Planned Parenthood and the FDA Betrayed Elizabeth by Lying about Chemical Abortion Pills. Now She’s Fighting Back 

Jordan Estabrook - 07 Feb 2024

With a name like Planned Parenthood, one would think they would plan out what’s best for their female patients.  

While Planned Parenthood is a euphemism for planning and procuring the death of a preborn child, Elizabeth Gillette didn’t know that. At 24, Gillette went to her local Planned Parenthood for help. She was led to believe a chemical abortion would be an easy process with minimal pain, likening it to taking Tylenol. The truth was far more devastating and scarring. Lied and manipulated, Gillette shared her story with Fox News in hopes of helping other women know the truth of coercion, side effects, and betrayal.  

“From my first phone call, the staff at the clinic began coercing me to take abortion drugs,” Gillette wrote. “No counseling was offered. Instead, they urged me to have a chemical abortion before my pregnancy went any further; otherwise, they warned, I’d be facing a much more painful surgical procedure.” 

Part of the coercion is convincing women that abortion is the best option. They often refrain from showing women the ultrasound of their baby, and Gillette was no exception. Without caring for Gillette or understanding her medical history, the doctor didn’t inform her of the risks and potential side effects. Gillette states: 

“The doctor gave me the abortion drugs: one to take there in the office, the other the next day, at home. Alone. I was going to be doing my own abortion. Nothing was said about any side effects. Or of needing to see me for a follow-up appointment with the doctor. Or about what to do in an emergency. We talked more about billing than the impact of these drugs on my body, or my physical and emotional health.”  


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The physical side effects Gillette describes are nothing short of a nightmare.  

“When the drugs took effect, the pain was beyond anything I’d ever experienced or imagined. I bled profusely, pools of blood down my legs and on to the floor,” she wrote. “My body shook violently. I suffered nausea and diarrhea and was sweating uncontrollably. Then, I passed the amniotic sac with my tiny child inside.” 

Gillette describes emotional anguish holding the sac with her child and flushing her baby down the toilet. This traumatic event has had enduring consequences, manifesting as anorexia, depression, recurring nightmares, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She experienced deep emotional trauma and physical threat by taking these drugs, and she knows other women have experienced the same and don’t know where to seek help.  

The FDA and Planned Parenthood have betrayed Gillette and many other women for a sizable payday. This year, however, the FDA and indirectly Planned Parenthood will be challenged in the Supreme Court to restrict access to a drug used in chemical abortions.  

“That’s why I am supporting the case that Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed on behalf of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine against the FDA at the U.S. Supreme Court,” wrote Gillette. “What I experienced on that bathroom floor haunts me to this day.  

The argument in Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine will begin March 18 and end March 27.  

Gillette ended her article with a strong statement:  

“The FDA has betrayed the women and girls who look to them to establish and enforce the safety standards that prioritize their health and well-being over political agendas and corporate profits. It’s time all those involved in that betrayal live up to their responsibility and put women’s health first.”  

Putting women first means informing women and protecting life inside or outside the womb. It’s time to stop the FDA and Planned Parenthood from using the Chemical Abortion Pill.  


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