SFLA’s November Group of the Month is EVERY Ohio Group for Their Amazing Election Activism Efforts 

Caroline Wharton - 30 Nov 2023

Each month of the school year, Students for Life of America (SFLA) has the pleasure of recognizing one of our student groups as the ‘Group of the Month’ — but we’re doing it a little differently this November. Considering all the hard work that our students in Ohio did leading up to the vote on Issue 1, we have decided to honor each one as the Students for Life Group of the Month. 

While we did not win the fight against Issue 1 (the extreme ballot initiative passed and will go into effect on December 6, 2023), these students should be celebrated for all they did. We were outspent, but our ground game was unmatched. Every single Ohio SFLA college group was involved in the Issue 1 fight, as well as a few of our high school groups. 

Franciscan University of Steubenville students

The main point of activism this semester was SFLA’s Ohio-specific Late-Term Abortion on the Ballot tour display. This display was hosted by:  

  • Falcons for Life at Bowling Green State University 
  • Bobcats for Life at Ohio University 
  • Miami Students for Life at Miami University of Ohio 
  • Students for Life at University of Cincinnati 
  • Akron Students for Life at University of Akron 
  • Students for Life at Ohio State University 
  • Franciscan University Students for Life 
  • Cedarville University Students for Life 
  • Students 4 Life at Lorain County Community College 
  • Cleveland State University Advocates for Life 
  • Kent State Flashes for Life 
  • Ohio State Lima Students for Life 
  • Cincinnati State Students for Life 
  • Voices for Life at Columbus State Community College 
  • Ohio Christan University Students for Life 
  • Otterbein University 
  • Lourdes University. 

Of the tour stops, the most successful was at Franciscan where the students registered more than 100 individuals to vote.  

Kent State University

Multiple groups also participated in door knocking and phone banking. Students 4 Life at Lorain, Cleveland State Advocates for Life, and Students for Life at Cincinnati in particular went above and beyond by hosting multiple door knocking days and call nights.  

The Oilers for Life at University of Findlay protested a “Catholics for Choice” event at their school with less than 24 hours’ notice. If you’d like to read more about this event, click HERE to read another SFLA blog 

Kalida High School Students for Life at Kalida High School and Putnam County Students for Life (a homeschool group) held a Walk for Life in Putnam County, where hundreds showed up to tell the community to ‘vote no’ on Issue 1. Due to their young age, these students couldn’t even vote yet, but they still showed up in every way possible.  

Cleveland State University

The Bobcats for Life held the most events revolving around Issue 1 and got very creative in their activism. They held nearly 30 events (including an Issue 1 debate), protested a pro-abortion rally, and created a voters’ education guide for on-campus students.  

SFLA couldn’t be prouder of the students and community members in Ohio for giving all they have these last three months and for significantly impacting this election. Regardless of the results, the Pro-Life Generation is alive and well in Ohio, and their work isn’t over yet.  

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