New Poll on Millennials and Abortion

Millennials continue to show that they care about the abortion issue and that they are passionate about helping women in crisis pregnancies and their babies.

The Knights of Columbus released a survey today that showed some interesting stats on how Millennials feel about abortion:

  • 59% of Millennials believe abortion is morally wrong
  • 64% of Millennials say the abortion rate is higher than it should be
  • 58% of Millennials say abortion does more harm than good
  • 71% of Millennials are opposed to taxpayer funding of abortion
  • 78% of Millennials support parental notification

UntitledThese numbers come as no surprise if one takes a snapshot of the enormous crowd at the March for Life – the young people are numerous. Having grown up with the technology that clearly shows that life in the womb is a distinct human being, it’s no surprise Millennials believe abortion does more harm than good. We work with pro-life students every day on campus and they are passionate about abolishing abortion and providing tangible resources to women in need. This is the generation that will abolish abortion.


Where We’ll Be!

Students for Life of America is the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization and as such, January is quite the busy month for us! We have staff covering almost every part of the country and work hard to develop relationships with pro-life students in every corner of the nation – as well as many of the local pro-life groups and pregnancy resource centers.

So come January, with the national March for Life in Washington, DC and the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, CA happening within days of each other as well as many480226589
other pro-life events, SFLA staff members are busy speaking at many of these great rallies and marches around the country.

I am even going to be speaking on the main stage at the March for Life in Washington, DC! To see a comprehensive list of all March for Life-related events starting next week, go here:

Here’s where you can find our staff this January:

Kristan Hawkins, President
January 21: March for Life Conference, Culture of Life Seminar, Washington, DC
January 21: OneVoiceDC, Washington, DC
January 22: March for Life main stage, Washington, DC
January 23: Students for Life East Coast National Conference, Washington, DC
January 25: Students for Life West Coast National Conference, San Francisco, CA

Casey Tesauro, National College Program Coordinator
January 17: OneLifeLA, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Atkins, Northwest Regional Coordinator
January 10: The Washington State March For Life Info session, Olympia, WA
January 18: Portland Walk For Life, Portland, OR
January 18: Portland Walk For life Youth Rally, Portland, OR

Angela Erickson, Northern Regional Coordinator
January 17: Youth Conference at the Midwest March for Life, Des Moines, IA

Lauren Castillo, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator
January 17: Denver March for Life, Denver, CO

Alejandro Capote, Kentucky/Tennessee Regional Coordinator
January 10: Rosary for Life, Knoxville, TN
January 18: Vigil for Life, Lexington, KY

Michele Hendrickson, Capitol Area Regional Coordinator
January 18: The 23rd Annual Pro-Life Kickoff Rally hosted by the Hosted by Knights of Columbus Father Rosensteel Council #2169, Silver Spring, MD
January 18: Church of the Good Shepard Youth Rally, Catonsville, MD

First Baby Save of 2015

January is always a tough month for the pro-life movement – Planned Parenthood usually releases its annual report at the end of the year with horrifying numbers of how many abortions they have done and we commemorate two US Supreme Court decisions that made abortion legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason at all.ultrasound3d10

But over here at Students for Life, we just got some incredibly good news: our first baby save of 2015!

And this baby save is specifically due to the positive images on social media that this young mother saw and that she heard pro-life groups can help her.

Check out this email:

“A freshman at a community college a couple hours from [Mississippi State University] knew about our group through social media shares. She was an acquaintance of mine through group projects in a high school class a couple of years ago. She sent me a message with a picture of her positive test, ‘Hey…I’m pregnant and I know you’re pro-life and real involved in that. I wanna keep my baby. But I need help…Like I just don’t see how it would work. I heard pro-life groups would help me? Idk… I just need help…

“A couple days later we took a trip together to the Jackson area [pregnancy resource center]. [I] gave her a donated fetal development book for moms and some [Students for Life] hand-outs on her rights at school and her baby’s 8-week-old development. She was shocked to learn about the already-beating heart. Her appointment went well and she said she is praying for her baby every 5 minutes. She has a lot of fear and questions, but said she feels ‘supported’ to know I will be with her to see her baby for the first time at her sonogram appointment and “appreciative” of everything I could give her.

