Tips for Your Chapter

Organizing and activating a Pro-Life Future chapter can at times be a daunting task. Even in a conservative community, you will face challenges to the truth that you share. Moreover, you may find that it is the simplest tasks that you struggle with, such as running a meeting or delegating responsibilities. Need some quick advice? Here are a few helpful tips for your group! Remember, running a Pro-Life Future chapter is a lot like running a Students for Life group. What was successful in high school or college will often transfer over to being successful in Pro-Life Future.


Have a schedule, and stick to it! You want your chapter to develop a reputation for being consistent and reliable. For example, set the times and location of your meetings as a regular, unchanging event. Do not simply call a meeting every time you feel like it! These meetings should be predictable so that your members are prepared to attend.


Your chapter should not be relying on two or three people to do all the work. If your chapter has many members, create committees to handle certain responsibilities and events. If your numbers are smaller, assign persons to specific tasks. By delegating these responsibilities, there will be less burden on just a few members, and people will be less apt to forget the details! More importantly, everyone will feel like they are invested in your group and its mission.


In order to attract more members and to further spread your message, people need to know that you exist! Be creative in getting your brand out into the community. Go to places where you’re likely to find young adults open to the pro-life cause and interact with them, through flyers and handouts, through conversation, or through just being there. Get your information out to people whom you want to attract. Organize bold displays that get your group noticed! Whether it be a “Cemetery of the Innocents” or a display of graphic images, be bold in showing your message to your community. This will then attract the attention of your peers- and maybe the media!


You want your group members and the community to be aware of what your Pro-Life Future chapter is doing. Use social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, to share pictures, videos, event information, and event details. Pro-Life Future can help you with social media and hosting a website. Email us for details. Regularly update your group members on changes to the schedule, and always alert the public of upcoming events!

Remember, a small group of people can make a huge difference. And if your small group is consistently active and visible in the community, and you welcome new members, your group will grow more quickly than you ever imagined. Check out this video for even more tips:

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