Abortion is the Absolute Opposite of Being “Pro-Woman” — That’s Why SFLA Protested the Women’s Convention 

Caroline Wharton - 25 Oct 2023
Guest post by SFLA Northern Campus Formation Coordinator Matt Murphy

GUEST POST: The abortion lobby loves pretending to be “pro-woman” — and in the face of such a ridiculous claim (since abortion hurts both born and preborn women), Students for Life of America (SFLA) loves to point out their hypocrisy. That’s why the Pro-Life Generation recently hosted a life chain outside of the Women’s Convention in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While the weather conditions weren’t great, under no condition will SFLA allow such lies to go unprotested. Here’s what happened at the event:  

SFLA students, team members, and pro-life volunteers gathered outside the Baird Center where the convention was being held for more than two hours on a wet and chilly fall afternoon, holding banners that read “The Future is Anti-Abortion” and “Dear Women, the Abortion Industry is Lying to You.” 

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While some passersby jeered at our display, there were a number of fruitful conversations during our time out there, including one in which a convention attendee informed us that she recognized the racism of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, although she still supported expanding legal access to abortion. 

One of the most important conversations during our time, however, was between SFLA Western Regional Manager Sarah Zarr and a local woman who approached us after about half an hour of our protest. She came up to us and expressed that she was impressed by the explicitly pro-life messages on our banners. 

She explained that she had been forced to get an abortion by her boyfriend several years ago, and she was still healing from the trauma of that incident. (Sadly, research shows that nearly 90% post-abortive women felt pressured into their abortions and experienced severe mental trauma following the experience.) However, she said seeing our signs gave her hope that someone understood the pain that post-abortive women are made to go through. She joined us for the remainder of our time hosting the display, taking several SFLA topic cards on side effects of abortion and information on local pregnancy resource centers (PRC) to distribute among her friends and relatives.  

After grabbing a quick lunch, our group set out to door knock in a Milwaukee neighborhood on the south side of the city where many families and women in need. We doorknocked for the better part of two hours, speaking with dozens of local residents about the presence of and resources provided by Milwaukee PRCs and maternity homes. 

(To learn more about how SFLA helps pregnant and parenting women, click HEREto check out our supportive services initiative Standing With You.) 

With help from generous donors, we also passed out care packages for new and expectant mothers, along with multiple packages of diapers. SFLA Midwest Field Operations Coordinator Veronica Lamlech, alongside one of our volunteers, also spoke with a resident whose wife was due to give birth next week. They were delighted to learn about the presence of nearby pregnancy resources and to take one of the care packages for new mothers. 

It was a solid day of pro-life activism, first in the belly of the pro-abortion beast right outside the Women’s Convention and then door knocking to spread awareness of free local, resources for pregnant and parenting women. That’s what it means to be truly pro-women — to protect them from womb to tomb through both law and service. Get it right, abortion lobby.  

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