Purdue Staff Member Calls for Rape

Last week, the Purdue Students for Life group put up posters on campus that drew attention to the high number of abortions in the black community. They faced unprecedented backlash. In particular, one Purdue staff member, Jamie Newman, decided to use the event as a way to attack the students in the group. Here is a screenshot of just two of the posts from last week.


Since that time, the team at Students for Life has been monitoring Jamie Newman’s post to ensure the safety of our students at Purdue.

Today, the story took a dark turn.

Using his Disqus account, Jamie Newman commented on a story from Live Action News and called for the rape of pro-life women.

Jamie Newman (2)

In our current time, Americans know that threatening insinuations made online must be taken seriously. At students for life, we take this very seriously especially in light of the current controversy at Purdue and Jamie Newman’s previous posts.

“This is intolerable behavior, period. Purdue must terminate their relationship with Mr. Newman now. For the past week, our students have been called ‘racists,’ ‘human garbage,’ and ‘ignorant c*nts.’ They have courageously stood their ground and have met with black students who were offended by their educational display to explain their event and ask for help for future events. But now the safety of our students has been put into risk. Purdue cannot let a staff member publicly call for the rape of their students no matter how unpopular their speech,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

2015 Group of the Year Awards!

While we are proud to serve so many courageous and loving Students for Life groups across the nation, every year we take time to recognize a handful that stand out among the rest.

Meet our 2015 Students for Life of America East Coast Award Winners:


During 2015, the Students for Life group at Liberty University, Lifeline, experienced significant growth and showed tremendous strength and boldness.

Liberty University is known well in the nation for its Christian values, but it is the Lifeline group that brings the pro-life message front and center.  In 2015, the student leaders created the first-ever Life Week on campus by tabling, hosting educational displays, inviting Rock for Life and Students for Life on campus, and supporting their local Pregnancy Resource Center in creative ways like tiliberty ue-dying onesies to donate.

This growing student group also partners with the Liberty Law Students for Life and VA-Tech Students for Life to pray outside of the Roanoke Planned Parenthood facility every week.  The drive is about an hour for them, but they sacrifice their time every Saturday in order to promote hope and healing for women going into the facility as well as prayer for the workers there.

In fact, this January, the group received some amazing news: Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None, announced that in the last few months, five workers from that Planned Parenthood have quit and joined her organization on retreats!  You can read more about that story here: http://michele.studentsforlife.org/2016/01/25/the-power-of-prayer-and-the-pro-life-gen/

We are so proud of the work this group is doing to change their campus and bring hope to their community.  Congratulations, Lifeline!


We had so many incredible groups apply for the Group of the Year Award, and it was extremely tough to narrow it down to the ultimate winner. We couldn’t decide so, this year, Students for Life has awarded the College Group of the Year Runner Up to Jacks for Life at South Dakota State University.


This group strived to make a huge impact on their campus in 2015, and they accomplished that. While dealing with the typical “Midwest Indifference” attitude, this group challenged their campus to think about their beliefs regarding life. By hosting Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project and monthly educational booths, consistently flyering and chalking campus with pro-life messages and promoting local pregnancy resources, this group is on fire for Life and changing the culture on their campus.

In 2015, they also showed October Baby, held a pro-life political awareness night, had an Option 1 training to encourage members to volunteer for their local pregnancy center, and hosted two SFLA speakers.  In addition, they hosted two country dance fundraises to fund the Option 1 Pregnancy Help Center and their trip to the March for Life.

To show their campus what they are all about, Jacks for Life also created a gift basket for an expecting couple on campus. And they had a reported baby save last spring when they had a sidewalk chalking event. The young couple visited a pregnancy help center as a result of seeing their sidewalk chalk and ultimately chose life for their preborn baby.


This year’s High School Group of the Year embodies what it means to create a culture of life at their school. This group has over 40 consistent student members and their most successful events often involved the entire school, like the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity where nearly all students participated! They are leaders in their community and amongst their peers, having organized students to attend their local Planned Parenthood Protest this year.

eagles for life

This year’s High School Group of the Year embodies what it means to create a culture of life at their school. This group has over 40 consistent student members and their most successful events often involved the entire school, like the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity where nearly all students participated! They are leaders in their community and amongst their peers, having organized students to attend their local Planned Parenthood Protest this year.

The Eagles for Life are excellent at membership recruitment and retention, well-organized and have all their meetings and events published in the school bulletin. To prevent membership from becoming static, they are growing their club by taking every opportunity to invite new students to get involved with the group.

Understanding the spiritual battle of ending abortion, the Eagles for Life hosts a weekly Rosary for Life and places a focus on developing their members’ faith as they work to end abortion.

