POETICALLY PRO-LIFE: How Hildegard Art Fellow Josie Talley Combined Her Two Passions in Service of the Preborn

Josie Talley - 04 Jun 2024

As a Social Work and English student at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and former Students for Life Action (SFLAction) State Captain, Josephine Talley was involved in the Hildegard Art Fellowship with Students for Life of America (SFLA) this year. Drawn into the Hildegard Art Fellowship due to opportunities to find a new way to expand her pro-life advocacy, she wrote pro-life poetry as a unique and rewarding experience. Read more about her year as a fellow below! 


The project I worked on this semester was a pro-life poetry anthology titled “Poetically Pro-Life.” I wrote several poems and narrowed them to fifteen for my final work. These poems are mainly directed toward the everyday pro-life advocate, but anyone can read, enjoy, or learn from them.

My campus, though a Catholic one, has difficulties establishing a strong pro-life stance, so further advocacy was necessary. I wanted to provide encouragement and extra fire to pro-life advocates as they go out in a world that doesn’t tolerate what we support. Though it’s crucial advocacy, it can be draining and discouraging at times, so I hope my poetry can reach people differently and encourage them to speak out against abortion, even when it’s terrifying.  

Excerpt from one of Talley’s pro-life poems.

I’m currently in the process of getting my anthology out into the world and on my campus. I’ve contacted my home parish to inquire about sharing my poetry and have received positive feedback from them to move forward. I’ll do an Instagram takeover for my university’s SFLA group to share my poetry. I’ve contacted our campus church to ask about sharing and sending my poetry to various pro-life organizations in my area. To measure the success of my project, I’m seeing how many people I can reach to further the pro-life cause. So far, the reactions to my work have been quite positive, and I look forward to seeing what others think as I can share more with people.  

QR code to Telley’s Poetically Pro-Life Website.

The other fellows I worked with this year were an absolute pleasure to get to know. The group had different gifts, and it was beautiful to watch them flourish. They constantly inspired me, especially when I was experiencing a creative slump. One of the fellows thought of the title “Poetically Pro-Life” for my anthology. In light of our varied talents and stories, we experienced growth and learned together. Specifically, I learned to use words to convey meaning inspired by personal experiences in the pro-life movement. Every piece I wrote drew upon my life and interactions with people around me, allowing reflection on life and its intrinsic goodness.  

As my involvement in the Hildegard Art Fellowship ends, I’m excited to continue this coming year as a part of the Christian Leadership Fellowship. This program will teach me valuable skills for leading the pro-life movement within my Catholic university. I will be serving as president of my school’s Students for Life group this coming year, presenting various challenges and opportunities for growth. My involvement in the pro-life community is far from over, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.  

Visit Talley’s Poetically Pro-Life Website HERE.

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