Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

Participating in a Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is a great way to share the message of protecting innocent human life no matter where you are! This is a great conversation starter when people notice the shirt’s message without you even having to say a word. Although some may disagree with you, this is a great way to spread the word and get people thinking about the issue of abortion.  You can choose any day or coordinate with National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day!


SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Join Us” post cards
  • “Fetal Development” post cards
  • “Apologetics 101” training


  1. Poll your group members to decide on an official Pro-Life T-Shirt Day. This could be any day in the semester or this could be the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, usually mid-April. Check out the SFLA Plan Your Year Guide for the exact date.
  2. Your group can meet to create your own shirts, or order any Pro-life T-Shirts from the SFLA store!
  3. Wear your shirt all day long, even after school, to spread the message everywhere you go!

Don’t have any pro-life t-shirts? Check out for cool t-shirts, hats, hoodies, bracelets, and more.

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more helpful information.