Going as Healthcare for Halloween: Abortionists Can Dress Up Like Doctors (And Cowboys?) But a Costume Can’t Make You One 

Caroline Wharton - 30 Oct 2023
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Katie Yarborough

GUEST POST: You can wear boots, but that doesn’t make you a cowboy. 

With Halloween quickly approaching, everyone is searching for the perfect costume because pretending to be something you are not for a night lends to the excitement of the holiday. Much like Cinderella, however, when the clock strikes midnight, no fairy wings, cat ears, or cape can make you anything but yourself. Abortionists, however, must think Halloween is every day, as they put on scrubs and pretend to be doctors. 

But the Pro-Life Generation knows better; there is a world of difference between the two. Doctors provide lifesaving and life-affirming care to their patients. On the other hand, abortionists intentionally take one life and make irrevocable damages to another.  

This is because in every “successful” abortion, an innocent child’s life is ended, and if a mother escapes the dangerous procedure/pill regimen with her life, she’ll still face devastating mental and physical health consequences.  

Abortion risks for women include maternal death, increased risk of breast cancer, hemorrhaging, infection, damage to the cervix or uterine lining, uterine perforation, severe pain, and future challenges with fertility. And if a woman takes Chemical Abortion Pills instead of undergoing a surgical abortion (more than half of all United States abortion are now done this way), she is four times more at risk for complications that could land her in the emergency room. 

The Food and Drug Administration’s loosened regulations will certainly cause the rate of complications to continue to rise. 

Tragically, a post-abortive woman’s mental health is also severely affected, as she is more at risk for depression, anxiety, substance abuse or overdose, self-harm, and suicide.  

Does any of that sound like healthcare to you? Absolutely not — proper healthcare does not kill people or cause physical and mental harm. The Hippocratic Oath which medical students take before becoming full-fledged physicians tells them to “do no harm” yet that is precisely what abortion does — making abortionists fall seriously short of the honorable title of “doctor.” 

One abortionist named Aaron Campbell, who has been in the news lately, could use a reminder that a costume can’t disguise the fact that he’s a healthcare con-artist. And it gets worse — Campbell jokingly calls himself the “abortion cowboy.” 

According to recent article from Mother Jones, Roe v. Wade was reversed just one year after Campbell finished his residency. While he had been working at a facility in Tennessee, pro-life laws saw a decline in his work, and he took to traveling to different states to commit abortions.  

The gushing piece detailed his travels from El Paso, Texas to an abortion facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in which Campbell apparently had a burning desire to purchase cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. While Face Timing his girlfriend to ask for an opinion on the boots, she threatened to disown him if he ever wore the boots with scrubs.  

Campbell cringingly responded by saying, “I’ll be like an abortion cowboy.”  

While discussing his dirty work, the “abortion cowboy” told Mother Jones how he gets around pro-life laws, saying: “I tell patients from Texas that if they have to go to the hospital for excessive bleeding, to just tell the ER that you were pregnant and you think you’re having a miscarriage.”  

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Encouraging women to lie to other physicians is manipulative and potentially damaging. It doesn’t will not allow for the real doctors to have an accurate understanding of what is happening in the woman’s body, putting her at greater risk of harm — and it’s yet another reason abortionists like Campbell should never be called doctors.  

Remember, Pro-Life Generation: just like a hat and boots don’t make a cowboy, scrubs don’t make a doctor — so watch how you speak about those who kill preborn children for a living. They’re not “abortion doctors.” They are abortionists. Instead of sugar-coating reality, we need to love them into leaving such a ghastly business with the truth: abortion is the opposite of healthcare.  

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