IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Highlights from the 2024 National Pro-Life Summit 

Caroline Wharton - 20 Jan 2024

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the 2024 National Pro-Life Summit this year, we missed you — but you can still enjoy our nation’s largest pro-life training conference virtually. If you check out the livestream of the event HERE, you can listen to our amazing line-up of speakers and get a taste of the experience of being with hundreds of the Pro-Life Generation, learning to be better activists for life. Here’s a couple highlights from the conference:  

Announcement of the Pro-Life Generation Umbrella  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins announced an expansion of operations with a new umbrella organization: the Pro-Life Generation. The purpose of this organization is to provide a place for “on-going activism for the many thousands of students recruited, trained, and activated as Pro-Life First Voters, graduated and ready to get to work.”  

Hawkins further explained, “Our alumni want to continue their work protecting life in law and in service. As we prepare to celebrate our 200,000 trained activist, we are gearing up to the next chapter of engagement with those who VOTE PRO-LIFE FIRST.”   

What exactly does this mean? If you’d like to learn more about this new development, read our announcement: Students for Life of America Announces New Chapter in Pro-Life Activism as President Kristan Hawkins Offers Kick Off Address at the National Pro-Life Summit.”  

Vice President Mike Pence’s Voting Advice 

During a Q&A session, Hawkins asked former Vice President Mike Pence a poignant question for the Youth Vote with the 2024 elections coming up this fall. She asked, “How should the Pro-Life Generation think about voting when a candidate, even if it comes to maybe voting for a GOP candidate for President, Senate, state legislative office, that you may not even really like or appreciate some of the tweets or something like that?”  

He responded, “That’s why we have primaries…but after the primary is over, you vote pro-life. You get behind men and women who are going to stand for the right to life. I think the cause of life is the calling of our time. When the Dobbs decision came down, it was extraordinary…but it wasn’t the end of the fight. 

Pence & Hawkins

“It was the end of the beginning. I really do believe that from this point forward every single one of us has to resolve that we are going to work every day to elect men and women in every office in the land until we restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law.”  

To learn more about the Youth Vote, click HERE to read a recently released YouGov-Vinea poll commissioned by the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement.   

Why Hope is so Important with Isabel Vaughn-Spruce 

Pro-life activist Isabel Vaughn-Spruce from the U.K. has personally seen persecution and free speech violations from the abortion lobby as she has not once but twice been arrested for silently praying in front of an abortion facility.  

Learn more about her story by watching the livestream or reading another SFLA blog entitled “Praying without a License: U.K. Pro-Lifer Arrested on Suspicion of Praying; Are the Faithful in the U.S. Next?” 

Isabel Vaughn-Spruce

For someone who has been so downtrodden, however, she offered attendees a wonderful message of hope — and a compelling argument for why we should always have hope in our hearts. She stated: 

“Whether we are talking with women or couples who are struggling in pregnancy, those who have been through an abortion or multiple abortions, those who have worked in the abortion industry, those who say they are pro-life but feel overwhelmed by fear or the size of the tsk to get involved, or those who work alongside us but are experiencing some battle fatigue, if we want to provide any influence in these situations, we must first become people of hope. He who holds the most hope holds the most influence. And I’m not talking about the kind of hope that says, “I do hope things improve” but a hope that truly believes they will.” 

On Moving Forward from the November 2023 Elections  

In a breakout session with Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser and Tim Garrison of the Alliance Defending Freedom, Hawkins spoke out on the 2023 November elections which the abortion lobby has crooned over.  

She stated, “The lesson our movement must learn and that we have to carry forward in our collective memories from this November is that we have to keep going on. What was the word I used this morning? Persist. First, we have to hold a vision. We have to challenge ourselves to hold a vision of a Post-Roe America where abortion is unthinkable and unavailable close to our hearts, always believing it’s achievable…  

“Second, we have to make sure — or demand — that Republicans join the pro-life movement; actually join the pro-life movement. Don’t just pay us lip service by saying you are pro-life or promoting false compromises that allow the majority of abortions to continue and set us up for disaster long term. We can’t be afraid to ask our friends to do more… I don’t care if they have an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ next to their name. I want them to have a PLG [Pro-Life Generation].”  

To learn more about Hawkins’ prescription for this electoral cycle, check out the rest of her speech.  

Youth Vote Straw Poll  

One of the most interesting takeaways from the 2024 National Pro-Life Summit is the opportunity to hear directly from the Pro-Life Generation on who they’d like to vote for in the presidential elections via a straw poll. Here’s what the poll revealed this year:

Votes for President of the United States saw Donald Trump coming in first (50.1%) followed by Ron DeSantis (34.8%), Nikki Haley (9.3%), and Other (5.8%). Votes for Vice President had Mike Pence at the top (36.1%) followed by Vivek Ramaswamy (13.7%), Ron DeSantis (11.1%), Tucker Carlson (10.3%), Ted Cruz (5.1%), Nikki Haley (4.1%, Tim Scott (3.8%), Other (3.3%), Kristi Noem (3.2%), Marco Rubio (2.9%), Kari Lake (1.8%), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (1.5%), Marjorie Taylor Greebe (1.0%), Elise Stefanik (0.9%), Kim Reynolds (0.6%), Mike Pompeo (0.4%), and Byron Donalds (0.2%).

To learn more about the results, read:  THE VOTES ARE IN! The Pro-Life Generation Picks Donald Trump as their Choice for President & Mike Pence as top pick for VEEP in 2024 National Pro-Life Summit Straw Poll

Other amazing speakers included Kevin Roberts, President of The Heritage Foundation; Will Witt, conversative author and influencer; Congressman Chip Roy (R-VA); Alveda King, Chair of The Center for The American Dream at America First Policy Institute; Tyson Langhofer, Alliance Defending Freedom; and many more. 

Check them all out by clicking HERE to watch the 2024 National Pro-Life Summit!  

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