Thank you so much to Students for Life and Online for Life for creating images that I could share on social media that CHANGED this girl’s outlook on her pregnancy. They made her feel she could trust me and come to me without knowing me very well. I’ll never underestimate the power of a [Students for Life] image again. –Anja”

If you follow any of our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, you know how much stock we put in good, positive images. We want everyone to like and share them. We create them for that purpose.

Images are worth so much more than words and to know that our images have had this effect on a young mom – so much so that she CHOOSE LIFE for her baby – is priceless. So don’t be afraid to share our images with your friends. You may never know the impact that little choice you made will have.

Feel free to use the images below or the ones found on our Facebook, Instagram, tumblr and Twitter profiles.

2015 March for Life Week Schedule

The biggest pro-life events in the country happen in January to commemorate Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the US Supreme Court cases that legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. Many pro-life organizations will be hosting various conferences and March for Life-related activities all across the countries.whywemarch1

A national list is below (email us at to add yours):

Saturday, January 17
OneLife LA
9:30am – 3pm
Starts at La Placita Olvera, Downtown LA

Midwest March for Life
9am Mass; 11am March
St. Ambrose Cathedral (607 High St, Des Moines, IA); Iowa State Capitol (1007 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA)

Denver March for Life
11:30am Mass; 1pm Rally
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, 1530 Logan St., Denver; West Side of the State Capitol, 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO

Tuesday, January 20th
Washington State March for Life
Steps of the Capitol, Olympia, WA

Welcoming Every Life: Choosing Life After an Unexpected Prenatal Diagnosis
Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave, NE, Washington, DC

Rape Conception Myth Busters
Renaissance Hotel 999 9th St NW, Washington, DC, Meeting Room Mount Vernon AB

The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade with Clarke Forsythe
Catholic Information Center, 1501 K Street Northwest, Washington, DC

Wednesday, January 21st
Geaux Forth: Louisiana’s Pro-Life Youth Rally
11am – 2pm

March for Life Conference and Expo
See website for times
Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 Ninth St, NW, Washington, DC

March for Life Youth Rally
2pm – 4:30pm
Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 Ninth St, NW, Washington, DC

National Prayer Vigil for Life
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – Washington, DC

OneVoice DC
7pm – 9:30pm
Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 Ninth St, NW, Washington, DC

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal for a Vigil for Life
Mother Seton Catholic Church, 19951 Father Hurley Boulevard, Germantown, MD

Arlington Diocese Life is Very Good Evening of Prayer
Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA

Thursday, January 22nd
21st Annual Memorial for the Preborn and their Mothers and Fathers
Constitution Hall, 1776 D St., NW, Washington, DC

Youth Rally and Mass for Life
7am – 11:30am
Verizon Center (601 F St, NW, Washington, DC) and DC Armory (2001 East Capitol St, NE, Washington, DC)

National Prayer Vigil for Life Closing Mass
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – Washington, DC

March for Life 5K
East Potomac Park, Washington, DC

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Life Conference
See website for times (Jan 22-24)
Crystal City Hilton Hotel, Arlington, VA

Streamed online

March for Life Expo
8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 Ninth St, NW, Washington, DC

Arlington Diocese Morning Rally
Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA

March for Life
Noon Rally, 1pm March
12th St, National Mall, Washington, DC

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Testimonies
Immediately following the March
Steps of the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.

Third Annual Nellie Grey Mass, Mass of the Innocents
St. Mary Mother of God Church, 5th and H Sts. NW

March for Life Rose Dinner
Reception at 6pm; Dinner at 7pm
Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 Ninth St, NW, Washington, DC

Friday, January 23rd
Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference
9:30am – 8pm
First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Upper Marlboro , MD

Latinos Por La Vida Conference
Silver Spring Marriott Hotel, MD

Issues4Life Benefits Dinner
St. Margaret Mary’s Parish Hall, 1219 Excelsior Ave, Oakland, CA

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
State Capitol, St. Paul, MN

Saturday, January 24th
Cardinal O’Connor Conference
9:40am – 4pm
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

West Coast Walk for Life
10:45 am
Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, January 25th
Students for Life of America West Coast National Conference
7:30am – 7pm
The Cathedral Event Center, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, January 31st
San Diego Walk for Life
Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA

Watch the National Conference LIVE!


