruct and block women from essential healthcare.”

Firstly, abortion is not “essential healthcare” nor is it healthcare at all. Secondly, Sen. Blumenthal and other proponents of this bill are using the same scare tactics they use whenever they need to exacerbate the so-called war on women. By plainly making up statements about abortion access, the Left isn’t helping themselves. Lastly, the regulations that passed in most states are common sense rules, like waiting periods and ultrasounds, which are favored by a majority of Americans. It’s the least the abortion industry can do for women. To say that these laws harm women’s health is ludicrous.

We want to hear from YOU!

conference promo
Did you attend last year’s Students for Life national conference either at the March for Life in Washington, DC or at the Walk for Life in San Francisco? We would LOVE to hear from you! In fact, we want to give you a chance to win a free registration at either conference just by telling us what you did on your campus that you learned from the conference you attended.

There were thousands of pro-life students just like you at both conferences. It was our fourth year selling out the March for Life SFLA National Conference and our very first West Coast conference following the Walk for Life. We saw your excitement at the conferences. We saw your perseverance in the frigid weather at the March for Life. We saw your enthusiasm at the Walk for Life. We saw the next generation of leaders in the pro-life movement and now we want to hear from YOU on your experience once you got back to your campus so we can share it with others who want to attend next year’s conferences in January.

So tell us what you learned. Tell us what you did when you got back to your campus. Did you participate in 40 Days for Life? Did you hold baby showers for pregnant women on campus? Did your student group make the local news because of something you did in the pro-life movement? Did you recruit a record number of pro-lifers on your campus? Did you help women in crisis pregnancies? Was there something at the conference that made a huge impact on you that made you want to do something good for the pro-life movement?

Tell us in 500 words or less and if we pick you as our winner, your story will not only be used to help promote the East-West National Conferences in January but your registration to either conference will be free, paid for by us!

Email your story to Tina at twhittington@studentsforlife.org by August 1st and we will pick our favorites soon after and notify you if you have won. Give us your best story and we hope to see you in January!

Kristan Defends Religious Freedom on Huckabee

Did you catch our president Kristan Hawkins on Governor Huckabee’s show on Fox News this past weekend? She talked about a major issue that is emerging on today’s college campuses: religious freedom and persecution of Christian groups on campus just because they want to have a fellow Christian lead their campus ministries.

Some college campuses are shutting down Christian groups because they won’t allow non-Christians to lead their groups or Bible studies. They are happy to invite anyone and everyone to be a member but for obvious reasons, want to only have active and professed Christians as their leaders.

Like Kristan says, the demands of university are absurd and it’s the same thing as demanding that a current drug user and addict lead a drug user recovery group. It wouldn’t work and it’s ridiculous to even think that a university could make such requests or remove a student group and their funding for failing to comply.

Check out the clip below to see Kristan talk about this important topic!

Pro-Life Students Sue Boise State University

Colleges and universities are grounds for controversy on every single day. They are supposed to be places of debate where each side gets to demonstrate but their own point of view. However, as many of us know personally, this is rarely the case. In fact, it’s too often that pro-lifers get shut down by pro-abortion administrators or activists on campus, just for the mere fact that they espouse the pro-life position.

One such story is happening right now in Boise, Idaho as Boise State University. The student pro-life group there, Abolitionists4Life, held a “What Has Roe Done For Us?” project demonstration and was forced to put up signs by the university administration that there were graphics used that may offend people. The pro-abortion groups got to do their own demonstrations and events on different days and never were forced to put up signs saying that their material was possibly offensive.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against the university, saying that the free speech rights of the pro-life students were violated. Here is a segment from the local news station about the case: www.ktvb.com/news/Campus-anti-abortion-group-suing-BSU-over-free-speech-265317701.html

Hopefully this can get resolved soon and in the favor of Abolitionists4Life. Has something similar happened to your student pro-life group on campus? If so, let us know and email us at legalhelp@studentsforlife.org.

Planned Parenthood Gives Out Cringe-Worthy Award

Many companies acknowledge employees for doing a good job – it’s all part of boosting morale, recognizing a job well done and supporting the company. It always feels good to be recognized for doing a good job!


Credit: www.facebook.com/abbyjohnsonprolife

It has been reported in the past that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas – as in each affiliate that does abortions has a certain number of tiny babies they have to kill each month to reach their specified quota. From a business perspective (and PP is a business, a money-making machine, let’s not forget), it makes sense. Lots of businesses have sales quotas they have to meet each month in order to sustain and increase the bottom line but until now, we never had proof that Planned Parenthood is brazen enough to go out of their way to publically acknowledge exceptional employees who meet and exceed their abortion quotas.

