National Pro-Life Chalk Day 2023

Join us on Tuesday, March 21st  for National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  REGISTER HERE! 

Roe has been reversed and now the abortion industry is relying on their back up plan of Chemical Abortions to continue ending lives, making money, and endangering women's health. Chemical Abortions end 670 preborn lives every day and have killed 28 women whom we know of. Despite the known risks, the Biden Administration in conjunction with the abortion industry is working to make Chemical Abortions accessible all over the country.

Chemical Abortions now make up over 54% of abortions in this country and major greedy corporations like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid have moved to distribute these drugs in their pharmacies. That is why Students for Life of America has been sounding the alarm bells about these dangerous drugs for years and we must continue to fight for women and their preborn babies.  

This National Pro-Life Chalk Day will be focused on This Is Chemical Abortion and exposing the dangers of these deadly drugs. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness about these dangerous drugs and promote authentic support for women in need.

On Tuesday, March 21st, the Post-Roe  Generation will be chalking across the country  to spread the message about the dangers of Chemical Abortion.

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Plus... did we mention it's a competition?

  • 1st place winners will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • 2nd place winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and up to 5 free t-shirts from The SFLA Shop.
  • 3rd place winners will receive a $15 Amazon gift card and up to 3 free t-shirts from The SFLA Shop.  
How do you enter to win?

Chalk outside of your school or in front of an abortion facility near you. Take pictures of your chalk. Send your submissions for Chalk Day to  [email protected]  by 3:30 PM EST on Friday, March 24th to qualify to win. 


Be sure to TAG @StudentsforLife on your social media posts! 

What are some things you can chalk?
  • “We are the Post-Roe Generation” 

  • “Women don’t need abortion” 

  • “Dear women, the Abortion Industry is lying to you... 

  •  “If your healthcare kills, it is not healthcare." 

  •  “Need resources for your pregnancy?” 

  • “Women need love NOT abortion”  

  • “Chemical Abortions kill over 670 human beings every day.”  

  • “28 women have died from Abortion Pills. #ThesePillsKill”  

  • “Medicine Over Poison”  

  • “Abortion Pills Kill”  

  • “Love Them Both”


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