The largest pro-life youth conference in the world is going to take place very soon in Washington, DC – the Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference on Friday, January 23rd. Are you going? We would love to see you but we know that so many people who want to come just can’t make it for one reason or another.

Which is why Students for Life is making it easier than ever to experience the conference without being there in person: we will be livestreaming the conference at and want you to tune in!
In fact, if you REGISTER NOW, you will be entered into a raffle drawing to win a FREE trip to next year’s March for LIfe and SFLA National Conference! Go here to register:

This conference is too important to miss and we want to make every opportunity available for you to learn about educating your peers on abortion, helping pregnant students on campus, knowing your legal rights and a host of other key tips that you’ll need on campus this year to abolish abortion.

On Friday, January 23rd, tune into and register to watch the livestream as the East Coast Conference takes place in Washington, DC.

Speakers include Professor Robbie George, Abby Johnson, David Bereit, Josh Brahm, and Lila Rose among so many others. You don’t want to miss this, even if you can’t attend in person.

Tweet us at #SFLA2015 and let us know what you think!



How to Properly Dress for the March

by Missy Martinez, National High School Coordinator

Being from lower Alabama, I had my fair share of culture shock when I transplanted to the D.C. metro area. The pace is much faster, the tea is unsweet (no, I do not want to “sweeten it myself”), and I didn’t have to wave to everyone I saw. The first Sunday I attended church, I was shocked by the casual dress and the fact that guys took all the chairs in Sunday School and girls were sitting on the floor (gasp!) – true story.

But there was one thing I was completely unprepared for: WINTER.

In the South, we have “winter” but it’s more like a slightly chillier fall. It will get down to 20 degrees in the middle of the night (maybe). Sometimes, there’s ice. And rarely, there is snow. During my undergrad in the southern part of Mississippi, the entire school was shut down because it was sort of sleeting. It was more like a really really cold rain. Nonetheless, school was canceled and the town was deserted as everyone hid in their homes for safety. There are no such things as salt trucks (remember the Atlanta ice debacle last year), and more importantly, we do not own real winter clothes.

Why is this important? Because every year, come January 22, hundreds of thousands of people descend on Washington D.C. to march on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade in the bitter, wet cold, and the individuals, especially from the southern area of the U.S., are not adequately prepared. How do I know? Because I was that woefully unprepared individual two years ago.

The 2012 March for Life

The 2012 March for Life

Two years ago, I was more concerned with fashion than warmth. Most of my clothing was thin and from Target. It was not real, durable, water-proof clothing. And guess what… I was FREEZING. I spent the entire day being completely miserable and numb.

When you attend the March for Life, you have to be prepared to be outside for hours, in the cold, wet, snowy weather. I met multiple students last year (all from the same region) who were wearing flats, didn’t bring gloves, or just simple pea-coats. You will freeze to almost death and potentially get frostbite.

Last year, I threw fashion to the wind and went for warmth. I looked crazy but I was cozy. It was 10 degrees for the majority of the day with a wind-chill of zero. Yes, ZERO.

The 2014 March for Life

The 2014 March for Life

Here are a few tips when packing and planning for the March for Life.

  • Wear clothing that is waterproof – if it snows (or even rains), you will get wet. Your clothing will get wet and then you will be significantly colder
  • Wear clothing that is extremely thick, or lined – If you can find a down feather coat, or ski-jacket, that is best. A pea-coat or pleather jacket will not keep you warm.
  • Layer, Layer, Layer – Especially if the wind kicks up, you will be miserable. Find clothing that you can layer and put on as many as you can.

How to Dress –

Bottom half, layer:

  • Tights (preferably fleece lined),
  • Under armor or long johns
  • Wool socks (do not wear multiple pair. Invest is one pair of real smartwool socks or other socks made for cold weather
  • Jeans (no holes)
  • Snow pants (optional but recommended if it’s wet)
  • Thick, lined, waterproof boots with traction on the bottom. The taller, the better.