In 2015, the group held a Bottle Drive and raised over $850.00 for their local pregnancy resource center. They also brought a bus load of students to the 2nd Annual Pro-Life Student Lobby Day hosted by Students for Life of America and Ohio Right to Life. Not only did they get to meet with their state representatives and observe a pro-life bill hearing, they brought hundreds of letters from other students to deliver to their representatives urging them to vote pro-life!

Congratulations to the 2015 High School Group of the Year, the Chaminade Julliene Catholic High School Eagles for Life!


The newly established Rams for Life at Robinson Secondary, a public high school in Virginia, is committed to ending abortion in our lifetime by educating their peers and connecting with their local Pregnancy Resource Center to help women in their community.

rams for life

This group had to overcome many obstacles to starting their pro-life as they were challenged by their school administration. Throughout the process of getting the group started, the leaders were able to remain dedicated and steadfast as well as being able to grow their group. Before they were even approved by their school, they had over 100 students sign-up to learn more about the cause.  While waiting for months for the school’s approval, Rams for Life leaders took every opportunity to expand their pro-life knowledge by attending local and national Students for Life of America conferences as well as trainings from their Regional Coordinator.

Public high school pro-life groups are a great asset to the pro-life movement. Thank you, Rams for Life for proving that high school groups are an important part of the Pro-Life Generation!


The New College Group of the Year, Saginaw Valley State University Students for Life, wasted no time getting started in 2015. They held their very first event on January 13th, starting with about four students. That semester they were able to host five events on campus, including a local right to life prayer vigil, recruitment clipboarding, and hosting an Apologetics Training with their SFLA Regional Coordinator.

The way this group has grown from a small group of dedicated pro-life students to a large group of dedicated pro-life students has been incredible. In a year they have grown from four consistent members to over 20 – over 400% growth! In the fall, they began taking their impact beyond the reach of campus and into their community. They spent multiple days volunteering at their local pregnancysaginaw valley resource center, moving large boxes and bins of supplies for needy mothers and children. They began attending several other community events and conferences.

One of this group’s greatest accomplishments came right at the beginning of the new school year. The SVSU Students for Life were the first group in the country to host the  SFLA Planned Parenthood Project  after the damaging undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress videos were released over the summer. This added a totally unprecedented level of uncertainty as to how students would react – but the group faced it head-on. They gained massive amounts of campus attention by word of mouth and social media. Their group President was interviewed by the local news, which was the top story of the evening news for nearly every local news source. They dialogued persuasively and recruited dozens of new student members.

They have taken their campus by storm and are making huge impacts on their campus’ culture. SFLA is proud to recognize the Saginaw Valley State University Students for Life club as the 2015 New College Group of the Year.

Meet our 2015 Students for Life of America West Coast Award Winners:




The Supporters for Life at West Valley College hit the ground running, passing out flyers and introducing a pro-life presence to their campus activities fair on the very first day they were approved in early October.  After only four months, the group became the fourth largest club on their campus.

Engaging their peers in dialogue during an educational event focused on raising awareness of the local support available to pregnant and parenting students, they changed the hearts and minds of three of their peers, and recruited a former pro-choice student to join their club!  This group has done a remarkable job of assembling, organizing, and galvanizing a network of students dedicated to defending life, and of effectively bringing the pro-life cause to the forefront of their campus community.

SFLA is looking forward to seeing what this incredible new Students for Life group will do in 2016!


The Shield for the Unborn is a group of 25 homeschool students who have successfully unified and mobilized together in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend peaceful weekly outreaches at their local Planned Parenthood. They also attended 11 larger-scale protests in 2015.

Demonstrating patience and perseverance, the Shield for the Unborn wrote encouraging pro-life messages on the sidewalk in chalk during one of their peaceful witnesses, and didn’t lose heart when Planned ParenthooShiels for the Unborn - Copyd employees tried washing away their messages of hope.  Instead, they rewrote them over and over again!  Even when the Planned Parenthood workers called the police, these students remained calm and level-headed, and took measures to make sure the facility was fined.

These young students are stellar ambassadors of the pro-life movement in their community, and the consistency with which they have stood as the last line of defense outside abortion facilities bears witness to their exceptional organization and diligence.

Congratulations to the New High School Group of the Year, the Shield for the Unborn!


 The 2015 West Coast College Group of the Year, the Voice for Life at the University of Portland, has proven they know how to use their leadership capabilities to engage their whole campus in an ongoing dialogue about abortion.  In the spirit of true leadership, these students maximized the impact of their school-wide events by inviting their pro-choice peers to join the conversation.

west coast college group of the year

They successfully used their “Cupcakes for Life” event to dialogue with over 200 of their fellow students about abortion. They were even able to witness one pro-choice student reconsider her position and come to a better and more comprehensive understanding of the pro-life position after speaking with the group president.

