Brought to You by Planned Parenthood: ‘The Morning Show’ Gets a Pro-Abortion Makeover & Experiences Serious Viewership Drop

Caroline Wharton - 24 Oct 2023

Some take a good thing and run with it, making it more successful than ever. The abortion lobby, on the other hand, likes to take a good thing and ruin it — and the Apple TV+ series entitled ‘The Morning Show’ is their latest victim. The third season of this show has become annoyingly pro-abortion and subsequently far less popular with viewers. But that shouldn’t really be surprising…after all, who wants their entertainment to look like it was directed by Planned Parenthood? Here’s what you need to know about this series’ downfall: 

Starring popular actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reece Witherspoon, ‘The Morning Show’ is a drama about “the people who help wake America up”— that is, news anchors and the environment they function in. It largely looks at the challenges faced by the female characters in their workplace, and many initially found it relatable and authentic, earning the show 11 Emmy nominations and one win with its first two seasons. 

Clearly, despite personal feelings, it has been a successful series…but will that continue with the third season?

While the media clearly love Season Three (as an example, NBC put out a gushing article entitled Season 3 of ‘The Morning Show’ Has It All: A Lesbian Love Affair, Rural Montana and Jan. 6), real people — those without a narrative to push — feel differently. Viewership is seriously down currently, with reports showing a more than 10% drop in the number of fans watching the show. And if you’re wondering why that is, we allege it might just have to do with the third season of ‘The Morning Show’ taking a new, negative turn by cramming pro-abortion messaging down your throat. 

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The official trailer for Season Three first let the cat out of the bag as we see a teaser for what’s to come: the reversal of Roe v. Wade is highlighted and highly denounced. This occurred in the most recently dropped episode number seven…and of course, it’s rife with abortion misinformation. 

Between angry jokes about the Handmaiden’s Tale, faulty claims that women will now die from ectopic pregnancies, and assertions that the decision is only supported by “medieval law,” it’s clear the writers of the show didn’t actually read the leaked draft of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision although it influenced them to write this into the plot. Instead, comments seem to indicate that the abortion lobby had great sway over messaging because the script reads like Planned Parenthood wrote it

The overall absurdity of the episode is summed up in one scene when a character mouths off angrily about the decision before maturely deciding to direct her frustration towards a bathroom mirror. She draws the message “Abort the Court” on the mirror in red lipstick before taking a photo of herself with her middle finger up and posting it to social media. 

Other examples of abortion extremism in the show include Witherspoon’s character Bradley Jackson celebrating a previous abortion on live television, acting as though the abortion saved her from working-class America — and another character Martha goes even farther by saying the incident was a “proud moment for women everywhere.” Martha also wins the award for ‘worst mother’ because she subsequently tells her son Cory Ellison (played by Billy Crudup) that she should have had the choice to abort him in a painful scene.

Alex Levy also choose to skip a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a flight into space to cover an abortion story at the border of Mexico – because killing kids is more important? Even more puzzling, the Levy character gave up her seat to Reese Witherspoon’s character, after Reese talked her into covering the abortion story she had been chasing. 

Why couldn’t Reese, even in the context of the celebration of abortion tourism at the southern border, do her own work? Other than making the point that both characters LOVE abortion, it made no sense. 

Unfortunately, the cringey pro-abortion plot and misinformation doesn’t end there…click HERE to read more. 

As abortion continues to be a theme throughout this season, it’s sad to see that the ‘The Morning Show’ writers were more interested in catering to the abortion lobby than uplifting the truth that women don’t need to kill their children to be successful. It’s also disheartening that nearly every relationship between men and women on this show is dysfunctional — but that is the result of a pro-abortion mindset. When we don’t always respect life, such conflicts are inevitable. 

Time will tell whether this show’s ratings go back up or continue on their downwards spiral, but there’s a safe bet that many American women who successfully have both families and careers will not be interested in perpetuating such a condescending storyline in which all men are bad, having kids is to be avoided, and sacrificing for your career first and foremost is always the best pick.  For the multi-tasking women out there, the defeatism of the show really isn’t entertaining. Not only is the premise just not true, it doesn’t make good TV.

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