Pro-Life Chalkings Targeted

Recently, the Students for Life group at University of Idaho saw its pro-life chalking vandalized on Friday, August 25.

The group chalked pro-life messages on Thursday, August 24, including “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life”, “Abortion hurts women”, and the names of pro-life feminists, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mary Wollstonecraft. The chalking was at the Commons Plaza on campus; the following day the school had FEMFest scheduled for the plaza, a ‘feminist fair.’

A post on the Women’s Center  Facebook, which organizes the event, states, “Come join us on this commons plaza for Femfest from 11:00-1:00! Learn about 20 awesome organizations that serve women on campus and in our community! We’ve got free popcorn and ice cream sandwiches! You could also enter to win one of the many raffle prizes we’re giving away today!”

While there was not a list of the organizations for this year’s event, a past post from 2012 listed the following organizations: “Women’s Center, LGBTQA Office, Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, Moscow Women’s Giving Circle” and a post from 2013 included more groups, such as “Gay Straight Alliance, UI VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood, Violence Prevention Programs, Women’s Studies Program.”

The vandalization of pro-life chalkings is not new; this week as well University of New Mexico Students for Life were targeted for writing pro-life messages.”

A chalked heart had water dumped on it on campus this week. According to a Facebook post, “This happens almost every time we chalk on campus, even though UNM has a policy against defacing other’s chalk.”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America strongly condemned the vandalism; “Students being targeted for their pro-life beliefs is becoming increasingly common. University administrators should condemn the vandalism and ensure the free speech rights of all students are protected.”


After months of heated debate, the board members of Reading School District struck down the proposed “Health Resource Center” last night in a close 5-4 vote.

In theory, supporting a Health Resource Center sounds like a worthy cause, especially in a low-income area like inner-city Reading.  Unfortunately, the organization recommended to facilitate the program would be none other than Planned Parenthood.  This center was proposed by AccessMatters in May 2017, and it would have been facilitated by Planned Parenthood’s regional office, Planned Parenthood Keystone.  A Planned Parenthood counselor would have been able operate from within the school, giving Planned Parenthood direct access to their target clientele (i.e. young, vulnerable students). While parents could have been given the option to “opt out” of the controversial program (which included condom distribution), thousands of Reading students would be exposed to Planned Parenthood’s agenda.


Board member Robin Costenbader-Jacobson shared that she was in favor of the center because of what she saw as benefits for the students, “What about the students — the human beings, the individuals that would gain knowledge?”

Yes!  We care about our young people!  Yes!  Our students deserve access to healthy and safe education about their bodies- which is why we would never want to refer students to unsanitary, untrustworthy centers.

Planned Parenthoods across the country have failed inspectionsfailed to report criminal activity (e.g. statutory rape), and failed our communities. The Allentown Medical Center (a center within the Planned Parenthood Keystone network) is a prime example. This center failed inspections 3 years in a row due to use of dirty medical instruments, improper disposal of aborted baby body parts, and failure to evaluate patients prior to administering anesthesia.

Manuel Gauzman, a school board member in favor of the center, explained, “I believe it is our moral responsibility as a school board to give access to this information. Put the politics aside. … This is about providing pathways out of poverty.”

We agree – politics should be set aside.  Planned Parenthood, however, is our nation’s leader in abortion politics, spending millions on elections (e.g. $30+ million in 2016 elections, including $1.3 million in PA in ads against Pat Toomey) and lobbying efforts for extreme abortion policies.  Planned Parenthood also has a long track record of aggressively fighting against legislation that protects parent involvement in their children’s health decisions (e.g. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky federal lawsuit in 2017).

Keyara Hunt, Berks Teens Matter Ambassador, spoke during the public comments and spent several minutes talking with us outside after the vote.  She attends the I-LEAD Charter school that already has this program. “I know that Berks county has three times the national rate in teen pregnancies.  A Health Resource Center could provide better education and information on how to be abstinent, use birth control methods, and how to communicate with a trusted adult on their health.”

