Madame Web: Not a Box Office Hit – But Sneaky Pro-Life?  

Lydia Taylor - 20 Feb 2024

Superhero movies are known for their amazing heroes, larger-than-life villains, and action-packed fight scenes. However, the newest Spiderman spin-off film, “Madame Webb,” was full of pro-life messaging and themes of motherhood. Despite the bad reviews taking over the web (no pun intended), there are unexpected pro-life themes to come out of Hollywood. It was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise. 

What’s It All About? 

The film centers around Cassie, a paramedic who grew up in foster care and struggles to find her place in life. We learn at the beginning of the film that her mother died in childbirth after being shot while hunting for a rare spider in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Cassie carries anger towards her deceased mother for risking her life while pregnant and is uncomfortable when discussing her mom. 

However, after Cassie finds out she has a unique superpower, she returns to her roots in the Amazon rainforest to discover the truth about her mom. While there, she finds her birthplace and can see into the past.  

A Mother Who Fights for Her Preborn Child 

While her mom was pregnant with baby Cassie, her doctor diagnosed the baby with a severe form of myasthenia gravis, and the doctor determined Cassie would not survive after birth. Cassie’s mom desperately asks if there is anything she can do to save her baby’s life, and the doctor firmly says no. While abortion is not directly mentioned in the scene, it could very well be suggested as an option. However, Cassie’s mother refuses to give up hope for her child and dedicates herself to finding a cure to save her baby. 

This led her to the Amazon rainforest to find a cure within the venom of a rare spider for her preborn child. After being shot, the spider’s venom is what saves her baby, and Cassie is born cured of her myasthenia gravis. Cassie’s mother reaches out to her new baby as she takes her last breaths and dies a heroic mother. Cassie sees this vision of her past and realizes that her mother had sacrificed her life to save her, the ultimate form of motherly love.  

The Pro-Life Message 

While this movie certainly had many fictional aspects, the portrayal of motherly love was accurately shown throughout the film. 

For many mothers like Cassie’s, abortion is pushed on them as a “solution” to a heartbreaking fetal diagnosis. It takes courage to fight for your child’s life despite knowing the chances of their survival are slim. However, studies show many prenatal tests give inaccurate results, pressuring women into abortion even though their child could be fully healthy. While spider venom may be a fictional cure for a fetal diagnosis, there is hope for mothers in these situations. Preborn children born with disorders go on to live lives full of joy and love.  

Megan Hayes, diagnosed with Trisomy 18, has broken all expectations of a “short lifespan” and turned 40 years old in 2020. Her life is a beautiful example of how mothers can have hope for their children in challenging situations. There’s also Verity, who was born to Beverly Jacobson, living with Trisomy 18 and celebrating her seventh birthday this month. The “solution” to a short lifespan is never to end a child’s life sooner. Every life is worthy of love, whether that life goes on to live a few minutes after birth or to live 90 years.  

Madame Webb may have received poor reviews overall – but this film destroys the narrative that abortion is the only option after a harsh fetal diagnosis, so when it comes to pro-life messaging, I must give it 5/5 stars.  

Madame Webb may be the most pro-life major movie I’ve ever seen, and I genuinely hope we see more future films reflecting this unconditional love between a mother and her preborn baby. 

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