The Voice for Life embraced the importance of fostering relationships in order to catalyze effective and fruitful dialogue and proved themselves to be exemplary ambassadors of the pro-life movement on their campus.

SFLA is proud to award the West Coast College Group of the Year to the Voice for Life at the University of Portland.


treasure valley teens

The Treasure Valley Teens for Life in Boise, Idaho successfully created a pro-life student community that unites both homeschooled and local high school students in their efforts to empower women and defend life.  They have epitomized what it means to build a community, demonstrating consistency and coordination with detailed scheduling and dedication to monthly meetings; fostering friendships within their group by planning social events together; and forming themselves to be well-informed emissaries of the pro-life movement through rigorous training and attention to apologetics.

They captured the heart of what it means to empower women by assisting with the inaugural event of a local pregnancy resource center They also demonstrated their ability to witness to their community by engaging people in conversation about abortion at a local fair.

Congratulations to all the students of the Treasure Valley Teens for Life!



In the Spring of 2015, George Mason Students for Life began their campus campaign, Operation Graduation for Mothers, which raised awareness about the lack of pregnancy resources on their campus. This campaign included an investigation of campus resources and community awareness, a graduation cap display, an outreach video, discussions with faculty and students, and (most notably) a letter to the college President alerting him of their concerns and requests.

Throughout the year, the GMU Students for Life group hosted a Feminists for Life Resources Forum, diaper drives, Pregnancy Resources Week, and training sessions.

Because of the group’s outreach on campus, they have been able to create partnerships with campus and community groups where they were able to directly impact dozens of their classmates by offering resources referral, pregnancy tests, baby items, transportation, and peer support.

GMU Students for Life made a lasting impact on their campus that will affect students in years to come:

  1. The campus now allows parking for pregnant and new mothers in handicap spots with a special permit.
  2. The Title IX compliance office is updating their website
  3. Life-affirming resources have been added to the health website.
  4. Students who receive a positive pregnancy test are now provided with resources referral.

We are proud to award George Mason Students for Life as the 2015 Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year.



What would a late-term abortionist say to med students? I found out.

By Michele Hendrickson, Capital Area Regional Coordinator

Last week, on February 3rd, Johns Hopkins University’s Medical Students for Choice hosted Dr. Leroy Carhart at an open invitation dinner event. Dr. Carhart is one of only a handful of late-term abortionists in the country, who by his own admission has committed 80-100K abortions, and hasn’t done a lecture in public for years.

Around 6:45PM, a crowd of 50 or so gathered inside one of Armstrong Medical Education Building’s lecture halls in preparation for Carhart’s talk.

As we all lined up to sign-in to the building’s security desk, I realized Leroy himself was just one person behind me awaiting his turn.


The man who I’ve only read about in press releases that covered his latest medical fiasco, was now so close to me that I could determine which parts of his shirt needed to be tucked in a bit more.  (The right side)

The evening ran a bit behind while we all waited for the Chinese food delivery to arrive, although I hardly had an appetite.  My goal for the night was to fit in and glean as much information as I could.  This was a huge chance to honestly observe and learn the perspectives of late-term abortion supporters.  Here were some of the highlights:

  • Carhart reflected on his past experience with Supreme Court cases and fighting against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, [in the first few minutes] “In reality if you think about an abortion, there isn’t an abortion done that doesn’t remove part of the fetus before it dies, and the rest of it afterwards. So it was really, could be interpreted as a total-abortion ban. Or definitely was interpreted as a second-trimester ban.  Anything after 14 weeks.” Unless of course, you are Leroy Carhart, one of about four others in the entire country who makes a living ending the lives of babies as far along as 30+ weeks.  Babies who can feel pain or be born and survive.   He prided himself of being among the few to perform “fetal injections”, thus euthanizing the baby from the inside as a loop hole to the Partial-Birth Ban.
  • JHU student and Voice for Life member Katherine Hamlet asked Carhart his opinion on the upcoming Supreme Court case, Whole Women’s Health vs. Cole, which challenges many of the common sense requirements finally being placed on abortion facilities. Certainly someone like Leroy Carhart who has claimed the lives of young women through abortion would see the importance of running a clinic that is up to par, yes?  Not so much.

“As far as like having hospital-type requirements for the clinic, which is what they want, ya know 250 square foot surgery rooms, 6ft aisles and 6ft hallways, and it’s just ludicrous.  It’s just not needed.”

  • I often hear challenges from students such as, “no one knows when life begins” or “it’s not a baby”, yet here they all sat in awe and wonder as Carhart spoke on and on… about dead babies and the methods he uses to kill them. He described the importance of using the fetal injections because then “[the babies] were not alive after the first visit.  They were dead
  • [Beginning of the tape] He explained the Supreme Court ruling that it was “illegal to remove a fetus partly before killing the fetus, and then deliver the rest of the parts.”

