Almost Aborted: Lily’s Story 

Jordan Estabrook - 25 Jun 2024

Lily and her husband were pressured to abort their daughter multiple times.   

Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, allowed Lily to share her story and give other women and couples the same courage. She’s also shared her almost aborted story alongside other courageous individuals, including Faith, Rebecca, Josiah, and Angela.  


Lily was 28 weeks pregnant when the doctor told her and her husband they should abort their daughter, Felicity, due to genetic abnormalities. Time and time again, they were pressured, but they remained determined to give their child life.  

“Just days before my second daughter, Felicity, had been diagnosed with several genetic abnormalities in the womb,” said Lily in the video. “We’d spent time with these doctors discussing possible surgeries and treatment plans if she survived birth, but suddenly the conversation shifted to abortion.” 



There was never any doubt that they would fight for their child and that abortion was never an option. Their worst fears became reality and Felicity passed away. Still, Lily and her husband have no regrets for their decision.  

“I cannot imagine what would have become of me if I had chosen abortion,” said Lily. “I would have endured all the same heartache, all the same labor pains needing to be induced anyway, but I would have also held the weight of knowing that I had something to do with ending her life.” 

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To hear more stories of those walking among us who were Almost Aborted, visit Almost Aborted | Pressured but not Persuaded. 

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