Kamala Harris’s Sterile DNC Acceptance Speech Masks a Very Pro-Abortion Agenda

Jessica Nardi - 21 Aug 2020


Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris officially accepted her position at the Democratic National Convention, assuring voters of her support for women and children. But these words mask a cruel and misguided (at best) agenda of fully legalizing and radicalizing abortion. Let’s read between the lines. For the full text of her acceptance speech, click here.

Harris: I’ve fought for children and survivors of sexual assault. 

Not pre-born children clearly. And as for sexual assault, Planned Parenthood has offered abortion to minor girls and sexual predators such as in Live Action’s video footage of undercover investigators portraying a pimp and prostitute asking how to obtain abortions for their sex ring of underage (age 14-15), non-English speaking girls. In the video, the Planned Parenthood worker tells them they can only do abortions for girls under 18 with parental consent but then follows with saying, “But there’s also ways, judicial bypass, that we can get around that if you guys ever need it.” As simple as that, they proved their fine with helping abusive men with sex trafficking with no questions asked so they don’t lose business.      

Harris: I know a predator when I see one.

Like pro-life Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Whose background you questioned at a hearing regarding sexual accusations before dropping the pretense and simply asking ,“Can you think of any laws that give the government the right to make decisions about the male body?” Of course, you also questioned Joe Biden’s background. You even said you believed his accusers. Except now that you’ve been offered the VP job, suddenly their stories don’t matter anymore? By that logic, if Kavanaugh’s accusers (who continue to recant their accusations) disqualify him from the bench, then Biden’s accusers disqualify him from being president. Of course, you don’t agree, but that’s because it was never about the women — it was always and still about legalizing and radicalizing abortion.

Plus… if you don’t see Planned Parenthood as a predator, you’re blind as they come in identifying manipulative entities. Planned Parenthood targets the poor and the desperate and makes $1.6 billion in revenue per year from killing their children. They sell a message of “You can’t,” set up shop primarily in minority neighborhoods, and charge anywhere from $400-$1,500+ per abortion of a child. There’s no greater predator in America.

Harris: …we are united by the fundamental belief that every human being is of infinite worth, deserving of compassion, dignity and respect.

What’s baffling is that you’ve upheld restrictions against euthanasia arguing there’s no right to assisted suicide in California law, but you simultaneously support of abortion up to 20 weeks (and later, with your undying support of Roe v. Wade). But if you respect human life so much that you don’t agree with convenience suicide–then why are you in favor of convenience killing in abortion? Physician-assisted suicide advocates say it’s better to die — why endure physical and emotional suffering? Why impose financial hardship on those around you? But if you think life is more precious than the “burden” they claim it imposes, then why does that same respect not extend to the unborn? The only logical way Kamala can be a rabid abortion supporter AND truly believe every human has dignity is if she’s a science denier. If she refuses the scientific reality that the preborn are human beings.

Harris: The injustice in reproductive and maternal health care. In the excessive use of force by police. And in our broader criminal justice system.

Say it: Black Preborn Lives Matter. For someone who calls for an end to systemic racism, respect for their lives is not only absent from your platform, but you think women have the right to kill preborn babies of any race. If your idea of “reproductive justice” is defending the systemic killing of the unborn, particularly black babies which are targeted by Planned Parenthood, you’ve lost all credibility.

And it’s too rich for her to call out excessive police force. She is infamous for abusing power via the criminal justice system, imposing harsh sentences for minor crimes and (most famously for the pro-life movement) ordering an armed raid of David Daleiden’s home at the request of Planned Parenthood. Daleiden was responsible for the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts, and Harris had no qualms about using her authority to steamroll a citizen journalist in the interest of a political backer.

What’s It All Mean?

This was a carefully-crafted speech for Kamala Harris, but not one that could conceal her true agenda. Sure, not a word was spoken on the Hyde Amendment, Medicare for All, or codifying Roe v. Wade — all hot button issues for the Democratic Party’s platform — but subtle political phrases like “reproductive justice” were a dead giveaway. It’s just incredible how she can utter the words “every human being is of infinite worth, deserving of compassion, dignity and respect,” while running on this platform that’s diametrically opposed to this belief.  

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