Did you just find out your state senator has written a pro-abortion bill? Is there a pro-life bill that’s being voted on and you want to rally in support? Did you find out that your school is hosting a pro-abortion speaker? These are the times to RALLY the troops and spread the pro-life message! Whether it’s in support or opposition, you and your group need to be there!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • SFLA Signs
  • SFLA T-Shirts
  • “Rapid Response” training


  1. Plan your rally details.
    • Pick a date and time that will have the BEST turnout for both students and community members. You’ll want as many people there as possible! The rally should happen before the event to which you are responding.
    • Choose your event location! A public venue is the best choice for a rally. Choose a location that corresponds to the event that you’re responding to. For example, if a senator has written a pro-abortion bill, you can rally in front of their office.
    • Research the area or public space to find out if a permit is needed.
    • If insurance is required, SFLA will need to know 24 hours in advance. Contact your Regional Coordinator immediately if this is the case.
  2. Gather volunteers!
    • Ask for volunteers well in advance and keep them updated.
    • Assign a photographer! Find two volunteers who will be willing to take pictures at your event. If you plan to film the event, assign someone to take video as well!
    • Make a list of appropriate speakers based on the topic. Email speaker requests immediately with as much information as possible to make sure they can at least secure the date! Be sure to clarify whether they require any travel expenses.
  3. Collect materials and resources.
    • If you are hosting speakers and are permitted to have amplified sound, you will need a PA system, microphones, and cords. If you have a sound or music contact through your school or church, ask them for help. Check all sound equipment the day before the rally!
    • If you’re hosting speakers, you’ll also need a podium to hold their notes! You can ask local groups or churches to borrow one. A music stand always works great as well!
    • Ask your Regional Coordinator for SFLA signs and t-shirts! Stand in solidarity for your cause! Hand written signs are awesome because you can make them specific to the cause!
    • Make sure you bring plenty of water; ask for donations ahead of time.

The sooner you advertise, the more people you’ll gather!

  • Social Media! Regardless of how many Facebook friends you have, create an event to keep updates organized! Share it with your Regional Coordinator to extend the reach! Ask your Regional Coordinator to contact local media for you, too!
  • Send personal invites. There’s nothing like being personally invited to an exciting event. Ask others to help you spread the word!
  • Contact local groups like PRCs and churches. Give them flyers to distribute as well!
  1. The day has arrived!!
    • Arrive at least an hour early to set up with all materials and resources.
    • Bring emergency supplies like duct tape, scissors, markers, paper, batteries, a first aid kit, pens, clipboards, and trash bags.
    • Bring copies of any permits or insurance papers on hand.
    • Print an agenda and review it with all volunteers and speakers. Print an extra copy for each volunteer.
    • Ask your photographers and videographer to arrive early. Assign a “shot list” to be sure you get every picture you want!
    • Check all sound equipment once it’s set up.
    • Once the event is over, clean up! You don’t want to be the group that left signs and trash.

 Congratulations! You hosted an amazing rally! Is there anything left?

Be sure to THANK your volunteers and speakers. A thank you note goes a long way and will help strengthen your relationships!


Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.