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09 Jan 2020

Russ Vought, Leader of President Trump’s De-Regulatory Agenda, Is Speaking at the National Pro-Life Summit

Brenna Lewis | January 9, 2020
Just confirmed as a speaker at the National Pro-Life Summit is Russ Vought, who is Trump’s appointed Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). It’s a lengthy, lesser-known title. To the pro-life movement, Russ is better known as the man behind the plan to defund Planned Parenthood of $60 million Title X dollars. Russ Vought has served as
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07 Jan 2020

Planned Parenthood Lost 400,000 Donors Last Year

Brenna Lewis | January 7, 2020
Planned Parenthood’s repulsive Christmas gift to the country every year is the release of their annual report, which is always full of data points that conflict with their tired rhetoric. This year, among MANY other compelling points, it was revealed that Planned Parenthood lost almost half a million individual donors last year. Jim Sedlak of American Life Leage (ALL) noted,
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02 Jan 2020

2,556 Post-Abortive Women Tell The Supreme Court To Allow Pro-Life Law To Stand

Brenna Lewis | January 2, 2020
The abortion industry often claims they are the ones fighting for women’s health and supporting women. But a group of post-abortive women just annihilated that claim in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, in support of Louisiana’s law which requires abortion facilities to meet the same basic health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers. The abortion industry opposes
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