Former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, who now runs an organization called And Then There Were None, that helps get abortion workers out of the business and offers all kinds of great support systems for them, sent out a message about abortion quotas. Read what she says:

Ever since I left Planned Parenthood, I have been talking about the abortion quotas that are established inside abortion facilities.  Many abortion supporters refused to believe it, citing that surely Planned Parenthood wants abortion to be safe, legal and RARE.  If they want something to be RARE, they certainly wouldn’t have quotas, right?

We recently had a clinic worker leave the affiliate, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  This affiliate runs the 2nd largest Planned Parenthood facility in the U.S.  At this clinic in Denver, they give out various awards to their satellite clinics and post these awards on a bulletin board for everyone to see.

When our former worker saw this award on public display, it really started to change her thinking about Planned Parenthood’s motivation.  This award was given to their Aurora clinic for “exceeding abortion visits first half of fiscal year 2012 compared to first half of fiscal year 2013.”

This means that the Aurora Planned Parenthood exceeded the abortion quota that was imposed on them.  And THAT is award worthy according to Planned Parenthood.

See the photo in this post for further proof.

Remember that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider who rewards and honors those who exceed their quotas to kill as many little lives as possible, gets over $300 million in taxpayer dollars a year from all of us. In fact, that number is expected to increase immensely as Obamacare implantation continues.

Did Planned Parenthood give their Aurora affiliate a coupon for a free pizza lunch for everyone since they exceeded their abortion quota? How much higher is their quota going to be next year now that PP knows how great this clinic is at exceeding original goals? What will PP do to ensure that they will meet and exceed their goals again?

The answers to these questions should make any taxpayer stop and think about how the government is spending their hard-earned money.

Thank you Abby Johnson for bringing this horrendous story to light and for your work on making sure there are no more people working in the abortion industry.

We Won!

What an incredible day today. I am overwhelmed for having witnessed and been a part of this huge victory for religious freedom, women and all Americans.

I got to stand outside the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday morning as the Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius decision was handed down to shouts of joy. It was amazing and awe-inspiring. After the Justices upheld Obamacare two years ago, I was incredibly disheartened. It was devastating. And then not long after, the Obama Administration, under Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, issued the HHS abortion pill mandate, which forced every employer to purchase abortion-inducing drugs for their employees, regardless of whether or not the employer had strongly held religious beliefs against such pills.kristan

The Supreme Court ruled today against Sebelius and against the Administration, saying that “HHS’s contraception mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion.” This means it goes directly against our first freedoms as Americans, namely the First Amendment and religious liberty.

As soon as the news reached us at the Court steps, a jubilant roar went through the crowd – which was mostly made up of young women by the way. When we knew for sure that the decision was a victory, there was such a huge cry from the crowd that it gave me goosebumps. I got to be right in the middle of our pro-life activists, cheering on Hobby Lobby and the decision that finally went our way.

It felt amazing to stand there with dozens and dozens of pro-life women (and men). Truly, this generation is the Pro-Life generation and, today, we got to show the nation. All the major television networks ran shots of our rally and press conference, many including our “We Are the Pro-Life Generation” and #WomenInControl signs. The visuals were astounding – it was such a great way to witness to the country that it is these young women who are standing up for religious freedom, conscience rights, the right to life and against bossy bureaucrats who want to take away our freedoms.

This was a huge victory for women, both on the political left and right. Thankfully, the Supreme Court’s decision didn’t further exacerbate the abortion industry’s lucrative, false notion that pregnancy and fertility is a disease. I find it demeaning that our President and his administration think that I need free $9 birth control to be equal to a man. Both men and women were made by one Creator and he made us equal.

SFLA’s Incredible Work!


Students for Life is extraordinarily blessed to have an amazing full-time team who lead courageous pro-life students year-round with trainings, consultations, and mentorship. Every year, they put organize two national conferences, visit hundreds of campuses, and train thousands of dedicated pro-life students.

And the results of their work are truly stunning.

As of June 2014, there are 838 pro-life student groups in 49 states plus the District of Columbia.

During the 2013-2014 school year, SFLA team members:

  • Started 91 new campus pro-life groups
  • Visited 274 different high school and college campuses
  • Trained 290 Students for Life groups, training 2,575 students
  • Held 485 1-on-1 consultations with student leaders
  • Trained more than 2,750 students at our 2 national conferences

And while we will never know just exactly how many babies were saved and women spared from abortion, ro-life student reported that 50 babies that they knew of were saved on their campuses!

We are certainly the pro-life generation!