Bank of America Says Goodbye to America’s Free Speech, Accused of De-Banking Pro-Lifers and Conservatives

Jordan Estabrook - 05 Jun 2024

Free speech is beginning to wither in the land of the free and home of the brave, as some large and central corporations are now punishing people for their beliefs by denying them services.  

What started as companies like Apple, Netflix, Starbucks, and Ralph Lauren donating to pro-abortion or LGBTQ causes or making Roe-supportive statements has now edged its way deeper into America’s backbone. As reported by the Telegraph, Bank of America (BOA) is accused by fifteen Republican attorneys general of de-banking pro-life and conservative customers who stand against extreme progressive ideology. According to the Telegraph, “In a seven-page memo, the attorneys generals outline BOA’s partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the US Treasury to ‘profile conservative and religious Americans as potential domestic terrorists.'” 

It’s one thing when the Oreo Cookie alienates you for not being “transgender inclusive” enough. It’s another thing when a bank does it.  

This discovery is shocking and threatening to all citizens, regardless of their beliefs. Pro-lifers should be worried about corporations, institutions, and companies growing empowered to discriminate on such an extreme level. For those unfamiliar, de-banking is the termination of an individual from a bank due to legal, liability, or reputational risk to the bank.  

For a free society to have a bank, a supposedly neutral and critical institution to American culture, cherry-picking and punishing citizens is a slippery slope to a free Republic drifting from freedom. If it sounds less like America and more like a communist dystopia, you wouldn’t be wrong.  

Now, typically, when de-banking happens, it is acceptable if the organization or individual is involved in terrorist schemes, which include individuals who use funds to terrorize, torture, and kill people. According to the FBI, “criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.” 

In recent years, the definition of terrorism has been blown into oblivion and expanded beyond absurdity – before we know it, the definition could be anyone from a terrorist cell to a two-year-old throwing a tantrum. Students for Life of America (SFLA) recently found our name discretely buried on a non-alphabetized list of alleged suspects on a self-proclaimed terrorist watch list called “Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States.” Ironically, this list conveniently leaves out groups like Jane’s Revenge, threatening violence, including gun violence against SFLA, and are well known for the phrase, “IF ABORTIONS AREN’T SAFE, YOU’RE NOT EITHER.” 

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It is not merely an “innocent” far stretch to put peaceful pro-life organizations, political parties, or religious groups into the same league as domestic terrorists who use arson, hijack planes, rob banks, and commit murder: It is intentional to create an association between those who stand for life and the unspeakable horrors of terrorism. The icing on the cake is simultaneously ignoring actual, provable violence, such as Jane’s Revenge, for the sake of a political agenda.  

Many pro-lifers pray, support Pregnancy Care Centers (PRC), educate, set up tables, host talks, and engage in meaningful and challenging conversations on the abortion issue with the goal to save preborn lives.  

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If that lands an individual on the “terrorism” spectrum, then no one should talk about anything controversial. And that is, of course, the point. Whether you’re pro-abortion or pro-life, whether you’re politically left or right, de-banking someone based on their nonviolent views endangers anyone who dares speak contrary to public opinion. It sets up a society of drones who must repeat the mainstream creed, whether it’s on religious, moral, or political views. Even worse, it silences those standing for the preborn, making the way for more babies to die.  

Yet, that’s what Bank of America is being accused of doing. As reported by the Telegraph, “over a dozen Republican attorneys general – the main legal advisors to our state governors – wrote a letter to Brian T. Moynihan, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bank of America (BOA) noting that the institution ‘appears to be conditioning access to its services on customers having the bank’s preferred religious or political views.’” 

What Bank of America is accused of is nothing short of a threat to a free society. SFLA is paying attention and fighting back; every American should, too.  

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