Top Half, layer:

  • Undershirt or cami
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Wool sweater or turtleneck
  • Sweatshirt or pull-over
  • Thick, lined, waterproof coat (the longer the better).
  • Heavy scarf (or two)
  • Wool hat or beanie
  • Gloves (not the cotton ones from Target. Real waterproof, lined, snowgloves)

When in doubt, wear more! You can always take layers off, but it’s always best to be prepared.

A few other tips –

  • Bring hand and foot warmers that you can put in your pockets. Activate them before you go outside and purchase them before you get to DC because once there, the hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers will want to buy them as well at the one CVS closest to the March route.
  • Bring an external phone charger or extra battery. The cold will kill your phone battery in 5 minutes.
  • Find gloves that allow use of your cellphone without taking them off – you don’t want to expose bare skin for too long
  • Bring a light backpack with snacks and drinks
  • Use the restroom before you leave and as often as you can because most places will not let you inside to use the restroom.
  • Use public transportation and plan for things to take longer than expected. Remember, 600,000 more people are in the area than usual and it will be packed!

If you have any other questions regarding preparation for the March for Life of SFLA National Conferences, please contact


Planned Parenthood’s Pretty Pictures

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, released its annual report for 2013-2014, touting pretty pictures and signature pastel colors to mask the gruesome truths hidden inside.

In 2013-2014, Planned Parenthood:2014plannedparenthoodfunny

  • Performed 327,653 abortions
  • Received over $528 million in taxpayer funds
  • Has more than $1.4 billion in net assets
  • Performed 174 abortions for every one adoption referral

The Susan B. Anthony List has a fact sheet with more awful information from the report.

Not all bad news

But it wasn’t all bad news. The executives over at Planned Parenthood included some unintentional humor.

Students for Life of America boasts over 838 groups on college and high school campuses across the country.

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood is super psyched to report their own number:

The younger generation is smarter than “reproductive freedom” or the “war on women” but you keep spinning those wheels Planned Parenthood. Maybe on Wednesdays you can all wear pink!

The other “accomplishment” the abortion giant promotes is the film Obvious Child, which was billed as an “abortion comedy.” Planned Parenthood says that it was “edgy, hip, funny,” and a “widespread critical and commercial success.” If by success, they mean, flop, then yes, it was a huge success. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel on that one.

All about money

Unfortunately the end game for Planned Parenthood is all the same thing: money. They could not care less about the woman and her preborn child. Every woman that walks inside their doors is just a dollar sign.

Government money – taxpayer dollars from you and I – make up 41% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue. Every single penny of that revenue stream needs to end immediately. Hopefully the new pro-life Congress can start making progress towards that goal.



Top 14 Reasons Why 2014 was the Year of LIFE

1. Wendy DavisSandra Fluke and other pro-abortion politicians went down in flames during the 2014 mid-term elections
1 - abbot-davis







2. Seventy-three abortion facilities closed in 2014
2 - abortionclinic5







3. Supreme Court victories: Hobby Lobby was victorious at the US Supreme Court, winning the right not to pay for abortion-inducing drugs for their employees and the US Supreme Court unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law that prohibited pro-lifers from protesting and sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics
3 - hobby lobby win






4. Maddie Sutherland, a senior at Courtland High School in Virginia, fought to start a pro-life club at her school and after bringing her case to the media, she won!
4 - maddie sutherland






5. Abortion advocates tried unsuccessfully to de-stigmatize abortion
5 - abortion stigma






6. Obvious Child, the ‘abortion comedy’ film, tanked at the box office
6 - obvious child









7. Twenty-five pro-life laws passed in 2014
7 - pro life laws






8. Amazing response to the SFLA We Care Tour, which taught students how to talk about abortion in cases of rape
8 - we care tour







9. SFLA 2014 National Conference expanded to include the West Coast and reached over 2,400 students – its largest yet!








10. Saira Blair of West Virginia became the youngest lawmaker in the country– and she’s a pro-life college student
10 - saira bair - ap







11. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) won her election to become the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress – and she’s pro-life
11- elise







