Activities Fair Table

Does your group need more members? Is your group looking for fresh ideas and more enthusiasm?

If your answer is a resounding, “Why yes, yes we do!”, then you should host a table at your school’s activities fair!

Hosting a table at your school’s activity fair will not only allow you to recruit new, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman who can bring both new ideas and additional energy to the table (pun intended), but it will also give your group a better presence on your campus!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Join Us” post cards
  • “We are the Pro-Life Generation” laptop stickers
  • 3-5 SFLA post cards of your groups choice
  • “Apologetics 101” trainings
  • “Recruitment and Retention” training


  1. Reserve a table at the fair.
    • The first step to hosting a table at your schools Activity Fair is to make a reservation! Talk to the Office of Students Affairs about what steps you need to take to reserve a space.
  2. Host an “Apologetics 101” training and “Recruitment and Retention” training with your Regional Coordinator.
    • While you are tabling, you will be approached by pro-choice students, facility, and peers and it is important that you know how to effectively talk with them. SFLA’s “Apologetics 101” training teaches you how to effectively and persuasively talk to others about the pro-life mission.
    • Do you need some pointers for recruiting? Make sure to ask your Regional Coordinator to put on a “Recruitment and Retention” training for your group!
  3. Plan logistics.
    • Host a meeting with your group to go over the logistics of the event. As a group, delegate members to gather materials and have a sign-up sheet for members to take shifts during the tabling session.
  4. Gather materials.
    • Before the event, gather materials that you will need for the table such as clipboards, a table cloth, some candy, and flyers with your group information on them!
    • Some additional materials you might want to bring include:
      • Information about local pregnancy resources centers.
      • A display board with general group information and pictures of your group in action.
  1. Set-up the table.
    • Assign a group member who is good at decorating set-up your table. The students at the fair will be inundated with information and tables from every other group. Set-up your table in a way that will distinguish your group from the rest. You can make your table look classy, fun, or a combination of both! Just make sure your table sticks out without being weird (#DBW always)!
  2. Recruit!
    • Today’s the day! It is now the time to put what you learned into practice!
  3. Follow-Up!
    • Follow-up with students who signed-up to join your group so that your recruiting efforts do not go in vain!

First Amendment 101

On a public campus, the first amendment protects your freedom of speech and guarantees that your group has the right to equal treatment as any other group on your campus. If you feel like your administration is discriminating against your group, contact your Regional Coordinator. Discrimination can come in many different shapes and sizes including: making your group jump through additional hoops to get a registration, holding your group to a higher standard than any other group, and not allowing your group to participate in the Activities Fair.

What if I go to a private school?

Since private schools are not run through the government, they are not always required to respect your first amendment rights. If you feel like you are being discriminated against at a private school, call your Regional Coordinator to discuss your options.

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.