Biden’s Not Radical Enough for Abortion Radicals: It’s Abortion on Demand or Bust 

Jordan Estabrook - 12 Mar 2024

After abortion extremists heard President Biden’s State of the Union speech, imagine Students for Life of America’s shock when they sobbed about Biden not being radical enough on abortion.  

AP reports that, “Reproductive freedom took center stage during Biden’s State of the Union address, but abortion rights advocates had mixed reactions, raising concerns about the president trying to capitalize on what will be a central campaign issue while avoiding using the word ‘abortion.’”  

Abortion extremists are growing bolder in their unquenchable thirst for abortion access. The good news is that they’re putting their cards out in the open for everyone to see the truth. The bad news is that what they want is horrifying and not all together unachievable.  

“Abortion is what we provide and what people are being denied,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, president and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, to AP. “People don’t call us for a reproductive freedom appointment. They don’t ask for a bodily autonomy visit or a choice procedure. They call for abortion care, and abortion is a professional medical term for the health care we provide. Avoiding the word just shows the power of the historical stigma around abortion.” 

Gone are the days of euphemisms and word play, when buzzwords like “reproductive healthcare” or “bodily autonomy” would suffice. Abortion fanatics want the real deal and want it to be culturally acceptable, like when the New Yorker did a propaganda piece for a late-term abortion business.  

Finally, they’re saying the quiet part out loud: they want abortion up to birth – full stop, no exceptions, and for any reason. California enshrined abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in 2023. 210 Democrats voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which if not passed, would allow abortion after birth, also known as infanticide.  

Pro-life and pro-abortion legislation affects how states operate. Despite the media’s claim that late-term abortions are rare, 64% of the United States allow abortions in the second and/or third trimester.  

Although, the goals of abortion zealots don’t always line up with public opinion. Even abortion-loving Californians think some abortions are going too far, forcing out a facility procuring abortions after 24 weeks. Three out of four millennials and Gen Z want abortion limits as reported by the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement and 82% disagreed withholding medical care from a newborn baby according to You.Gov.  

Gen Z and Millennials don’t line up with the abortion extremists in the Democratic party, and their abortion bills and initiatives can go unnoticed, but not this time. They’re showing their hand and being brutally honest about what they want, especially after the reversal of Roe.  

It’s as the old saying from Maya Angelou goes: When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” 

Though it’s difficult to stomach why anyone would want to kill a baby, even close to birth or after birth, this is what abortion fanatics want – abortion on demand, no exceptions, for any reason. So, when they say Biden’s State of the Union wasn’t “good enough” elevating abortion, we should believe them.  

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