About 15 minutes in, he explained how he knows a baby could never be born alive using his procedure of fetal injections because “We know the baby has been dead for multiple days.”

  • Carhart made a few confusing and contradictory statements concerning his role in the woman’s choice to have an abortion. He made a statement that he performs abortions at such late stages of gestation based on “extreme cases” and not simply due to “unplanned pregnancies”.   [About 12 minutes] “Most of us are probably results of unplanned pregnancies (laughter from the audience).  However there are pregnancies that are devastating to a woman’s plans.”

Then he changes his tune and says, “Certainly if it was an unplanned pregnancy and they come to the office I’ll take care of them.  I see my part as a provider to provide abortions to the people who have made up their mind that that’s what they need.  I will not help the patient to make that decision… I’m not going to put myself in her head and say if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.”

Then later when pressed on the issue he states, “I have to be totally convinced that they know that this is not just the option that they need, but it’s the only option that they need.”

A student continues to push, “Is that just like a gut feeling?”

Carhart responds, “I don’t know.  I hope we’ve made it a little more scientific than a gut feeling.  I can tell you I’ve rejected people who everybody else thought we should do.  And, should I do that?  I don’t know.”  — wait, what??

  • Hang in there, we’re almost to the end of the evening, and almost at the pinnacle of shocking statements. This next comment is brought to us by a student who asked, “What is your advice for those wanting to become future abortion providers?”

[About 17:20] “When you’re burned out of doing labor and delivery and OB and Gynecology and you’re 55 or so, you might come back and work in the abortion field.”  Did I just hear that correctly?  When you’re done bringing life into the world, switch it up and end some instead.

  • [About 20:30] Student Question: “I’m wondering if your clinic provides any support, mental health support, for the women who come see you.”Carhart: “We don’t – but we have referral sources.” Anyone shocked here?
  • Someone asked Carhart to explain some of the worst fetal abnormalities he has seen [around 40 minutes in]. He lists several but then defends aborting babies with Down Syndrome. He discusses how he hears from families who have a child with Downs who is doing great but says that you can’t even know that in advance so aborting babies with Downs is fine to do.

As the evening came to a close, there was one last remark Carhart gave which made everything else seem like an episode of Sesame Street.

“I believe I’m doing God’s work.”

This is not in the recording as it was an impromptu response to a question asked in a small group setting later by Andrew Guernsey, a senior at Johns Hopkins and former president of Voice for Life.  Guernsey asked if Carhart considered himself a Christian, and his response was yes.

Carhart then shared with our small group that, to him, the Bible isn’t clear on the issue of abortion.  If Jesus didn’t say anything against it exactly – then it’s all good to him.

Lastly, he offered to all the students in the room to come visit his abortion facility and see for themselves exactly what happens inside.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m starting to feel a little ill – and I don’t think it’s the Chinese food.

Carhart’s entire discussion is available here:

The very NEXT day after this talk, an ambulance was called to Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Maryland, for the second time this year. More info is here on that call.

NARAL flips out over babies and the Super Bowl

Did you catch the Doritos Super Bowl ad last night? It’s not like everyone is talking about it or anything.

One of the biggest abortion groups in the nation, NARAL, was losing its mind over it because *gasp* it showed an ultrasound of a preborn baby and it *gasp* was a baby!

This is what they tweeted:

They need to chill out and tell their social media person to slowly back away from the wine (maybe that explains their insane tweets last night, which pretty much made it known they don’t like babies).

Besides the fact that Doritos should be commended for their hilarious ad but also for showing the normal things that women do during pregnancy, like having an ultrasound that shows their baby, NARAL demonstrated their anti-woman stance and lack of true empowerment of women. How is decrying an ultrasound empowering women? Or worse, how is being deceitful about the fact that a preborn baby is a baby? By being horrified that an ad “humanizes” a fetus, they are saying that the fetus isn’t human, which is an outright lie and anti-science.

The other ad that got NARAL’s panties in a twist was the #SuperBowlBabies ad, which was so awesome! It heralded the fact that after a team’s Super Bowl win, data shows that there is a bit of a baby boom in that particular city, which NARAL deems horrendous. Babies? OH NO.

So this Monday morning, our team at Students for Life are going to grab some Doritos and get to work saving babies and helping their moms facing unplanned pregnancies.


Purdue Staff Members Calls Pro-Life Students “Vile, Racist Idiots”

By Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

When Purdue Students for Life heard Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation talk about the disproportionate number of abortions in the black community, the students were fired up. They were challenged to introduce this information to their peers and show them how the abortion industry targets minorities.