We are so thankful that Keyara is aware of the issues that affect her generation.  Sadly, Planned Parenthood is not helping in this area.  Planned Parenthood perpetuates the myth that passing out condoms and birth control will lower teen pregnancy and STDs, when in fact abortion and pregnancy rates decrease among teenagers when communities reduce spending on and expansion of contraception, condom distribution, and sex-ed programs:

Let’s also remember, Planned Parenthood has already been operating in Reading PA for decades.  In fact, Planned Parenthood has been offering birth control services in Reading since 1927 (through Reading’s Community General Hospital), and they have been offering first trimester abortions at the Reading Medical Center since 1998. Which makes us wonder, If Planned Parenthood’s services are so critical to reducing poverty and decreasing teen pregnancy, then why does Berks County continue on this path? The answer is certainly not more of the same.


Community members lined the streets for hours waving to cars and holding signs saying Vote NO to Planned Parenthood in RSD.

America Franco, a concerned parent, said, “I am not supportive of Planned Parenthood in our school!”

Inside the meeting, more concerned parents and students gave their testimony.  Nilda Nieves pleaded with the board to “raise the standard and believe in our youth.”

Stephanie Sanchez is a senior this year at Reading, and she explained, “My peers at RHS are worth more than just giving up and providing them all with condoms hoping it’ll make things better. They are worth fighting for and that’s what I’m trying to do. I as a student, a resident, and a friend to many at RHS, beg you not to allow planned parenthood into my school. That is not the legacy I want to leave.”


Hours before the meeting, members from both sides crowded together to stake their spots.  Among the confusion, sign-holding, spot-saving, chanting, and rallying, people on both sides started some interesting conversations.  It was no shock to our team that those supporting Planned Parenthood were terribly misinformed.

A woman holding an AccessMatters Sign commented to me, “This is not about abortion. It’s about our kids having access to good health education.”

I assured her that I too want “good” health education, but “Planned Parenthood is the last place to find it.  Plus, the Keystone Center who is sending their counselor is dangerous for our kids.  They have continually failed their health inspections.”

She bluntly said, “Oh, there’s no way. I don’t believe that at all.”

Having read the report myself a few times, I asked, “Since we’re both standing here anyway, would you mind if I showed you the report?” to which she replied, “Sure, go for it.”

When I pulled up the report from the Pennsylvania Department of Health listing several years of failed inspections, with the most recent being April 2017, she was shocked.  She admitted that she had no idea Planned Parenthood was guilty of repeat health code violations.

Shortly thereafter, another woman from their side realized that she had been misinformed as well.  Elda, who only spoke Spanish, explained that she was approached at a Spanish Counsel in the city where it was explained to her that the group she would be supporting was not supportive of abortion.  Thankfully, Elda was able to communicate with an interpreter on our side, Maggie Sweet from Silent No More, who explained what AccessMatters and Planned Parenthood truly represented.  Elda was so upset, she returned her protest materials right back to the box and joined our side!


  1. Please consider sending a sincere THANK YOU card or email to the following Board Members who bravely voted no: Brian Buerke, Bernardo Carbajal, Jean Kelleher, Julio Martinez, and Eddie Moran.
  2. Send a heartfelt and respectful note of disappointment and correction to these board members who voted yes: Abraham Cepeda, Robin Costenbader-Jacobson,  Manny Guzman, and David McCoy.
  3. Continue to show your support on this issue!  Audrey Ross, spokeswoman for AccessMatters, claimed that their proposal could reappear on the board’s agenda later for another vote.  Sign and share the petition HERE:  We will continue to send in your comments and concerns to board members since we know Planned Parenthood will not give up this easily.



Access to affordable, safe healthcare and family support services is important for every community. We encourage Reading families to explore unbiased, comprehensive healthcare alternatives to Planned Parenthood, like your local federally qualified health center (Berks Community Health Center). For life-affirming, free pregnancy and parenting support, check out your local pregnancy support organizations (LifeLine of Berks County and Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy Center).

