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SCORE: Olivia Rodrigo Realizes Handing Out Plan B is a BAD IDEA 

Jordan Estabrook - 20 Mar 2024

Remember when Students for Life of America told the world that Olivia Rodrigo passing out Plan B like candy at her Missouri concert was a bad idea? And that just maybe, she should stop giving it to MINORS and women? 

OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)
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Looks like it worked, because the public agrees with us.   

SFLA criticized her actions in a recent article as “sick” and “killing off her future fan base.” On social media, SFLA Spokesperson Lydia Taylor called out Rodrigo for handing out an abortifacient to minors and women. Her TikTok video received 18,000 views and was picked up by Yahoo! Entertainment. 

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Lydia posed the following question in her video: “Olivia, do you really think it’s a good idea to fund the abortion industry that’s exploiting women and killing their children?” 


As well as announcing her partnership with the Missouri Abortion Fund, she also gave out stickers that said, “funding abortion, it’s a good idea, right? We can help you find abortion care.”  SFLA slammed her irresponsible actions, and according to Yahoo Entertainment, even her fan base criticized her for handing out Plan B and condoms.  

The public pressure paid off. Variety reports “that after widespread media attention, local abortion funds were told Thursday afternoon that they were no longer allowed to hand out free emergency birth control pills and other reproductive health resources at the concerts.”  

This means abortion organizers are prohibited by Rodrigo’s team, but Jade Hurley, communications manager for the DC Abortion Fund ultimately gave the “what for?” to Variety and can’t comprehend why handing out Plan B and condoms is such a big deal.  

“The reality is that youth have sex, and youth need access to birth control and emergency contraception,” Hurley told Variety. “What we’re doing is completely legal in all 50 states.” 

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Sadly, abortion extremists and predators have no boundaries when it comes to kids. Planned Parenthood has targeted teenagers with sex bots, played a huge role in providing sex education in public schools, and pushed puberty blockers on kids. Sex trafficking has a horrifying link to abortion, as humanitarian Victor Marx shares on Speak Out with Christine Yeargin that, “a girl or woman, could have sex 20 times a day.” and it a “form of birth control.” 51% of girl victims are between ages 15-17 and 17% are between ages 0-8, according to the CTDC. All of them are minors.  


Perhaps Olivia had a change of heart, though doubtful considering Olivia Rodrigo’s team attempted to shift the blame over to abortion providers. She should instead shift her perspective – abortion hurts women AND children, and giving out, or allowing abortion vendor to hand out, Plan B and condoms only perpetuates and helps exploit women and children.  

It was bad idea. But thankfully it’s stopped. 

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