How Abortion Harms Women: SFLA’s Best Clap Backs 

Jordan Estabrook - 14 Feb 2024

No matter how pro-abortion activists spin it, abortion hurts women in more ways than one. 

And nobody knows that better than women.   

Abortion radicals may scream about how Roe v. Wade’s reversal has only hurt and oppressed women. They may insist on how safe it is, even wanting Chemical Abortion Pills at the local Rite Aid and Walgreens.  

These deceptions, however, can’t camouflage the facts from women exposed to deadly abortions. Students for Life of America’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement’s recent YouGov poll reported the following on whether abortion is painful for women.  

“Asked How physically and emotionally painful do you believe abortions are for the women/mothers who experience them? Most agree that abortion is a horrific event.  

“97% said that abortion was physically painful, with 42% saying ‘very painful.’ Only 4% said it was not a physically painful event.

“97% said that abortion was emotionally painful, with 60% saying that it was ‘very painful.’ Only 2% thought that abortion was not an emotionally painful event.” 

That’s not something you hear from the Shout-Your-Abortion cohort. 

Excruciating Emotional Torment: Long-Lasting Mental Health Issues and Trauma  

Both surgical and Chemical Abortion Pill abortions cause a profound amount of trauma and pain. Pro-abortion activists decide to do more than ignore this fact – they twist the truth. How? Instead of admitting abortion’s traumatic effects, they claim it brings “happiness.” In 2020, SFLA debunked a claim from HuffPost that used two pro-abortion studies. 

READ HERE: HuffPost Insists that 95% of Women are Happy with Their Abortion Decisions – Students For Life of America 

In the article, two studies show how abortion increases mood disorders, emotional distress, substance abuse, drug abuse, self-harm, and suicidal behavior. If this is the definition of happiness, then the definition of sadness should be sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies. 

A more recent study by David C. Reardon of the Elliot Institute in St Peters, Missouri; Katherine A. Rafferty of the University of Iowa at Ames; and Tessa Longbons of the Charlotte Lozier Institute in Arlington, Virginia, showed that 60% of women who had abortions regret their decision and have experienced negative emotional side effects. Let’s not neglect to mention how these behaviors and abuse problems have a ripple effect throughout their lives and the lives around them.  

Here are some more SFLA articles on mental harm:  

Many of these women are gripped with shame, sadness, and guilt, and there are women brave enough to express their regret on the internet through platforms like TikTok or Instagram. 

Take a look here.

Far From Safe: Physical Pain and Permanent Bodily Damage  

“Safe, legal, and rare.”  

It’s more like “Danger, sadly illegal, and not rare.”  

Some would say this is an outdated slogan, but this phrase has shifted and morphed to fit the abortion issues of today’s time.  

Planned Parenthood still claims abortion is “very safe.”  

Again, recent studies have proven otherwise. Charlotte Lozier’s recent study showed that the Chemical Abortion Pill increases the likelihood of a woman going to the emergency room within 30 days, which is significantly more than surgical abortions.  

We haven’t stopped talking about it and won’t any time soon. Look here:  

Some women who’ve had abortion also experience fertility issues, pre-term births and ectopic pregnancies directly related to their abortion.  

Abortion Allows Abusers to Get Away with Crime  

Predators and abusers use the Chemical Abortion Pill to cover up their crimes, and as a result, the preborn child and the woman or girl are the victims. There are countless stories, but here are a few covered by SFLA:  

Abusers want to kill their preborn child, so why should the rest of the public encourage it? 

Reject Prejudice Against the Preborn:  

The Pro-Life Generation rejects prejudice against people based on race, age, sex, stage of development, parental income, perception of abilities, or the events of conception. We reject shaming people for things out of their control. And we reject a mindset that says we should end the lives of those who might suffer rather than address the suffering.  

The presumption that some people should be born demands a compassionate response. Case in Point: Explore some of the inspiring stories we’ve done about those conceived by rape or in unwanted circumstances:  

Not Just Harming Women: Forever Chemicals in the Water  

Turns out, abortion might directly affect men, women, and children alike. In 2024, Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins delivered a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking the government to include mifepristone, one of two drugs from the two-pill chemical abortion regimen, in the list of “forever chemicals” to track. Don’t believe us? Check out what we were doing in 2023:  

Abortion activists can twist it, spin it, and turn it, but the truth always falls back into place: abortion hurts women.  

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