We Chose Life Webcast: Countering the Pro-Abortion, Kate Cox Narrative 

Jordan Estabrook - 06 Mar 2024

In advance of the State of the Union address, members of congress and their staff, media, and people across the country joined together yesterday to hear an alternative story of choosing life presented by Students for Life of America and distinguished guests.  

Kate Cox became a household name when Jill Biden invited her as a guest to the State of the Union, using her as a pro-abortion publicity stunt. She unsuccessfully sued the state of Texas for the “relief” of a court-ordered abortion after her preborn child was diagnosed with Trisomy-18. The Supreme Court of Texas didn’t rule in her favor since her life was not in danger due to her child’s condition.  

While Kate Cox is pedestalled for leaving Texas to kill her child, Biden ignores the other side of the situation: choosing life.  

SFLA Vice President of Media and Policy Kristi Hamrick was joined by special guests SFLA President Kristan Hawkins, Sen. Rick Santorum, Ryan Bomberger, Sen. Bob Good, Dr. Ingrid Skop, and two mothers who faced Trisomy 18, a genetic condition Kate Cox’ child shared, for a special webcast. They discussed how story telling changes minds and the importance of shifting the narrative.  

“(Storytelling) is critically important,” said Sen. Bob Good. “When you talk to individuals who go from pro-choice to pro-life, so often it’s because of an encounter they had and it’s the stories that tend to change minds. We shouldn’t decide in advance which lives are worth saving.” 

The selective abortion message is damaging for adults and children alike. Leaders like those in the panel offer support and understanding to parents facing an adverse diagnosis.   

“It’s difficult to hear repeatedly that your children are a reason why other children should be aborted,” Kristan said in the beginning of the webcast. “It’s also difficult for your children to hear. Mine has asked, ‘Why do they justify abortion because of me?’”  

The panel shattered the myth that life is only valuable if the circumstance is right. SFLA President Kristan Hawkins, whose children have cystic fibrosis, a diagnosis that has led to an almost 95% abortion rate, knows the pressure women face. She stated:

“Discounting human beings for their genetic makeup, location, circumstance, is dangerous for all of us. You don’t end suffering by ending the sufferer.” 

 Ryan Bomberger, born out of rape, was adopted into a “small” family of 15.  

“I came from a family who redeemed story lines,” explained Bomberger, who will also be Sen. Bob Good’s special guest at the State of the Union. “They shattered the myth of there being an unwanted child. I was adopted, loved like crazy, and given the opportunity to thrive. No one can thrive if they’re not alive.” 

Sen. Rick Santorum’s daughter, Bella, defied all odds of Trisomy 18 and is 16 years old. Rick discusses how Bella has blessed them. In his perspective, God sees us as totally disabled, and yet He loves us and has great plans for us, calling to mind the reflection in bonds of love between Christ and the Church and between a husband and wife. 

“The reality is God will give you what you can handle, and He did,” said Rick. “Bella has been a tremendous gift to our family. Bella taught us every different aspect of love that we could possibly imagine.” 

Beverly Jacobson, founder of Verity’s Village and mother to Verity, and Kathryn Kerr, NICU nurse and mother to Indiana, know the grief and joy of raising a child with Trisomy 18, whether for years or weeks. Beverly ministers to many moms who were pressured to get an abortion. Though her daughter, Indiana has since passed, she still advocates and helps mothers of children with adverse diagnoses. Kathryn knows the challenges, experiencing a doctor claiming he would only treat her and not her child.  

Dr. Ingrid Skop, pro-life obstetrician and vice president and director of medical affairs for Charlotte Lozier Institute, outlines how the abortion narrative penetrates the field of medicine. 

“Like all obstetricians who adhere to the hypocritic oath, I follow a two-patient paradigm. I’m blessed to care for both the mother and unborn child,” said Ingrid. “In pursuit of overturning state pro-life protections and returning to abortion on demand for any reason, abortion advocates have dishonestly directed attention toward families who’ve received a heartbreaking diagnosis.” 

Kathryn describes how “the joy she (Indiana) brought us outweighs any moments of grief.” Choosing life will always end in joy and may end in a child’s passing, but abortion guarantees death and robs any hope of joy.  

As Biden celebrates death at the State of the Union, remember there’s a different, more life-giving side to the Kate Cox story.  

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