Black people make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but they account for almost 40 percent of all abortions. There are almost 2,000 black lives ended by abortion every single day in the United States, and overall, a black baby is more than 5 times as likely to be executed as a white baby. And abortion kills more black people than heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and respiratory illness — COMBINED.

So this month, while we celebrate Black History Month, Purdue Students for Life began their educational campaign on this life and death issue. Their goal was simply: “raise awareness of the fact that abortion and the industry that surrounds it disproportionately affects and harms the black community, including, but not limited to, its unborn members.”

To launch their timely campaign, Purdue Students for Life hung posters around campus directing their peers to www.TooManyAborted.com and using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.purdue SFL poster


While the Students for Life group expected a possible backlash on their campus for talking about race and abortion, they never envisioned just all that has since taken place.

Their posters were ripped down and threats were made against the pro-life students on their Facebook page. They were compared to ISIS and the KKK, called “malicious,” “human garbage” and “ignorant c*nts” all because they deemed it necessary to shed light on this horrible injustice that is especially prevalent in minority communities.

And it hasn’t just been the student community that has piled on the insults. Jamie Newmanan employee of the university who works in the Visual and Performing Arts Department, wrote on the Purdue Students for Life Facebook page that the pro-life students were “vile, racist idiots, who richly deserve all the opprobrium that will be heaped on them as a result of this unbelievably thoughtless, stupid escapade.”

He kept going: “And that you should have pulled this stunt at the beginning of Black History Month suggests you are either epically clueless or profoundly malicious. So, which is is [sic] – embarrassingly dumb or simply evil?”

Purdue professor FB

Let me repeat, this man is a member of the Purdue faculty. Purdue should take immediate steps to severely discipline Mr. Newman for his outrageous and hurtful insults and lack of example of tolerance.

The Purdue Students for Life club is still facing aggressive backlash. They need our support and prayers. Would you go to their Facebook page and leave a note of encouragement? On their page, you will see just how intolerant many are to the pro-life movement’s message of truth and love. Let’s support these courageous students and tell them how brave they are in the face of such hostility.

Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Birth?

By R.J. McVeigh, Director of Apologetics at Students for Life of America

You’re not really “Pro-Life”. You’re merely Pro-birth. How do I know that? Because rj blog1you don’t care about people after they’re born. And how do I know that? Because you oppose the expansion of government programs to provide government funding to children and adults in need. You’re also pro-war and pro-death penalty. Myself, on the other hand, am much more “pro-life” than you. Although we disagree on abortion, I am much more holistically pro-life because I am passionate about expanding universal health care, avoiding war, and providing for children in welfare.


There is so much wrong with this “argument” (if you can even call it an argument) that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Yet, it pops up everywhere. It is a favorite argument amongst social media abortion-supporters and as a go-to in the media when an abortion-supporter doesn’t know exactly where to go next in an interview. While there are certainly many other talking points from the abortion-supporting crowd that are similar in respect to their lack of intellectual depth, one of the interesting and notable things about this particular talking point is that it often is also espoused by many who are anti-abortion. It is used by both some pro-choice advocate as a way to demean pro-life advocates and by some pro-life advocates as rationale for supporting pro-abortion political candidates. So let’s dissect this, piece-by-piece.