12. Amendment 1 passed in Tennessee, which gives lawmakers more power to restrict abortion
12 - amendment 1





13. Brand new pro-life resource launched for pregnant students on campus, the first of its kind:











14. Over half of the Senators who voted for taxpayer-funded abortions in Obamacare won’t be in the new Senate next year
14 - obamacare abortion

5 Reasons Why Pro-life Students Won’t Join Your Pro-life Club

Have you ever felt discouraged attending the pro-life meetings at your school?  Do you find yourself asking, “Where is every one?”  This is the most pro-life generation since the passing of Roe v. Wade and yet we still can’t seem to motivate people to show up.  In my experience as Regional Coordinator and working with lots of student pro-life groups, here are some things I’ve observed that might help your group recruit and retain committed members.

1. No one knows your club exists.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a college campus helping with an event or display and the people walking by or stopping to talk ask me, “What club is this, anyway?” or, “Oh, a pro-life club?  I didn’t know we had that.  I would totally be a part of it.  When do you meet?”

Solution: When you have events, bring sign-up sheets and fliers for the next meeting.  Every event is a recruiting event.  Are you hosting an SFLA Tour display?  Bring a sign-up sheet and fliers.  Are you giving out cookies or cupcakes?  Bring a sign-up sheet and fliers.

2. The recruiting table is boring and un-inviting
Think about the club fair at your school. What tables interested you the most? Probably something with a free give-away or attractive signs.  Ask yourself, would you visit your table?  The most successful tabling I saw was actually outside in freezing December weather because the group had free coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies. They would shout, “Free coffee!” and then talk to people while they filled their cups.

Solution: Your table should be equipped with a well-made, bold, easy-to-read sign.  None of this “I quickly scribbled on a poster board five minutes before the event” business.  Get a tri-fold display showing pictures of community service projects the club has accomplished or other events to show what members will do.  Have plenty of free take-away items like candy or our FREE topic cards at our store.

3. Members don’t feel personally connected
Even after you have a great table display, you’ve reserved a space every week, and you have a ton of sign-ups… people still just don’t attend your meeting. Don’t lose hope!  There are plenty of reasons for this, but a popular one might be the lack of a personal connection.  Attending a club fair or tabling event can be like grocery shopping when you’re hungry.  Some students just sign-up for everything that looks appealing at the time, but it’s the truly inspiring well-connected club they’re going to commit their precious time to.

Solution: Follow-up with the club sign-ups beyond a group email or Facebook post.  At least one email should be personalized, “Hey Michele, I am so glad we met today at the club fair.  It’s refreshing to hear your passion about the pro-life movement and I’m looking forward to working with you at our next meeting…”  The best club just seem to know everyone.  They smile and say hello to lots of people.  You don’t have to be the super-popular person, but make an effort to get to know people.

4. Meetings lack direction
For a new member, the first meeting is almost like a first date. First impressions are everything.  This new member obviously has shared interests and made himself or herself available for you to present something worthwhile.  They showed up, now it’s your move to woo them.

Solution: Remember, any meeting could be someone’s first meeting so always make sure the time is well-organized.  Have an agenda.  Start with something positive the group has accomplished or share a related good-feeling story from our site to encourage members.  There are brief training videos here to learn more about running a meeting and using agendas.

5. Meetings lack fun!
We all need fun built into our day, and even into our meetings. While the main goal is for your club to be productive and achieve goals, but it’s easy to get burnt out.  Plus, building in time for socialization helps make those personal connections.

Solution: Food.  People will come to places that offer free food, so have it each meeting to start or finish.  (Some clubs decide to bring out food at the end to keep people around.)    Have your meeting at a local coffee shop or diner.  Host a pro-life movie night with popcorn and discussion afterwards.  Mix it up and get people excited about meeting.

Christians have abandoned politics. And millions are DYING because of it.

Reprinted from Life Site News

“There is no right and wrong!” the angry university student said loudly, storming up to our campus pro-life display.

“Is that right?” my friend Caleb said slowly. The student came to an abrupt stop, realizing, perhaps for the first time, that his worldview was, in philosophical terms, an “argument to commit suicide.”

