Pro-Life Win: Preborn Hearts Will Beat in Florida Under the Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act! 

Jordan Estabrook - 02 May 2024

It’s a great time for the preborn in Florida, as a lifesaving law took effect early this month. 

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a piece of legislation which was strongly encouraged and supported by Students for Life Action (SFLAction). The Heartbeat Abortion Prevention ActSB 300, protects preborn babies when their heartbeat is detected at six weeks. This also includes delivering millions in funding for Florida’s Pregnancy Care Network to help further the work of life-affirming resource centers. 

“There’s good protections in place now for thousands upon thousands of preborn lives.” SFLAction Press Specialist Mattison Brooks told Action News Jax in a video interview.  

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When the Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act officially took effect, Students for Life of America (SFLA) celebrated by rallying at a Jacksonville Planned Parenthood with signs reading “Let Their Hearts Beat.” All the while, abortion supporters drowned in outrage, including Vice President Kamala Harris. So outraged, in fact, that she made a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, to express her disappointment and champion “reproductive rights.”  

“Biden and Harris’ abortion extremism didn’t win in Florida, and now, ‘Momala’ Harris is coming to pout about it,” said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins in a press release. “Florida and the pro-life movement are not on her side.” 

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Since Harris hides her location until the last minute, SFLA staff and students rallied as a pro-life presence the morning the law went into effect. Over 25 people from various pro-life groups joined in the celebration, including local mom and pro-life advocate Grace Sandusky. As we waved our heartbeat signs, we drew curiosity and engaged people passing by, as well as politely conversing with skeptical pro-abortion Floridians.  

We also spoke to several local media outlets, while others mentioned our event, including The Independent and Action News Jax.

Action News Jax produced a video piece including SFLA rallying and standing boldly on common sense and morals.  

“I think it is just pretty clear that at very least once a heartbeat stops, it shouldn’t be ended,” said Sandusky to Action News Jax.  

WATCH or READ SFLA students and staff at First Coast News.

SFLA Florida Regional Coordinator Kristen Wayne also spoke to Action News Jax noting that SFLA is pro-life in word and in action, stating “We are here to be with them to choose life, and to say that abortion is not your only option right, we are here to give you some resources, counseling, diapers, and formula.” 

SFLA student Ansley Anderson spoke to Jacksonville Today about Florida being a mere starting point of outlawing abortion nationwide and why she’s voting no on Florida’s amendment four.  

“I’m voting no. I’m walking with women and children. I’m also walking with fathers who are greatly affected by what this amendment could do,” Anderson said to Jacksonville Today. “And, by voting no, I’m supporting life.” 

 “We definitely need to make a stand and speak up for those that can’t speak up for themselves,” said Wayne to The Florida Times-Union.  

USA Today also noted our fight against Biden’s abortion extremism and that the “pro-life movement isn’t just drowned out by the Biden administration,” while POLITCO mentioned SFLAction as “key to getting the Legislature to sign the six-week law.” 

Through the media, we continued to educate voters on sharing why Floridians need to vote no on four, why we stand behind the passage Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act and why we’re standing against the abortion radicalism of the Biden Harris administration.  

Rounding out the day, we rallied outside of the Prime Osborn Convention center where Harris spoke later in the afternoon (after she finally released where she would be) as part of her abortion apologetics tour. While the streets were flooded with angry pro-Palestinian protestors, our message still came through loud and clear.  

“We just want to be there to stand for life while they’re standing for death,” Sandusky told WTLV Jacksonville.  

The fight for life doesn’t end with the Heartbeat law taking effect – we must continue to stand for life and against death. Learn more about what’s next for SFLAction in the Sunshine state. 

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