Berks Community Health Center
838 Penn Street, Reading, PA 19602
Phone: (610) 988-4838
Sliding Fee Program:
Women’s Health Services:
Prenatal Care:
Free pregnancy testing is available at all of our health center locations.

“There is no need to make an appointment, and you don’t have to be a BCHC patient. You may simply walk in and request a free pregnancy test at the front desk and our staff will take care of you.”

Lifeline of Berks County
Phone: (610) 374-8545
612 Reading Avenue, West Reading, PA 19611
Free Services: Pregnancy Tests, Options Support, Emergency Material Aid, Maternity Clothes, Parenting Support and Preparation, Referrals (community, medical, housing, drug and alcohol counseling, etc), Breastfeeding Support, Insurance Information

Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy Center
105 S. 5th Street, Reading PA 19602
Phone: 610-376-0828
Free Services: Pregnancy Tests, Options Support, Material Aid, Peer Counseling, Referrals for Social Services, STI Information, Emergency Material Support, Parenting Education

Get Educated with the September Event-in-a-Box!


You may not be super excited about the end of the summer… but you should be excited about the September Event-in-a-Box from Students for Life!

We are so close to abolishing abortion.

Are you ready to keep up the momentum?

The theme of the 2017 September Event-in-a-Box is “Abortion Procedures” and it includes everything you’ll need to bring the abortion dialogue back to its roots. There are too many pro-choice advocates out there supporting a violent procedure they may not even fully understand. Many of them have bought into the false notion that abortion is simply “the removal of a clump of tissue”.

Sometimes, a clean, honest conversation about what abortion really is can make all the difference.

This Event-in-a-Box will provide you with all the training and materials you’ll need to educate your peers about abortion procedures. Above all, we encourage you not to be afraid of this topic. We’ve taken the grim reality and packaged it in a way that is clean and informational.

PLUS- this is a great introductory event to do before you host the 2017 SFLA Fall Tour on your campus (hint hint)!

What’s in the Box?

Order the September Event-in-a-Box by contacting your Regional Coordinator TODAY!

If you are a student in Southern CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.

If you are a student in WA, contact Katie Lodjic.

If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.

If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.

If you are a student in MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michele Hendrickson.

If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.

If you are a student in NE, SD, or KS, contact Savannah Falter.

If you are a student in TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.

If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.

If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.

If you are a student in VT, ME, RI, NH, CT, or MA, contact Abby Young.

If you are a student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.

If you are a student in Northern CA, contact Anna Arend.

If you are a student in OR or ID, contact Nichole Bentz.

If you are a student in OH, contact Morgan Getts.

If you are a student in IN, contact Anna Allgaier.

If you are a student in IA or IL, contact David Cordaro.

If you are a student in MN, contact Maddie Schulte.

If you are a student in MO, contact Reagan Barklage.

If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Brielle Heraty.

If you don’t have a pro-life group on your campus, but are interested in starting one, please contact us. We’d love to help you get started!

Email for more information.

August Event-in-a-Box is HERE!


Congratulations on starting another school year! We at Students for Life of America are excited for students across the nation to hit the ground running to further impact their middle school, high school, and college campuses with the pro-life message.

We are so close to abolishing abortion.

Now is the time to press harder than ever.


Our August Event-in-a-Box includes everything you’ll need to plan your year, recruit new members, and educate your campus about local healthcare resources that will redirect your peers away from Planned Parenthood.

This Event-in-a-Box will provide you with all the training and materials you’ll need to educate your peers about local FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers), and how to join your group. Educate and recruit your campus to the pro-life movement!

Let’s make this year the year we see abortion abolished in America!

What’s in the Box?

