The Mainstream Media is Noticing: We Took a Page Out of Abortion Supporters’ Playbook with ALMOST ABORTED  

Jordan Estabrook - 10 Jul 2024

Democrats are spending $200 million producing exaggerated, melodramatic, and blatantly false abortion ads claiming that “reproductive rights” are at stake, women will die without abortion, and even claiming that women will be jailed and prosecuted.   

Remember when Gov. Gavin Newsom of California released an advertisement of police chasing down a frantic woman seeking an abortion? Or the ad of a woman handcuffed to a hospital bed for trying to obtain an abortion?  

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Yeah, none of that represents reality.  

One can only laugh; not because the scenario is funny but because it’s laughably untrue.   

But Students for Life of America (SFLA) took a step further and tore a page out of their abortion playbook and performed their play better than they could. Our six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, including five billboards in multiple battleground states, does just that, not with fabricated and fictional stories, but with real stories of rape, surviving abortion, or pressure to abort. And yet, through hardship, choosing and embracing life.   

Not with hyperbolic fables but profoundly moving, raw, and inspiring testimonies. And no misrepresentation of stories – only the truth from courageous men and women who said no to or survived an abortion.   

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POLITICO joined us for our New York Times Square launch of ALMOST ABORTED and noted its profound impact and strategic response to abortion advertisements nationwide in a recent article.   

POLITICO’s Megan Messerly and Alice Miranda Ollstein wrote:   

“The left has spent two years galvanizing voters against state abortion bans by handing a microphone to the women affected by them. Conservatives are now adopting that playbook to turn public opinion in their favor.  

Anti-abortion groups have used testimonials before, including stories of people who survived abortion attempts, to argue that fetuses deserve legal protection. But this new push is meant to help people understand the reasons mothers decided not to have abortions.”   

The campaign isn’t only about mothers choosing life but also the value and bravery of those who survived abortions. Our messaging is the opposite of the abortion media’s that abortion is needed. Abortion isn’t only unneeded but harmful, as we can see this very point by showing the joy of life, even in hardships.   

Despite even Former President Donald Trump and the GOP being soft-spoken and avoidant on their abortion stance, SFLA and other pro-life leaders aren’t staying silent, as noted by POLITCO’s mentioning and quote by Michael Carney, noting:   

“Pro-Life Partners President Michael Kenney said the new push was born out of a meeting of about a dozen anti-abortion leaders on the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision in June 2023 convened by his organization — which counts as members Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Students for Life and other influential groups. At that meeting, the leaders fretted about a wave of ‘media stories saying that the pro-life movement wasn’t prepared for this moment’ and brainstormed how to change the narrative, he said.”  

SFLA was indeed prepared for the moment, not merely armed with retweets and reactions but strategic and financial actions that meet the abortion media’s challenge. ALMOST ABORTED testimonies poke holes in each of their abortion talking points.   

Angela Harders conceived her daughter in rape and doesn’t have any regrets.   

Mia Armstrong was born with Down syndrome and is a successful actress representing the community.   

Josiah Pressley survived an abortion and now speaks to and inspires others.   

Rebecca Kiessling was conceived out of rape. Now, she uses her story to advocate for others and pro-life laws.   

And that’s just a few inspiring and REAL stories of how embracing life, even in the face of adverse diagnoses or circumstances, will always be better than choosing death.   

SFLA isn’t done yet. More ALMOST ABORTED stories will be released every Tuesday and Friday until the end of July. And even still, there’s more in our playbook. Stay tuned.   

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