National Pro-Life Chalk Day 2024

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Post-Roe Generation will be chalking across the country to Stand Up Against Abortion Extremism!

We, the Pro-Life Generation, have our work cut out for us. Abortion supporters, more strongly than ever, are refusing to acknowledge the humanity of the preborn—even throughout the second and third trimesters of development! We know, however, that every unique, unrepeatable human life begins at conception, and the right to life ought to be respected from that moment forward.

During National Pro-Life Sidewalk Chalk Day this Spring, Students for Life of America is encouraging you and your pro-life peers to boldly reject abortion extremism. While the abortion industry is pushing abortion through all nine months, we know that late-term abortions kill preborn children who can feel pain, recognize their mothers’ voices, smile, and even survive outside the womb. We must spread awareness about this truth to demonstrate that abortion is extreme and that women & their preborn children deserve better!  

This National Pro-Life Chalk Day, we are urging our nation to Stand Up Against Abortion Extremism, exposing the truth about what abortion does to the preborn. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness about abortion extremism and promote authentic support for women in need.

If you missed the March 11th cut-off date to register for receiving a free Chalk Day kit in the mail, you can still sign up to get helpful digital materials from the kit to make your event a success! 

Plus... did we mention it's a competition?

  • 1st place winners will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • 2nd place winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and up to 5 free t-shirts from The Pro-Life Gen Shop.
  • 3rd place winners will receive a $15 Amazon gift card and up to 3 free t-shirts from The Pro-Life Gen Shop.
How do you enter to win?

Chalk outside of your school or in your community. Take pictures of your chalk. Send your submissions for Chalk Day to [email protected] by 3:30 PM EST on Friday, March 22nd to qualify to win.

Be sure to TAG @StudentsforLife on your social media posts! 

What are some things you can chalk?
  • “We are the Pro-Life Generation”
  • “Women don’t need abortion”
  • “Dear women, the Abortion Industry is lying to you...”
  • “If your healthcare kills, it is not healthcare."
  • “Need resources for your pregnancy?”
  • “Women need love, NOT abortion”
  • “Go to for help! You are NOT alone!”
  • “Abortion is EXTREME.”   
  • “8 in 10 Americans Oppose Abortion Through All Nine Months” 
  • “20,000 Late Term Abortions Are Committed Every Year in the US. Stand Up Against Abortion Extremism.” 
  • “Every Abortion Kills a Unique Human Person by Starving, Suctioning, Poisoning, or Dismembering Them to Death.” 
  • “Preborn humans can feel pain as early as 12 weeks” 
  • “Love Them Both” 
  • Consider chalking the sidewalks with fetal development facts, too!