  • FQHC Worksheet
  • 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide
  • SFLA Recruitment Tips Sheet
  • Sign-Up Sheets
  • Recruitment Flyers
  • Join Us Postcards (Customize them for your group!)
  • Pro-Life Gen Wristbands
  • Pro-Life Gen Stickers
  • Pens

How to Use the Box:

  • Make copies of the 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide for your executive board to plan your specific campus events for the Contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule a Planning Your Year training for help!
  • Meet with your group or individually research FQHCs within a 15-mile radius of your campus. Fill-in the FQHC Worksheet with information about women’s health, general practice, dental, and vision clinics. Make as many copies of the worksheet (double-sided) as you think you’ll need to pass out as you table. This will give your peers other places to turn for healthcare, instead of going to Planned Parenthood!
  • Get permission from your school, if needed, to set up a table for recruitment and pass out the FQHC worksheet. Make copies of the SFLA Recruitment Flyers, and post them throughout campus a few days before recruiting.
  • Schedule a Recruitment training with your Regional Coordinator before tabling!
  • Host a Recruitment table on campus! Use the sign-up sheets, pens, Join Us cards, and goodies from SFLA to promote your group. Give students a copy of the FQHC Worksheet, along with a Join Us card, and invite them check out your group!

Order the August Event-in-a-Box by contacting your Regional Coordinator today!

If you are a student in Southern CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.

If you are a student in WA, contact Katie Lodjic.

If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.

If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.

If you are a student in MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michele Hendrickson.

If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.

If you are a student in NE, SD, or KS, contact Savannah Falter.

If you are a student in TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.

If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.

If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.

If you are a student in VT, ME, RI, NH, CT, or MA, contact Abby Young.

If you are a student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.

If you are a student in Northern CA, contact Anna Arend.

If you are a student in OR or ID, contact Nichole Bentz.

If you are a student in OH, contact Morgan Getts.

If you are a student in IN, contact Anna Allgaier.

If you are a student in IA or IL, contact David Cordaro.

If you are a student in MN, contact Maddie Schulte.

If you are a student in MO, contact Reagan Barklage.

If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Tiffany Taylor.

If you don’t have a pro-life group on your campus, but are interested in starting one, please contact us. We’d love to help you get started!

Email for more information.

Student’s for Life of America’s Wilberforce and Stevens Fellowships have officially begun!


On July 6th-July 9th, seventeen students from across the country joined various top-notch pro-life speakers to grow in their apologetics, activism, and leadership on their campuses. From Kristan Hawkins to Jack Yoest, passion and leadership was contagious from beginning to end. Students arrived excited to learn, and quickly formed friendships that led to growth and encouragement all weekend.

Students in the William Wilberforce Fellowship brainstormed together, and created individual projects to make lasting change on their campuses during the upcoming school year. Our Stevens Fellowship connected with SFLA staff and formed (maybe unknowingly) relationships with their Wilberforce friends who would support and encourage them to take a stand, even in high school, for life.

To be a part of either Fellowship, students underwent a lengthy application process, provided at least two references about their character, and completed a phone interview with SFLA staff. Each student expressed how much they wanted to be a Fellow, and how important it was that they grow and develop in themselves leadership skills to build their Students for Life groups on campus, and ultimately, change the culture to one that supports life in all its stages.

It’s no secret that there’s something special about this group of Wilberforce and Stevens fellows, and SFLA is excited for their journey ahead!

Wilberforce Fellows

Name: Meghan Miller-Brown
School Name: University of Richmond
Location: Virginia
Graduation Year: 2020
Major: Education




Name: Mark Schultz
School Name: Lake Superior State University
Location: Michigan
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: Criminal Justice


Name: Paige Edwards
School Name: University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Location: Nebraska
Graduation Year: 2018
Major: Political Science/ Law



Name: Luke Ayers
School Name: Trinity University
Location: Texas
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Economics/ Public Policy



Name: Georgia Gallagher
School Name: University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa
Location: Alabama
Graduation Year: 2020
Major: Political Science/ Journalism



Name: Natalie Baudonnet
School Name: Colorado Christian University
Location: Colorado
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Communications/ Biblical Studies



Name: Mary Briganti
School Name: University of Nebraska- Omaha
Location: Nebraska
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Communication Studies



Name: Marko Prizmic
School Name: Carroll College
Location: Montana
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Business Management/ Marketing



