Pro-Life Gen Student Leader Dominick Tolentino’s Speech from 2024 National Pro-Life March

Caroline Wharton - 19 Jan 2024

Students for Life of America (SFLA) was proud to have a member of the Pro-Life Generation represent us while speaking at the National Pro-Life March rally this afternoon. If you missed his speech (or want a rerun), check it out below:

“Hello everyone, my name is Dominick Tolentino, and I am the president of the Students For Life Chapter up at Penn State University. I have been given the privilege to talk to you all on this amazing day that will happen every year until abortion is made unthinkable in this country.

“A little bit about Penn State Students for Life: we are a small but committed club in promoting a culture of life over a culture of death on campus. Over the past two years, it has been a mission of ours to help out the local State College Pregnancy Resource Center. We have become fortunate enough to build close relations with the staff and volunteers who constantly provide the local community with free services for women and children. And this is just one of the many ways we stay active in this fight to end abortion.

“My story is not one involving a direct connection to abortion. Instead, it involves a normal college student, with fears and worries of having different beliefs than most of the students on campus. It is knowing that people will call me insensitive and that, due to my gender, I “cannot” have a say on this matter. It is knowing I may lose friends when they find out I am unapologetically pro-life. These fears and worries run through my head almost on the daily.

“However, more than this, the importance of the sanctity of life outweighs any fear or worry I may have. The discomfort of speaking up against the societal norm slowly gets chipped away as I remind myself that I fight for the life of the child to begin and to remind the mother that her life is just as precious and cared for as the unborn baby.

“And so I urge you all. I urge my generation to not stay stagnant, to not turn a blind eye. Because your voice matters. And you are not alone in this fight. You have a community filled with people who will stand right behind you. And if not, be that community for those to come to. Instead of running away from fear or complacency, run towards it. Use it as the energy that allows you to fight with the burning love for the child and mother.

“Let us show the world our radical love for something that should be the norm. Let us show the world that abortion is not the answer, as it does not produce love. It only produces death. Until the day that abortion is gone, let us never let the world forget the importance of the sanctity of life and the protection it deserves.”

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