SFLA Proud to Have Member of the Pro-Life Generation Speaking at 2024 National Pro-Life March

Caroline Wharton - 15 Jan 2024

Penn State Students for Life President to Take the Podium 

“I’m so excited to watch one of the members of the Pro-Life Generation, Dominick Tolentino, speak at The March for Life rally this year as his participation exemplifies why coming to Washington D.C. annually for this event continues to be important,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “The national pro-life march plants important, life- affirming seeds in the minds of young people that Students for Life of America gets to nurture and grow into strong student advocates, like Tolentino. We’re very proud of all his accomplishments for the movement and thrilled he gets to represent us at the podium.”

WASHINGTON D.C. (12-15-2023) – With the annual, national pro-life march in Washington D.C. in just a few days, Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins shared her excitement that a member of the Pro-Life Generation has been honored to speak at the rally taking place prior to the March. SFLA student leader Dominick Tolentino, president of the Penn State Students for Life, will be speaking at the rally on January 19, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. EST on the National Mall. 

Tolentino will be speaking alongside Benjamin Watson, a former National Football League tight end, and Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, among others. 

As SFLA reported in a blog: 

Tolentino (right)

“Currently a senior at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) studying Architectural Engineering, Tolentino maintains that while he was brought up pro-life, his passion for the cause really kicked in during college when he became involved with SFLA. He relayed to SFLA: 

“As a cradle Catholic, I’ve been pro-life since I was born, but it wasn’t a value that really stuck out to me until high school when I first attended the March for Life. In college, I became more informed on the topic, and it was then that I considered myself truly pro-life. The sanctity of life was no longer just something I had been taught; it was something I believed in. That’s when I joined Students for Life of America in my sophomore year, and from there, that kickstarted it all. Once I got the facts and became a part of the group, talking with both my pro-life peers and those on the other side of the aisle, I realized just how important this movement truly is and how I wanted to be involved.

“When speaking at the rally, I’m excited to have the opportunity to showcase the fact that you don’t need your own experience with abortion to be passionately pro-life. In fact, that is no excuse for being lukewarm. Regardless of our experiences, we should all fight for life.”  

Tolentino & the Penn State Students for Life during SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ “Make Abortion Illegal Again” Tour

To learn more about Tolentino and his SFLA group at Penn State, click HERE

Hosted by SFLA and other event co-sponsors, our nation’s largest pro-life conference — the National Pro-Life Summit — will take place the day after the March. General admission tickets for both students and adults are currently sold out. For members of the media interested, media must be credentialed & registered quickly to attend.  Click HERE to register.  

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