Name: Norvilia Etienne
School Name: CUNY Queens College
Location: New York
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Psychology



Name: Klara McKee
School Name: Kent State University
Location: Ohio
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: History/ Public Health



Name: Esther Edwards
School Name: Toccoa Falls College
Location: Georgia
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Business Management/ Family Counseling



Name: Mikayla Simpson
School Name: Union University
Location: Tennessee
Graduation Year: 2020
Major: History/ Sociology

Stevens Fellows


Name: Faith
School Name: Home Life Academy
Location: Maine
Graduation Year: 2020

Name: Carson
School Name: Reicher Catholic High School
Location: Texas
Graduation Year: 2018

Name: Anneliese
School Name: Vermillion High School
Location: South Dakota
Graduation Year: 2018

Name: Marcos
School Name: John F. Kennedy High School
Location: Oregon
Graduation Year: 2018

Name: Michelle
School Name: Central Catholic High School
Location: Oregon
Graduation Year: 2018

Roanoke Students for Life Wins Group of the Month!

Each month, Students for Life of America recognizes one of our pro-life groups for their dedication and support of the pro-life movement. This month, we want to congratulate Roanoke Students for Life for winning May’s Group of the Month!

Roanoke Students for Life is unlike most of our other Group of the Month winners, being that it is a community of pro-life advocates who have come together for one purpose: abolish abortion.

In the month of May, the group took a big risk and reached out to women at the local Planned Parenthood in Roanoke, VA. The group met together to create gift bags for women who may be considering an abortion, along with an encouraging card for Mother’s Day.

Group members met at Planned Parenthood on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, when the facility performs abortions, and handed out the gift bags and cards to women who entered the facility.

Before going, the group’s president provided sidewalk counseling training to all members to be prepared for conversations with whoever they met that day. Wow- what a wonderful way to remind women that being a mother is a gift and start a conversation about saving their babies.

In addition to reaching out to women at Planned Parenthood, the group received training from Emily Brown from American Life League’s Life Defenders on everything related to Planned Parenthood. Students were amazed with how much funding Planned Parenthood receives each year from the U.S. government and how little Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) receive. Once educated, many group members made the decision to be more vocal about where their taxpayer dollars should go. Knowledge is power!

Thank you, Roanoke Students for Life, for continuing the fight to end abortion and showing compassion to women considering abortion even on Mother’s Day.

Mika & Joe are Fake News, Should Apologize

Mika & Joe, the hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC, disparaged Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President, on their show on Monday. They said she secretly hates her boss and is basically only doing this for the money.

For those of us who have known Kellyanne and worked with her for years, this was obviously something Mika & Joe made up for whatever reason. Kellyanne doesn’t even speak like that and is way classier than to disparage her boss to the press.

Our president Kristan Hawkins, released the following statement and demanded the hosts of Morning Joe apologize for their ridiculous comments:

“Desperate for ratings or just vengeful retribution for who knows what, the hosts of Morning Joe earlier this week decided to attack Kellyanne Conway and without any kind of evidence, attributed words to her that she, without a doubt, would never say, including that she only in the job for the money.

“Oh please, Kellyanne had a very successful polling company and turned down millions of dollars after she became the first female to run a successful presidential campaign. She’s uprooted her family to take a job in the White House, a position of public service that doesn’t rake in the big bucks. I’ve known Kellyanne for years and she is someone who would never disparage her boss publicly, especially in the way that the hosts of Morning Joe alleged. Mika and Joe just became the epitome of fake news. They should apologize for their unprofessional and deceitful behavior.”

Pro-life middle schooler shocks class, teacher with knowledge of Planned Parenthood & abortion

By Kate Lodjic, Northwest Regional Coordinator.

“Hey Katie!! Guess what happened in class today?!”

I got this Snapchat message from the leader of the Northwest’s first middle school group.

Not only is Cascade Middle School Students for Life the first public middle school group in the Northwest, it is the first and only club at the school, which is located in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

The students in this club are some of the most passionate pro-life warriors in the state. The leader went on to tell me that their health class teacher wrote Planned Parenthood on the board for them to use as a resource, and one of the club members promptly raised her hand and told the teacher to take it off the board (I love our students).