That anecdote is illustrative of how we’ve been letting the Cultural Left get away with murder. I’m not just referring to the institutionalized destruction of life in the womb or the “mercy-killing” of the old, but also the broad cultural acceptance—including among Christians—of two stupid and dangerous ideas that have allowed the Left to dominate the cultural discussion for decades.

Christians have not been losing in the public square because we do not have the arguments to respond to the New Moral Revolution of the Cultural Left. We have been losing because we have not been making those arguments, or have not been making them articulately enough.

First, Christians are told loudly, we can’t legislate morality.

I could point out that this argument is inevitably used to justify the legality of something blatantly wicked and immoral, like abortion. Yet, I’ve heard countless Christians tell me that while they are pro-life and do believe in Christian ethics, they don’t think trying to impact public policy or bring our message to the public square is useful because “we can’t legislate our morality.”

They’re forgetting something: All laws legislate morality. All laws are put in place because of a value judgement that something should be permitted, restricted, regulated, or banned. When Christians leave the discussion, all we’re doing is ensuring that it is someone else’s code of morality that is being enshrined into law, and someone else’s values are being used as the guiding principle for governance.

If we don’t fight for the lives of pre-born children and demand legal protection for them, for example, we’re not ensuring that the government won’t legislate morality; we’re allowing those who claim that the right to destroy human life at whim exists and is moral to seize and win the day. Eventually, the government will be paying the butchers with our own tax dollars—because a New Morality has been legislated, and ours has been definitively replaced.

A very brief look at the news cycle reveals that the Cultural Left, while silencing Christians with the demand that we cease trying to “legislate our morality,” is attempting to do precisely that. When they howl that gay marriage should be legal and accepted, they are demanding this because they say it is right and good andmoral. They are stating that to deny marriage to homosexuals is discriminatory, and therefore wrong. And the solution to this, they tell us, is for the government or the courts to step in and ensure that this wrong is righted, that this injustice is corrected.

It is not that they don’t think morality should be legislated. They simply think that Christian morality should not be legislated.

Which brings me to the second argument the Left has used to silence Christians: That morality is subjective, if it even exists at all. In other words, it’s okay ifyou believe that, but that only means its right for you. Other people must remain “true to themselves” and do “what’s right for them.”

This is obviously nothing short of profound stupidity, but a brief jaunt on to any university campus will show you that the number of those who believe that morality does not exist (while simultaneously calling fracking and Christian ethics evil) is staggering. I’ve engaged in dozens of debates that went something like this:

Student: “Well, there is no morality.”

Me: “Okay. Do you think rape is wrong?”

Student: “Of course rape is wrong!”

Me: “Why?”

Student (nervously): “Because…you can’t just force yourself on someone.”

Me: “Says who? You’re appealing to a moral law, which necessitates a lawgiver. Who says that is wrong?”

Student (relieved to have found an answer): “The government! It’s illegal!”

Me: “While I’m glad you’ve found your source of morality, wouldn’t you agree that laws have been wrong before? What about slavery? Segregation?”

This is to illustrate, of course, that morality cannot be subjective, or it is not morality. Right and wrong cannot be subjective, or they cease to exist. Appalling crimes like rape and murder should be illegal, because they are immoral. Christians would argue that they are immoral because God, the Lawgiver, has said they are. The Cultural Left cannot claim that banning abortion, for example, is immoral—because they cannot claim anything is immoral. Inevitably, their claims that something is or is not immoral is based on one thing: How they feel about something. (When they appeal to science, they are again being fallacious: Science, of course, can only tell us what is, not what ought to be. Science can reveal to us observable truths, but cannot provide us with correlating value judgements.)

Christians have not been losing in the public square because we do not have the arguments to respond to the New Moral Revolution of the Cultural Left. We have been losing because we have not been making those arguments, or have not been making them articulately enough. We’ve often bought the laughable lies that morality simultaneously does not exist, and cannot be legislated. Both of these lies are simply a means of keeping us from fighting for what is right in the public square. In many cases, we’ve vacated the battlefield. It’s time to engage like never before—because as we see with abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, lives literally depend on it.