Stop Believing the Ecofascists: Your Abortion is Not Saving the Environment 

Caroline Wharton - 05 Jan 2024
Guest post by SFLA Lead Operations Supervisor & Medical/Law Coordinator Gavin Oxley

GUEST POST: Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the abortion lobby has continued to reach to even more outlandish and simply false ideas to justify their endless crusade for abortion access. While this is not a new tactic for those in favor of abortion, the idea that abortion is a means to the preservation of the environment has become more mainstream, especially in higher academia. Yale School of the Environment posits “preventing unwanted pregnancy can help the climate,” but this is nothing more than thinly veiled ecofascism. 

Broadly speaking, ecofascism, usually associated with white supremacy, is advocacy for violence as a means of environmental justice — and nothing has fit this definition more clearly than justifying the killing of innocent preborn lives to eliminate a carbon footprint. Not to mention the fact that 79% of Planned Parenthood facilities are in primarily black and brown neighborhoods, clearly demonstrating notoriously racist founder Margaret Sanger’s ideology in practice.  

Population Matters, an anti-natalist institution, makes the claim the human population has become unsustainable and suggests the solution to our entry into the Anthropocene is to have smaller families. Ironically, however, it’s these extremist, ecofascist ideas that will bring the extinction of the human species. Overpopulation in the United States is simply a myth. 

Across any population, total fertility rate (2.1 children per couple) must be achieved for the population to replace itself. In the United States and across many developed nations, however, the replacement rate is currently much lower, being approximately 1.7 children on average across demographics. This means that not only is our population not growing, but we’re also actually declining.  

Multiple studies, including a recent survey by the Washington Post, have shown Millennials and Gen Z are having less children with many planning on never having any at all. While these studies merely cite that many people “just don’t want kids,” it’s a fair assumption that cultural cues have had a coercive effect on our nation’s mindset. The ecofascist argument — that having children is “wrong” — may certainly be a factor in the choice to have kids.  

And as if it were not enough for the ecofascist ideology to be centered around ending human lives, their promotion of Chemical Abortion presents an ironic possibility for ecological cataclysm.  

With many drugs, the metabolites found within are inactivated as the drug is “used up” when it passes through the consumer’s system. But when a woman takes mifepristone (the first of two drugs in the Chemical Abortion cocktail), these metabolites remain active and are redispersed through our ability-limited wastewater systems that do not filter them out. Our drinking water and fresh waterways consequently become littered with them. 

As an endocrine disruptor with the purpose of ending pregnancy, mifepristone metabolites have a high potential to cause miscarriages and infertility, two issues already shown to be on the rise in the United States. The magazine Scientific American blames hormone disruption chemicals. Why should mifepristone be excluded? 

The political agendas that have abandoned the health and well-being of the American people are to blame. 

Federal agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have become systemic tools of the ecofascist movement under the Chevron Doctrine, a legal doctrine where courts defer to the so-called reasonable expertise of federal agencies when a rule or law is ambiguous. This has essentially allowed the pro-abortion FDA to overrule any attempts to draw attention to the danger of mifepristone’s approval in both population and environmental health concerns. This is evident in the case of Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA

If we are to have a hope of saving our nation, let alone the human race, we need to put an end to far left ecofascism, rooted in myth and misinformation. 

With the shrinking birth rates of developed countries such as the United States, our individual carbon footprints should not be the major concern. While we should steward the environment well, what will we be preserving it for when our population has reached an unrecoverable level and incidence of infertility is even higher than it is now?  

We have to fight the reality of underpopulation. This means turning over a cultural leaf to embrace children rather than reject them. The U.S. government can get this started by establishing greater incentives for families to grow, allowing us to meet the replacement rate and have enough manpower to continue safeguarding the environment.  

Ignore the ecofascists: saving the environment starts with saving vulnerable preborn children.  

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