When the teacher asked why, she told her that Planned Parenthood is a bad place and does abortions.

A couple days later, the same teacher began a unit on fetal development and pregnancy. When she began talking about the development of the pre-born child, the leader raised her hand and asked a simple question. She asked, “At what stage of development do most abortions take place at Planned Parenthood?”

The teacher responded with “three months.” To which the student replied, “can you show us a picture of that stage of development?”

The teacher quickly Googled a picture of a fetus at three months, and put it on the projector for the students to see.

At three months, the baby can suck her thumb, yawn, can have complex facial expressions, and you can tell if it’s a boy or a girl. It looks like a baby.

The class was in a silent shock when they saw the photo. The leader had everyone’s attention, even the pro-choice students.

The pro-life leader wasn’t done. She then asked the teacher, “Well what’s not human about that baby?”

The teacher didn’t respond for a while, but said, “That’s a controversial issue, Emily, but pro-lifers believe that life begins at conception, while pro-choicers believe life doesn’t begin until later.”

Side note: science proves life begins at conception.

Needless to say, I think she changed the minds of most students in that class that day.

This is the same group of girls that had a baby save last year, after giving a fellow student pregnancy resource information.

This is why it is so important for pro-life groups to be present in middle schools and high schools. Planned Parenthood is in our middle school classrooms, in some areas of the Northwest, they are in the kindergarten classrooms – these children are five and six-years-old wearing princess t-shirts and superman shorts.

If we want to abolish abortion, we need to start the race at the beginning, when students are first forming their ideas about the abortion issue. There is no doubt in my mind that the students who were in that classroom will always remember what a baby at three months looks like, and that it is legal to kill that innocent little child. And hopefully, if they are ever faced with an abortion decision, they will think back to that day in 8th grade health class when they saw the picture of the little baby on the projector screen.

Defunding Planned Parenthood: What’s Next?

Yesterday was a great day for the pro-life movement.

We finally, finally got to see the U.S. House of Representatives listen to our relentless demands to defund Planned Parenthood, and to keep the promises they made on the campaign trail. The House passed a healthcare reconciliation bill yesterday that would defund Planned Parenthood for one year of more than $400 million in taxpayer money!

That’s money Planned Parenthood will no longer have to spend betraying women, buying off politicians, and supporting their brutal business practices.

Instead, those funds will go to Federally Qualified Health Centers which do not commit abortions, provide more services than Planned Parenthood, and truly serve low-income communities.

This bill will now move onto the Senate, where we face an even tougher battle.

While the healthcare bill that passed the House yesterday isn’t perfect, it is a great start.

SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins is not only an anti-abortion activist but she’s also a mother of two children with cystic fibrosis, very expensive “pre-existing” conditions. She’s optimistic for the future of healthcare in our nation because our goal should be that all vulnerable Americans are protected – including those who have deadly, genetic diseases like her children, with CF, Gunner and Gracie, and the preborn.

Yesterday was a huge victory for pro-lifers and yet another big blow to the the nation’s largest abortion vendor, which has also been referred for criminal prosecution by committees in both the House and Senate for their role in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

This victory would not have been possible without our pro-life students and everything they do on their campuses and in their communities.

The media won’t report it, but it was pro-life Millennials, like David Daleiden, Lila Rose, and the 1,100 Students for Life groups across the nation that led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood.

Our team at Students for Life has made defunding Planned Parenthood a priority for years.

It was of our strategic targets as we truly believe that defunding the nation’s largest abortion vendor is one of the most important steps we can take towards achieving our mission of abolishing abortion in our lifetime.

Since 2012, we have been on college and high school campuses exposing Planned Parenthood’s predatory business practices and turning our generation (their target audience) away from the nation’s largest abortion vendor.

We have visited hundreds of schools and reached millions of people with our message that we simply do not need Planned Parenthood.

