Planned Parenthood Offers Awards and Pet Insurance to Employees Who Help Women Abort

Brenna Lewis - 24 Aug 2020


Good news for those seeking to help convince mothers that aborting their children is a good idea – Planned Parenthood of Illinois is hiring! More specifically, they are hiring an “Abortion Patient Navigator.”

Without knowing the nature of the position, “Abortion Patient Navigator” sounds like some sort of morbid GPS system. But, according to Planned Parenthood, these navigators are people who reach those hard-to-get customers. Mothers who are having a hard time paying for their abortion, getting to their abortion appointment, finding somewhere to get a late-term abortion – these navigators aid and abet it all. They’ll even register you to vote for a pro-abortion political candidate (if you aren’t already).

But, because we’re talking about Planned Parenthood, it gets SO much worse. Not only would someone seeking this position fully enable countless abortions, they would also help teenagers abort in secret. No need to involve those pesky parents who might have an opinion or two on whether their grandchild is killed with chemicals, dismembered, or worse.

Sure, it may sound like grisly work, ensuring the demise of children who may have otherwise lived thanks to obstacles to “access.” But did you catch all those benefits? Parental leave to benefit the employee’s children (who are much more valuable than the patients’)! Awards for helping the most women abort! Pet insurance!

On a more serious note though… abortion industry workers have been sold the same toxic lie that post-abortive mothers have been. That abortion is a great, fix-all solution to a problem. Never mind the women who are hurt (or killed) and psychologically wounded for life. Never mind the death toll of innocent preborn lives. If you know an abortion industry worker, there is a way out. Contact

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