Show THEM the Money: Despite Known Risks of Chemical Abortion Pills, the Manufacturer REALLY WANTS TO MAKE MORE

Mattison Brooks - 11 Sep 2023

In news that will probably shock no one (but make Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina extremely happy) the manufacturer of Mifepristone, a Chemical Abortion drug, has asked the Supreme Court to ensure continued access. As reported by The Hill:  

The conservative judges ruled the FDA acted improperly when it said mifepristone can be used up to 10 weeks of pregnancy rather than seven, allowed the medication to be mailed to patients, lowered the dosage and permitted providers other than physicians to prescribe the drug. 

Another section of the article from The Hill states that: 

The decision “raises questions about whether a single federal court can limit abortion access in the States that protect it.”  

Ironic, given that the abortion industrial complex had no issues with a single federal court allowing abortion access across the nation for decades, even mocking the death threats that Supreme Court Justices faced in the process.  

Washington D.C., USA – January 22, 2015; Pro-Life marchers go to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. to mark the Roe V Wade decision.

Of course, the biggest issue with the drug is that it takes a human life – which  the inventor of it has said that was always the point. And then there is the fact that No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills set up by Biden’s FDA exposes women to injury, infertility, death, and even abusers. But the manufacturer is more worried about their bottom line – and about blindly “trusting the science” (because that went so well last time).  

And it destabilizes the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries by questioning when scientific studies — accepted by FDA — are sufficient to support conditions of use. 

The FDA’s track record has been abysmal. The FDA has pulled no less than 14,000 drug recalls over the past decade. An NPR report in 2017 also identified that one third of drugs approved by the FDA had problems. The FDA has also willfully signed off on drugs that doctors argued were dangerous. The FDA is also a revolving door of insider influence, according to an NPR report from 2016: 

More than a quarter of the Food and Drug Administration employees who approved cancer and hematology drugs from 2001 through 2010 left the agency and now work or consult for pharmaceutical companies, according to research published by a prominent medical journal Tuesday. 

Despite the court’s ruling, and rulings in other states, the laws are still being flouted and members of Congress are even calling for the FDA rule to be ignored. But Students for Life Action will keep pushing to ensure that getting chemical abortion pills by mail isn’t even a possibility in the post-Roe world. 

To learn more about abortion as a federal issue, click here for Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins’ letter to Congress. 

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