  • This talking point betrays its user by revealing a gross misunderstanding and ignorance of what the pro-life stance actually is. If you believe there is a logical requirement compelling anyone who opposes abortion to also be equally passionate advocates for government welfare and food stamps, I invite you to consider the possibility that you may not understand the pro-life stance as accurately as you believe. Allow me to attempt to define it as clearly as I can: That it is objectively wrong to intentionally and directly kill an innocent human being. For someone who holds this belief, and understands the science of embryology, they are compelled to oppose abortion. It means they are opposed to someone being killed. That does not logically require the same person to be equally passionate about providing all the necessities of having a fruitful life. It is the same distinction between desperately wanting to save a child from a house fire but not being equally dedicated to paying for that child’s future college tuition. This argument is equivalent to telling firefighters they must spread out their time and dedication equally to healthcare reform, adoption agencies, education reform, etc. as they do to putting out fires and saving children from burning buildings.
    1. The point is not that caring for children’s entire livelihoods is unimportant. It is entirely possible to argue that pro-life advocates must also desire improvements to children’s well-being in order to be consistent. The point is that just because all these issues are to be desired does not place them on equal levels of urgency or priority. You can at least have life without an education; but you cannot have an education without your life.
  • This talking point shows a depressingly narrow scope of knowledge of ways to help our society. It assumes, without even realizing, that government must be the only way to help the disadvantaged of our society. This seems to be a startling failure of education. Have we completely forgotten that people are capable of freely giving out of their own love and charity to others without government coercion? Are we simply ignorant of privately run charities and outreaches to the disadvantaged in our society? There is a whole debate to be had over what the most effective and efficient ways of helping the disadvantaged in our society. The argument at the top of this article seems to suggest its users are simply ignorant of any non-government-run ways of helping people. How extremely depressing.
  • It is an argument over terms; which ultimately is nothing more than semantics. Nothing in this talking point actually addresses abortion. This strong concern amongst many abortion supporters about disliking the label of the Pro-Life Movement is interesting. It might lead some to suggest there could be an underlying, maybe even subconscious, insecurity from the abortion-supporters about what these labels imply about their own beliefs. But nevertheless, want to debate terms and labels? Fine. The Pro-Life Movement would be a lot more comfortable being called the Anti-Abortion Movement than the Pro-Choice side would be if they were called the Pro-Abortion Movement. We are completely comfortable proclaiming that we are anti-abortion; are our adversaries willing to do the equivalent? Want to switch the terms up? Fine by us. But you have to be fair about it; and apply the change to both sides. And the central issue for the Anti-Abortion movement is not concerned with ensuring a birth takes place. Such a notion is a caricature created by those committed to falsely portraying the movement as misogynistic and obsessed with controlling women. The movement is centrally committed to ensuring no one is killed (a radical commitment, I know). In no way is “pro-birth” a fair or true representation of the movement. The truth is that we are “anti-death”.
  • This talking point falsely stereotypes and generalizes. The assumption that pro-life advocates don’t support the laundry list of programs/issues mentioned isn’t even true. Many pro-life advocates don’t support those programs as fiercely as they advocate against abortion. But many of them do. This, again, demonstrates that this argument against pro-life advocates does not touch upon the central premises of why abortion ought to be considered a great wrong.

So here’s the point: This is a silly argument to make. To any abortion supporters reading this: please don’t use this talking point. You have much better arguments available. I believe the better arguments still fail, but they’re at least more substantial than this. My challenge to abortion supporters is, instead of using this type of rhetoric, actually engage in the substantive arguments about abortion. Engage in the central, morally relevant issues, such as a clear defense of a definition of personhood, or a structured explanation of bodily rights related to abortion. If you really are confident in your abortion advocacy position, you ought not fear making an honest assessment of the pro-life case, right? You shouldn’t need to resort to this kind of nuanced, semantical argument. Intellectually grapple with the central elements, not this petty peripheral stuff. That’s our challenge to you.


rj blog2 R.J. McVeigh serves as the Director of Apologetics for Students for Life of America. He is a former youth minister and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and Chemistry from Grand Valley State University. He also serves as the Great Lakes Regional Director for Students for Life of America, mentoring and guiding campus Students for Life groups in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. R.J. lives in Michigan with his wife and two children. If you would like to donate to R.J.’s work, please visit www.studentsforlife.org/RJ.

SFLA Files Amicus Brief with Supreme Court to Uphold Texas Abortion Law

Students for Life of America filed an amicus brief today with the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of the Texas law, HB2, which demands abortion providers be held to the same health and safety standards as other outpatient surgical centers. The theme of the brief revolves around the pro-life views of this generation and how it is influencing the drop in the abortion rate.

“The abortion rate is in decline, as is the number of facilities, and it is partly due to the fact that this generation is more pro-life than their parents and grandparents and therefore are not seeking abortions and are helping friends and family members faced with unplanned pregnancies to choose life for their child,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “While HB2 may have attributed to abortion facilities closing earlier than expected, it is not the driving force. The abortion industry is in a freefall because they realize that they need to push abortion now more than ever and they are pushing it to a generation where the majority find abortion to be morally reprehensible.”

The SFLA brief states, in part:

While the significant reductions in numbers of abortions and thus decline in clinics may be surprising to some, they are precisely what you would expect based on cultural trends. Americans, particularly young Americans, are increasingly pro-life. In 1991, 36 percent of 18 to 29 year-olds believed abortion should be legal in all circumstances. That number has dropped to 24 percent by 2009…And regardless of their views on the legality of abortion, a 2013 study revealed that 49 percent of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong in contrast to 15 percent who believe it is morally acceptable.

See the full brief here: http://studentsforlife.org/files/2016/02/Whole-Womans-Health-amici-CL-CLI-SFL-16-02-02-Final.pdf

This U.S. Supreme Court case will look at the requirements for abortionists to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of the facility and require that abortion facilities meet the standards set for all ambulatory surgical centers.

“As an organization, SFLA is happy to be speaking for this pro-life generation and the fact that they are not only opposed to abortion but are passionate about helping women facing crisis pregnancies,” said Hawkins. “Our Pregnant on Campus Initiative is one of our fastest growing programs and our students look forward to the day when abortion is unthinkable. We hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold the Texas law.”