Immediately after the baby body parts scandal was exposed in July 2015, we launched the “Women Betrayed” Project, which rallied pro-lifers across the nation to speak out against the lies Planned Parenthood tells women and how they change their abortion procedures in order to harvest and sell the organs of aborted babies.

In the last five years, we have visited over 500 college campuses with our “Planned Parenthood Project” and “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” campus tours (and we’re still on the road today!), showing how Federally Qualified Health Centers provide more services for pregnant mothers and how Planned Parenthood tries to trap young women into their predatory business cycle.

And because of the courageous efforts of our students every single day on campus, we’ve broken their iron grip.

This is the moment we have been fighting for.

The US Senate must now pass this critical legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

Kristan was in Washington, DC yesterday with her friend David Daleiden, and they had the opportunity to share the truth about Planned Parenthood with some leaders in the Senate who will be essential in getting this over the finish line.

We will share more on this soon! But right now, the Pro-Life Generation is doing all we can to finally defund Planned Parenthood.

So can you please call your own Senators and tell them to vote to defund Planned Parenthood ASAP? This is so important. Find your Senators’ phone numbers HERE.

We cannot let up for a single moment in our goal to defund the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood is in a fight for their lives.

Every day Planned Parenthood continues to receive our taxpayer funds, they’re amassing their radical pro-abortion armies to spread misinformation and lies about the healthcare bill and what will happen if they are defunded.

Remember, they had the choice to stop committing abortions and continue to receive federal money. They chose abortion.

Yesterday was huge, but we must continue to press forward because it’s only the beginning. We have so much left to accomplish in order to reach our goal of changing the culture and ultimately to abolish abortion in our lifetime!

Christian Leadership Summit Registration is Open!

Students for Life of America is hosting our 4th annual Christian Leadership Summit for leaders of pro-life student groups at Christian colleges in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida! We will meet to devise strategies, share experiences, and network with leaders from across the country to help you improve outreach on your college campus.

This summit is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with leaders to solve the problems you face that may be different than those faced on public college campuses.

Leading a pro-life group at a Christian college comes with its own unique challenges. From unreceptive administrators to distinct campus cultures, leaders of pro-life clubs at religious schools are regularly obstructed in their pro-life work. We’ve seen this trend across the country and understand that the hardest place to start a pro-life club is on a Christian campus, not to mention the amount of unforeseen hostility received from administrators.

Most schools would rather ignore the controversy than prepare their students for confronting it. They would rather pretend that everyone on their campus is pro-life and that students are not getting pregnant. However, we know that students at Christian schools are not just getting pregnant, but are having abortions, partly because their schools do not support them in choosing Life for their children.

The summit is invite-only, so contact your Regional Coordinator for application details. If your application is accepted, your travel, food, and lodging costs will be covered! Applications are due by June 30th!

Contact your Regional Coordinator today to learn more about applying!
• If you are a student in CA or AZ, contact Camille Rodriguez.
• If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, HI, or AK, contact Katie Lodjic.
• If you are a student in CO or NM, contact Bethany Janzen.
• If you are a student in MI, contact Audrey Nitzel.
• If you are student in IN or OH, contact Anna Allgaier.
• If you are a student in MD, DC, or DE, contact Michele Hendrickson.
• If you are student in VA or WV, contact Lori Cascio.
• If you are a student in PA, contact Angelica Corridoni.
• If you are a student in KY or TN, contact Brenna Lewis.
• If you are a student in NE, KS, or MO, contact Reagan Barklage.
• If you are a student in IA or IL, contact David Cordaro.
• If you are a student in TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.
• If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.
• If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.
• If you are a student in MN or WI, contact Maddie Schulte.
• If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Tiffany Taylor.

Now is the time to take a stand on your campus! Christian schools have a mission to protect the innocent and vulnerable, and to prepare their students to confront and defeat the evils of this world. Christian schools should be the pro-life movement’s strongest base of support. As a student leader, you can make that happen at your school. Join us at the Christian Leadership Summit August 10th – 13th to be part of the revolution!