Students for Life at the University of Missouri at St. Louis is May’s Group of the Month!  

Jordan Estabrook - 29 May 2024

If you want to see an Students for Life of America (SFLA) group that has gone above and beyond for the babies, look no further than Students for Life of UMSL at the University of Missouri – St. Louis!  

Students for Life of UMSL did so much community outreach this year. They have hosted the SFLA’s fall and spring tours. Despite UMSL’s campus being unfriendly to pro-lifers, they boldly shared the truth of life. Even though many students and professors were angry, the students still fostered fruitful and mind-changing conversations. Between these events, they hosted a Standing With You tabletop where they had 82 conversations, handed out resources to 35 people, and met two pregnant moms!   

Regarding supportive services, Students for Life of UMSL also partnered with ThriVe Express Women’s Healthcare to bring their traveling van to their school. They also brought pregnancy center nurses and directors for a panel to dispel myths about pregnancy help organizations.   

Students for Life of UMSL has also been great at mobilizing. They attended the March on the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Midwest March for Life in Jefferson City, Missouri. In addition, they joined others at the Missouri State Capitol for Missouri’s Pro-Life Lobby Day, where they met with legislators to promote Initiative Petition Reform and a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. They participated in chalking with other students and holding signs outside of a St. Louis CVS for a Halt Pharmacy Protest, as well as joining a “Stop Late-Term Abortion” protest.   

Not only do Students for Life of UMSL excel at community outreach within their school, but they’ve also helped reach around 5,000 homes through door-knocking and literature drops across Missouri. They did this to promote local pregnancy resources and Missouri’s Decline to Sign Campaign.   

One of the goals of the Students for Life of UMSL is to unite students across the St. Louis Region. They have hosted two pro-life forums where they invited high school and college groups from the area to gather, socialize, and discuss how to achieve their goals. In addition, they’ve made many community connections through volunteering at three Vitae dinners.   

“It has been such an amazing school year getting to bring the pro-life message to our campus and community,” said Students for Life of UMSL President Michael Merchant. “I consider it one of the most important callings in my life to speak up for the preborn, and I will continue doing so! The pro-life community is my family! Whether we are tabling on campus, door knocking in the community, or hosting a speaker, we won’t stop fighting this crucial battle to protect all life in Missouri! Pro-life for life!” 

Students for Life of UMSL has done so much for the pro-life movement this year and will continue to mobilize through the summer. St. Louis pro-lifers can’t wait to see what they accomplish!   

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