It’s Up to You: Vote on Your Top Three Favorite Chalkings from Fall 2023 National Pro-Life Chalk Day

Caroline Wharton - 23 Oct 2023
Guest post by SFLA Programs Coordinator Lucy Gonzalez

GUEST POST: Each semester, the Pro-Life Generation participates in National Pro-Life Chalk Day, and pro-life students from across the nation chalk creative messages and artwork on their campuses and in their communities. With loads of participation from our amazing Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups, it’s always incredibly difficult to narrow down the submissions to our top ten — but we’ve done it, and the ball is now in your court. Check out our finalists below (listed in no particular order) to cast your vote for the top three winners…

Fort Hays State University  

Fort Hays State University Students for Life showcased their artistic skills with a colorful, vivid butterfly which was accompanied by the life-affirming message “Every Life Matters.” 

Franciscan Daughters of Mary in Covington, Kentucky 

SFLA was delighted to see some talented Catholic nuns participate in National Pro-Life Chalk Day. These nuns chose a loving and truthful message to convey: though some preborn children may be unplanned, they are indeed unrepeatable and unconditionally loved.  

Greenwood Homeschoolers 4 Life 

This dedicated homeschool group created a carefully shaded piece of artwork which affirmed that the preborn are “more than just a choice.” They are truly a blessing.  

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University Students for Life beautifully depicted a pregnant mother and her loving son embracing each other as they look forward to her preborn child’s birth. The two are surrounded by flowers, and if you take a closer look at the blooms, you’ll see various fetal development milestones.  

Ohio University  

Ohio University Students for Life drew the earth with a preborn child in the middle. You can draw the correlation that a mother’s preborn son or daughter is the center of her world — and rightfully so.  

University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

This SFLA group created a fun penguin to tell society to “save the baby humans.” This is an ironic reference to the fact that some people in our world seem to emphasize the value of all living creatures — except for the preborn, sadly.  

University of Montana 

University of Montana Students for Life’s chalk art shows the significance of the preborn child’s personhood. Each human, regardless of their level of development, deserves protection under the law and love.  

University of North Texas   

This group’s artwork conveys a powerful message — to “love them both” — alongside the silhouette of a pregnant mother. This is the message of the pro-life movement: we want to both save preborn children and support their families.  

University of Wisconsin – Parkside 

The University of Wisconsin – Parkside Voice for the Defenseless group came together to create a colorful mural with the phrase “I Am the Pro-Life Generation.”  

Winona State University 

This SFLA group proclaimed the equality of all lives under the sun with their chalk art — and your eye will undoubtably be caught by their creative chameleon! 

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