Goodbye, Spring Semester! Key Moments from Kristan Hawkins’ “No Abortion, No Exceptions” Campus Tour 

Matthew Armato - 07 May 2024

As college students begin to wrap up their semesters and hunker down for finals, Pro-Life Generation CEO Kristan Hawkins wrapped up her Spring Campus Speaking Tour. Kristan visited seven campuses during her “No Abortion, No Exceptions” tour. This tour garnered plenty of excitement, from screaming pro-abortion students, loud protests, and (most importantly) more than a few changes of heart along the way.  

The theme of this tour intended to educate students about why they should agree with Hawkins on her consistent pro-life position: that pro-life legislation should allow for unabridged protection of preborn life in ALL cases. This includes no exceptions for the way a child was conceived, a supposed risk to the mother’s life, or abortion discrimination due to prenatal diagnoses.  

Here are some of our favorite highlights from each of her tour stops… 

James Madison University  

Hawkins’ first tour stop brought her to James Madison University, a few short hours away from Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Her speaking tour theme of “No Abortion, No Exceptions” was especially relevant to her guest at this stop, Angela Harders, who gave birth to her daughter conceived in rape. She gave a moving testimony about the power of making a loving choice in the face of evil.  

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University of Washington 

Kristan’s next stop took her all the way out to Washington State where there was a large turnout of pro-life and pro-abortion students alike at the University of Washington. Many of the pro-abortion students preferred to scream instead of sitting and listening to the information presented, but the truth was shared nonetheless! 

University of Georgia 

For her next tour stop at the University of Georgia, Kristan was again joined by Angela Harders, founder of Pax Academy, whose daughter was conceived in rape. The day began with tabling outside the student union where a student stole a microphone as Hawkins pressed him on the issue; see the story below.


Students there who aggressively insisted that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape were not expecting to be faced with someone who lived that scenario and stood ready to defend the human rights of her daughter, whose life is no less valuable due to the circumstances of her conception.  

Michigan State University 

At Michigan State University, Dr. John Bruchalski, a pro-life OB-GYN, former abortionist, and founder of Divine Mercy Care, joined Hawkins to share his unique perspective.

Dr. Bruchalski’s expert opinion provided a compelling argument as to why abortion is never medically necessary to save a mother’s life. The lives of both the mother and the preborn baby share equal dignity, and treatment for any condition the mother might have never has to directly target the preborn baby.  

University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Next, Kristan went south to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she delivered a speech after tabling on campus earlier that day. This tour stop was joined by special guest Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life speaker who shared her incredible story of having been conceived in rape, targeted for abortion, but protected by law. While tabling, Kristan spent time with the young son of Rebecca Kent, a mother who chose life after hearing Hawkins speak in the past.

The toddler, Mercer, was named after Hawkins because of the role she played in saving him from abortion. 

The evening’s speech was dominated by loud pro-abortion students pelting Hawkins with aggressive questions and other assorted screaming. Though she never got to deliver her prepared remarks, the pro-life students who came to the event were able to observe Hawkins dismantle every non-sensical challenge that came her way. 

Florida International University 

At Florida International University, Hawkins was again met with a large crowd of students to hear her speak. Dr. John Bruchalski joined Hawkins once again.

Though there were plenty of the usual loud protestors she typically encounters while on her tour stops, the room fell silent when the father of Clementine, a five-month-old preborn baby who had been aborted late-term against her father’s wishes, shared his heart-wrenching story.

University of Pittsburgh 

Kristan’s final speech of her spring tour took place at the University of Pittsburgh and was met with protestors lining the streets outside the venue. In typical fashion, these individuals refused to join Hawkins in the room when invited in.  

Did we mention the creepy abortion van?

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Kristan was joined at this stop by Beverly Jacobson, a fellow mom who was given an “undesirable” prenatal diagnosis. Kristan shared her personal experience of raising two children with cystic fibrosis to support her position that all humans are valuable, regardless of any perceived conditions or disabilities. Jacobson, the mother of a child born with trisomy 18, testified why every child deserves the right to be alive.  

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Overall, this semester’s speaking tour was a huge success, with many abortion supporters reached and tons of moving, pro-life testimony shared. Stay tuned for updates on Kristan’s speaking tour theme for this fall, as well as the line-up of campuses!  

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