Calling/Letter Campaign

Whenever legislation is being introduced, whether it is pro-life or pro-abortion, it is important to let your Congressmen know your stance. Even if you’re not 18, it is crucial our legislators listen to the people they represent. Calling in and writing letters of support or opposition can be very effective in influencing legislator’s views!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • SFLA Mobilization Kit
  • Opposition or Support Letter Sample
  • “Rapid Response” training


  1. Research the bill!
    • Find out who wrote the bill. This is the main person you will want to target whether it is to congratulate them and support an amazing pro-life bill, or rally in opposition of a horrific pro-abortion piece of legislation.
    • Read the bill! It’s important to know why you want a legislator to vote a certain way.
    • Find out when the vote is taking place. This will determine how quickly you should act and give you a hard deadline.
  2. Next, find out who your state legislators are. You can find them by going to your State House Website or State Senate Website and typing in your zip code. If you know a specific committee is going to vote on the bill, Google the committee name, i.e. California Senate Education Committee, and the members will be listed.
  3. Once you have the legislator or the committee member’s names, gather their phone number, fax number, and address.
  4. Call right away! You do not need a deadline to call their offices! When you are calling, be sure to have a script ready.
    • Introduce yourself and who you are calling on behalf of (your group and school).
    • Urge them to vote yes or no. Tell them which bill you would like them to vote yes or no on.
    • Briefly explain why you would like them to vote a certain way.
    • Remind them that it is important to vote for life, not just for this bill, but for any bill that will protect women and preborn children.
    • Thank them for their time!
  5. Write an effective letter.
    • Keep the letter length to one page. Only discuss one specific bill or issue in a letter.
    • Use your groups logo in the header. Don’t have one? Ask your Regional Coordinator how to get one.
    • Address the legislator appropriately: Dear Representative [Last Name] or Dear Senator [Last Name].
    • Introduce yourself and who you are writing on behalf of (your group and school).
    • Follow-up your introduction with concise reasoning to your support or opposition of the bill. It is better to write out two or three well thought out arguments than a list of reasons. Include specific facts about how this will impact your community.
    • Conclude with an urging to vote yes or no on the specific bill.
  6. Delivering your letter.
    • You can hand deliver or fax your letter to the legislator’s office. Do not use snail mail.
    • If you choose to hand deliver the letter, schedule an appointment to speak with the legislator or their representative. This is most effective as it will give you an opportunity to speak with them in person!

 Other important info!

Some legislators have multiple offices. Call ahead of time to find out where they will be!

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.