Biden’s State of the Union Propped Up Abortion Extremism and IGNORED the Suffering of Women Who’ve Experienced an Abortion 

Jordan Estabrook - 11 Mar 2024

Amidst the varied shouting, mumbling, and slurred whispers from President Biden, his State of the Union address was a misleading endeavor, which completely ignored the often undiscussed, but critically important, mental health risks associated with abortion.  

When Biden paraded out Kate Cox, a mother who sued Texas, lost, and got an abortion in a different state, it’s a symbolism of what abortion extremists constantly do in the public sphere: pretend abortion has minimal, if not positive, effects on mental health, among others.  

He’s too busy chaotically mumbling and clamoring about extreme abortion measures, even threatening the Supreme Court, to notice far-reaching mental health consequences women face after abortion.  

Empty abortion rhetoric like Biden’s and other abortion zealots give the public their opinions, even putting out faulty claims.  

It’s time to use our thinking caps, investigate solid research, and come to the correct conclusions.  

Looking at Real Science, Not Listening to Mumbles 

The Charlotte Lozier Institute study entitled, “A Cohort Study of Mental Health Services Utilization Following a First Pregnancy Abortion or Birth,” was published in the International Journal of Women’s Health. It took place over a length 17-year-period and found the following:  

“Abortion, compared to live birth, is associated with a higher risk and likelihood of mental health morbidity during the reproductive years. The differences are larger for inpatient treatment than outpatient, and women with first pregnancy births have more, not less, mental health problems before the first pregnancy.” 

Biden and his pro-abortion friends keenly encourage abortion instead of childbirth, motherhood, and adoption. It’s irresponsible given the statistics. The same study reports:  

  • 3.4 times more likely to have outpatient visits for mental health reasons   
  • 5.7 times more likely to have inpatient visits for mental health reasons   
  • 19.6 times more likely to have longer hospital stays for mental health reasons   

Charlotte Lozier also found that 60% of women who reported undergoing an abortion were coerced by male partner, family members, other people, or life circumstances, such as finances. Perceived abortion pressure was also associated with negative emotions affecting everyday life. Including:  

  • Disruption of daily life and work 
  • Disruption of relationships 
  • Frequent thoughts, dreams, or flashbacks to the abortion 
  • Frequent feelings of loss, grief or sadness about the abortion 
  • Moral and maternal conflict over the abortion decision 
  • Decline in overall mental health attributed to abortion 
  • Desire or need for help to cope with negative feelings about abortion. 

Women who had an abortion were four times more likely to drop out of the study’s survey, with the study’s lead author, David Reardon writing to the Daily Signal, “Even with our high participation rate, women with a history of abortion reported higher levels of stress completing the survey than other women, which is most likely why they were most likely to drop out before completing the survey.” He added, “This is why surveys about abortion will always underreport negative outcomes. It is precisely the women feeling the most negative emotions who are most likely to not want to talk about it.” 

The antidotal backs up the scientific evidence, as TikTok gives a voice to many abortive mothers to share their stories.  

Biden’s State of the Union propped up abortion as one of the most important issues of our time, but failed to point out the severe mental health impact it has on women. Abortion prevents them from being not only functioning members of society, but a good friend, daughter, mother, or peer. Instead, Biden’s Democrat gain cheered and applauded selective abortion for Trisomy 18, Down syndrome, among others, and camouflage the negative impact. 

Biden’s words may not be understandable, but his message is – abortion extremism is worth the cost of mental and physical health of women across the United States. 

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