Answer for Your Crimes: Pro-Lifers Finally Get to Confront University of Pittsburgh Hospital for Gruesome Experiments at Public Meeting

Caroline Wharton - 18 Oct 2023

If you’ve been following Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) involvement in the outrage and activism against the University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) over the last several years for their gruesome experiments using aborted babies, there’s been an update in this saga. The board for the UPitt hospital at fault recently had to open a meeting for public attendance after declining to do so since the initial scandal was reported nearly four years ago. Pro-lifers finally had the chance to confront for them for their unethical research methods — here’s what happened: 

The Federalist reported that members of the UPitt Medical Center’s Magee-Women’s Hospital Board of Directors were “forced to come out of hiding after being cited in March for violating state code by not allowing yearly public attendance.” According to their report, despite state code maintaining that one meeting of the board a year be open for public attendance, these meetings have been wrongfully closed to the public since one month after the disgusting UPitt study (which revealed aborted baby scalps were being grafted onto mice) was published.

Convenient… just in time to escape the backlash. However, all good things must come to an end. After being put on notice for not obeying the state of Pennsylvania (another skeleton for UPitt’s closet), a board meeting was recently opened to the public — and pro-lifers didn’t waste any time in showing up to air their righteous objections. 

The Federalist author Ryan Navarro reported that government officials were among their ranks, including Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen, a graduate of the UPitt law school, who said what we all were thinking. She maintained that she was “extremely disturbed” by the research utilizing aborted tissue. In her statement to the board, she denounced enticing “women who are at their most vulnerable” through the consent form for fetal tissue donation, noting it’s sketchy wording. Allen also compared the school’s involvement in such unethical activities to Nazi scientists who committed similar, horrific research. 

Among the pro-life advocates present, the president of People Concerned for the Unborn Child Beth Svirbel compelling asked board members a simple question about hospital elevators. How could they justify one preborn child being rushed to emergency, life-saving surgery on the elevator when the same contraption brings a child of the same age to be brutally killed through abortion before their body parts are thrown to the mice for research? 

Pro-life protest at UPitt

To read what others had to say at this meeting, click HERE

SFLA has been consistently involved in this fight against UPitt since the beginning through organizing ralliessending letters to the board, and urging Congress to look into the matter — and we’re not finished yet. Until these inhumane and gruesome experiments come to a stop, we will continue calling for justice for the preborn. These poor children were already given an undeserving death sentence — their remains ought to at least be treated with dignity. 

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