Announcing Our New Regional Coordinators

We are excited to announce our newest additions to the Students for Life of America team, Ryan Eyrich, Jake Simon, and Brenna Hartwell!

Ryan Eyrich grew up in Augusta, GA and plans to graduate in May of 2016 with a BA inUntitled History and a double minor in both Government and Economics. Ryan has always been an adamant advisory for the Pro-Life cause. Even as a young boy he knew that abortion was wrong and that every life was special and worth defending. Once Ryan started at Belmont Abbey College, he soon became Belmont’s Pro-Life club’s president. Ryan remained president for his Freshmen and Sophomore year. Besides leading Belmont Abbey’s Pro-Life club, Ryan has participated in the annual March for Life and other Pro-Life events.

Ryan will serve as the Students for Life Southern Regional Coordinator, working in NC, SC, GA, and FL.  He can be contacted at reyrich@studentsforlife.org if you need help in his region.

Jake Simon was born and raised in Southern California. He attended Clemson University to study economics and history, where he helped to get Clemson University Students for Life off the ground, before transferring to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2009. While at NAU he continued to work with the pro-life movement in any way possible, from assisting with events to support local crisis pregnancy centers to leading classes aimed at educating students on how to better communicate their pro-life convictions.

Jake will work alongside Lauren Castillo in the Rocky Mountain Region as the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator. Email Jake at jsimon@studentsforlife.org for help with your group in AZ, WY, CO, UT, and NM.

Brenna Hartwell is an English major set to graduate from Xavier University in May of 2016. She has been involved with the pro-life community of Cincinnati since she was a freshman at Archbishop McNicholas High School. In her 8 years as a pro-life student, she has attended 8 Marches for Life in Washington, D.C., organized teams for a local annual pro-life 5k, collaborated with Pregnancy Resource Centers around Cincinnati, and organized many events hosted by Xavier’s Students for Life group, such as their annual Pumpkin Memorial. As a new member of the team, she looks forward to using her experience working with other pro-life students along with her skills as a writer to help Students for Life of America to empower the Pro-Life Generation.

Brenna will be working as the Students for Life of America Appalachian Regional Coordinator in KY, TN, and WV. Contact Brenna at bhartwell@studentsforlife.org.

Never Thought We’d Be Here

By Nicole L. Dice, former president of Bethany for Life

My head was spinning as my mind reeled over what the doctor was telling me. “This is fatal.” “It’s a severe form.” “Your baby won’t survive.”  My baby won’t survive. How could that be?  I’m having a great pregnancy and everything has been fine.  How is this happening?  I looked into my husband’s eyes as we both wept.  We never thought we’d be here, yet here we are being told to make a choice.

I always proclaimed myself pro-life and never imagined any situation where I would be left to choose whether my baby lived or died, yet here it was.  The medical specialist explained that our baby had a chromosomal mutation and diagnosed our son with thanatophoric dysplasia.  We had been trying to have a baby for almost three years and finally on March 30, 2015 we saw that double line, but now this life is being taken from us.

We are 20 weeks along and they’re telling me I have to make a choice.  The doctor explained that I should consider terminating the pregnancy since the baby won’t survive.  My mind cleared and I thought, I can’t believe she is recommending for me to kill my baby.

I looked at the doctor and said, “That’s not an option.”

She continued to explain that I would most likely miscarry so I need to take some time to consider my options.  I looked into her eyes and replied, “I don’t need time.  God will decide when my baby’s life is over.  I will not kill my baby so tell me what we can do to help my child.”  She looked at us stunned, then began explaining where we go from here.  Nothing could be done to reverse his mutation so we were determined to carry out the pregnancy with extra monitoring until we delivered or miscarried.  I fell to my knees at God’s mercy every night asking that He provide my baby with life.  I researched as much as I could find, but found little hope.

We began treating our son as though he was already here making memories with him since we didn’t know if tomorrow existed.  We read to him daily, I sang to him children songs and church hymns, and we prayed together every night as a family.  My husband read children’s Bible stories to our son each night and I often sat in his nursery telling him about all the details of his room that he would never see.

One week went into another and each week when we visited our local doctor we heard a strong, beautiful heartbeat.  Every time I heard his heartbeat I praised God for giving us another week of his life.  I loved feeling him kick and watching my belly push out as he adjusted his body inside mine.  I sat on the couch for hours staring at my big belly and telling my son how much we loved him and that we would always protect him.  I went back to the specialist every six weeks and each time they would say the same thing.  “He’s still alive but you need to be prepared that you could go in one week and not have a heartbeat.”

I knew in my heart that God would give us his life and told the doctors that my God will grant life and I will deliver my son alive.

