Almost Aborted: Tina’s Story 

Jordan Estabrook - 09 Jul 2024

Like Tina Whittington, many women are pressured to abort due to erroneous, and sometimes accurate, prenatal testing. Today, Whittington gives a voice to and represents many mothers in the same or similar position as her.  

As a part of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, Whittington shares her experience dealing with a potential Down syndrome diagnosis, but also the pressure to abort her first daughter. Whittington is one among many to share her story, including Faith, Rebecca, Josiah, Angela, Lily, Hope, Mia, and Micaella.  


Whittington and her husband were overjoyed to discover that they were having their first daughter. However, that excitement was quickly quenched when the ultrasound technician went quiet during her ultrasound. A few minutes later, the doctor came in and told her and her husband their daughter had two markers for Down syndrome. They were urged to do an amniocentesis test to verify any chromosomal abnormality, but Whittington refused.  

“Knowing that the amniocentesis carries some small risks of miscarriage, early delivery, or infection, and that even if my daughter did have a chromosomal abnormality, we would still carry her to term and love her without condition,” Whittington said in her video. “I decided to forgo this test.” 

Even though the doctor was frustrated, even separating her from her husband to have an “honest conversation,” Whittington stood her ground.  

“When your trusted doctor recommends an abortion, it instantly paints a bleak picture of your child’s future and what you, as a mother, can do. Their ‘medical opinion’ places an overwhelming amount of pressure on you,” explained Whittington. “My little girl, and only daughter, Esther, was born at 38 weeks, without Down syndrome and healthy.” 

From her own experience and conversations, she knows many moms who were pressured to do the same. When they chose life, whether it was a misdiagnosis or there were challenges, none of the moms regret their decision.  



To hear more stories of those walking among us who were Almost Aborted, visit Almost Aborted | Pressured but not Persuaded. 

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