Christian Leadership Fellow Steven Wohlmuth on Loving Them Both at the University of Scranton 

Steven Wohlmuth - 04 Jun 2024

Communicating the pro-life message is crucial to spreading the word on the value of life. 

As a communications major at the University of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I wanted to join the Christian Leadership Fellowship with Students for Life of America (SFLA) to improve my communication skills and be an effective leader for my campus pro-life group. When I became president this year, I knew I needed to seek leadership experience and training.  


For my fellowship project, I wanted to raise money for the nearby Pregnancy Care Center (PRC) so they could provide for mothers and their children in the community. This project was a meaningful way to support those in need through the unwavering generosity of students. The younger Pro-Life Generation is stepping up to the plate, helping those in need, and even improving the campus perception of my group by caring for human beings in and out of the womb. 

The project was successful as we raised significant money, totaling approximately $1,000. Equally important, the project made a concrete connection between the local Pregnancy Care Center, Marywood University’s pro-life group, and Pennsylvania Humans for Life. It also made our group more active on campus and showed the university who we are and why we matter as an organization.  

Even more encouraging was our increased membership due to our passion and determination throughout this project. The project offered monetary encouragement for all our hard work and inspired the group through the connections we made along the way.  

The campus environment was supportive, and my group tangibly modeled care and compassion, such as collecting donations, which helped people understand what being passionately pro-life means. Even though our total may not seem like a lot to an outsider, it meant a lot to the Pregnancy Care Center, especially since it came from a group of young college students.

While they did thank us, they also invited us to a donor dinner and a tour of their facilities. Many who attended the dinner said they admired our group’s work. However, the people who were the most ecstatic with what we accomplished were our group members themselves because the feeling of making a difference was incredibly rewarding. Many of them voiced this at the end-of-the-year dinner we held.   

My peers in the Christian Leadership Fellowship inspired me to put every effort I could into my project. Hearing stories of what they have learned and how they have handled conflicts as leaders have humbled me and prepared me to work harder to help my group succeed.  

My project was unique because of my group’s obscure position on campus. With this project, I continued the last president’s revival of the group. I helped create a real presence for the University of Scranton Students for Life despite it being off the radar previously. Though the project is over, I plan to keep fundraising and working with pro-life organizations, especially Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action

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