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Students for Life at the University of Wyoming Crowned February Group of the Month 

Jordan Estabrook - 28 Feb 2024

Students for Life of America congratulates Students for Life at the University of Wyoming for being the February 2024 Group of the Month.  

SFLA started 2024 off this year with a bang. People participated in hundreds of pro-life marches around the country, from our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C., to the Walk for Life in San Francisco, California. Meanwhile, in Wyoming, a big state with a small population, students ensured their work on campus and in the community was known. 

Despite being in a primarily pro-life state and at the largest state school, this group faced many challenges combating abortion on their campus. Not only is the current abortion law in their state in jeopardy, but they are constantly fighting pro-abortion legislation and backlash from other student groups as well. Nevertheless, this group is still strong, with over 15 members and regular meetings and events.  

They have worked tirelessly and consistently to make their presence known and stand up for life in their campus community. During the fall semester, they hosted our What is a Person? Tour, spoke at political conferences, and held regular training courses. So far this year, they participated in their local pro-life marches in Wyoming and covered more ground by working with other student groups across the state.  

They also set up a table at their spring student organization fair to recruit members and establish upcoming leaders. The same day, the president of the group, Lucie Holt, alongside another group member, Reece Robertson, defended life on a panel of pro-life and pro-abortion students. 

Despite the loud and rowdy crowd that screamed at the panelists, they stood strong and represented the pro-life position with dignity and maturity amidst opposition and hostility. They will do more legislative work through door-knocking and posting flyers later this semester and hosting our See Me Now tour on their campus!  

The students of the group are excited and hopeful as they continue fighting for preborn lives.  

“All of us at Students for Life at UW are incredibly grateful for this recognition, and we are eager to continue speaking the truth and starting conversations on campus,” they stated. “The Lord has blessed us with many opportunities to grow this year, and we intend to continue doing so!” 

Great work to Students for Life at the University of Wyoming!  

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