At 36 weeks, my husband and I welcomed our son, Daniel John Dice, at 8:38am at our local hospital. Daniel let out a beautiful little cry just before he was born and he was alive.  The doctor laid him directly on my chest and I thanked God for granting him life.  My husband and I prayed with Daniel, sang him “Happy Birthday”, read him books, told him how deeply we loved him, and held him with so much joy.  We sang some hymns to him and prayed with him again as he passed away in my arms, 89 minutes after his birth.

We wept for sorrow and joy.  We were so sad that his life was short, but we were so joyful that we were blessed with time to spend with him.

I reflected on the option my doctor gave me to terminate my pregnancy at 20 weeks and while looking at Daniel felt peace that I chose life for him.  I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I did not have all the time with him making memories during my pregnancy.

I chose to give Daniel a chance and give him life, but Daniel is the one who gave me life.  He opened my heart with a depth of love I can never fully explain.  I was able to spend 36 weeks with him growing inside me and 89 minutes with him in my arms alive.  I reflect on all the memories we made with him and how precious those minutes with him after birth were to our family.  I never imagined my son would have a short life, but I feel so blessed to have sustained his life and given birth to him.  By us carrying out Daniel’s life, it has provided hope and faith for us as well as others.

Getting a fatal diagnosis does not have to end in termination.  By carrying Daniel, I was able to spend weeks with him and make memories that I will forever cherish.  Knowing that I gave him life has helped me grieve his death.

Although he’s gone, I know I did everything to provide a life of love and grace for Daniel which sustains me.  As a tribute to my son’s life, I have dedicated a website in his memory to help other families find hope.  Please visit Daniel’s website and my blog at www.OurAngelDaniel.com.

I was at the #TurnpikeMass and it was epic

u of akron By Andrew Kustec, President of University of Akron Students for Life

Everyone and their mother knows that this past weekend, Washington D.C. and much of the East Coast experienced one of the worst blizzards in recent history. Of course, our favorite annual event, the March for Life, just happened to fall on this weekend. The weather caused the number of participants to fall short of the half million we’ve come to expect. Regardless of attendance figures, major media outlets never fail to provide minimal coverage for this major event. However, a different light was shed this year; one of faith and perseverance.

As this year’s March concluded, many groups were eager to leave the D.C. area in fear of a quickly approaching Winter Storm Jonas. Our group, The University of Akron Students for Life, left about two hours early thinking that would be enough time to effectively avoid the blizzard. It wasn’t. We along with many other groups returning to the Midwest got tied up on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It wasn’t long before we realized we were going to be stuck for a while – a long while…

It is funny how in the moment of distress, the mind can become muddled with thoughts of imminent catastrophe.

“What if we run out of gas?”

“What if we run out of food/water?”

“What if the toilet overflows!?”

Surely valid concerns, yet the mentality on our bus was one of poise and optimism. It didn’t matter if we were stuck for 4 hours or for 40 hours; we were together.

As the hours crept by, the need for a community became evident. Pro-life groups from around the country immerged from their buses and quickly became acclimated. It wasn’t long before Save the Storks signs handed out during the March became temporary sleds. Many took short walks on the well-maintained right lane shoulder. Others preferred the warmth of the buses to read, play cards, or simply sleep. Meanwhile, people in smaller vehicles were invited onto charter buses as a means to save fuel, stay warm, and have access to a restroom. Those with extra food and water shared what they had. I compared the dynamic to that of a small neighborhood.

The capstone of the weekend came midday on Saturday (day after the March) with the now famous #TurnpikeMass. I don’t think written words can put into scale how truly profound this Mass was.

It captured the very essence of what it meturnpikemassans to be pro-life; unglamorous yet beautiful.

Amidst the trial of being stranded on the turnpike, hundreds of strangers came together and found a reason to celebrate. The best word I can use to describe this in the fullness of the definition is epic.

Similarly, the enthusiasm and energy of this generation is contagious, and epic in itself.

I know we, at The University of Akron, are constantly feeding off each other. For you to be pro-life and to wish authentic life for others is to be fully alive yourself. The turnpike Mass showed a level of devotion much bigger than the prayerful intentions a few hundred, it showed the devotion of an entire culture that sacrifices itself so that others might taste precious life.

In the end, the time between departure from Washington D.C. and arrival in Akron, Ohio amounted to about 36 hours, 20 of which were spent on the turnpike. I have talked to every member of our SFL group (and I think this is a common theme amongst groups who went on this year’s March), everyone would do it again in a heartbeat. If doing something radically pro-life means suffering, then bring it on! Any amount of suffering we must endure is miniscule compared to the suffering of those victimized by abortion.

On our hearts has been placed the zeal to save lives, and we must act on that accordingly. Sure, the weather for the 2016 March for Life sucked, but our faith and perseverance is more impressive than a few feet of snow.